Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 642 – Full Episode – 5th February, 2020

If it is impossible to recognise
the five-element Shiva Lingas in their natural forms,
who can guide us to them? My Lord, please tell us about the five-element Shiva Lingas. All the five-element
Shiva Lingas are marvellous. The Shiva Linga
at Srikalahasti gives importance
to the element, air. It is situated
in Thirukalathi. Shiva Kanchi Prithivi
Ekambareswar Linga. This Linga is associated
with the element, earth. It is situated
in Kanchipuram. Arunachaleswar Agni Linga. This Linga is associated
with the element, fire. It is situated
in Thiruvannamalai. Chidambaram Akash
Thillai Nataraja Linga. This Linga is associated
with the element, sky. It is situated
in Chidambaram. Appu Linga in Tiruchirappalli
or the Jal Jambukeswar Linga. It is associated
with the element, water. It is situated
in Trichy. So, tell us.. Which five-element
Shiva Linga will be visited by Lord Kartikeya first? Ganesh cannot
accompany us. I will recognise
those Shiva Lingas. We have visited
the Shiva Lingas in the North. If those five-element
Shiva Lingas are not there then they must
be in the South. So, we should move towards the South. Brother, you have
chosen the right path. I will help
you in reaching the first five-element
Shiva Linga. We do not have time. Tell me
where he will go first. No, Bhakhan.
Do not follow him. Instead, lead him to the place
you want him to be. Why?
Why should I lead him there? Why are you asking
me this question? Your success is dependent
on his success. Once his bangle
is complete you will succeed as well. Then you will be awarded
by the demon king. Am I right? In this duration,
you will come to know everything about my brother.
I had promised you the same. To know your enemy,
you should test his strength mental prowess
and will power. You are right. First, I will
test his strength. Lead me to the nearest
five-element Shiva Linga. It is on the banks
of the river, Swarnamukhi. Srikalahasti. Srikalahasti. I have fulfilled
my promise. Now, do not expect
me to help you anymore. Let us go, Mushak.
– Yes, my Lord. Do not stand idly.
Come on. Go and turn them
towards the river, Swarnamukhi. I will pose the biggest
threat of their lives in front of them. They harbour enmity towards Lord Kartikeya. I do not have
to do anything, Mushak. He will come to know
about the divinity of my brother when he tests him
and become his devotee. So, it is an easy task. However, it is difficult
to convince my brother to get married. I have to find
a way for that. ‘This is a sign
of your past and the future.’ ‘You will face it soon,
my Lady.’ ‘I promise’ ‘that in your next birth’ ‘when all the conditions
are perfect’ ‘I will surely
marry you both.’ ‘He emulates
his father completely.’ ‘My son is as courageous’ ‘and dutiful
as his father.’ Like his father,
he adorns his forehead with Tripund,
the three horizontal lines. His eyes are as divine
and mesmerising as his father’s. Lord Kartikeya, which path
shall we choose? The one going towards
the South-West or the one going
towards the South-East? ‘I heard something.’ My Lord,
please allow me. The first five-element
Shiva Linga is this way. We should hurry. At least,
we came to know the right path. Forgive me, my Lord. Perhaps, this path
will be the best. Oh, Lord.. I saw
a few sages taking that path. And yes. They were saying
that it led to the Shiva Linga. I am sure
it is in that direction. We should
follow this path. Of course. Come. It is done. Our work is done. My Lord, they
succeeded in doing this. Once they reach the banks
of the river, Swarnamukhi you have to do
the rest of the work, Mushak. Me, my Lord? When my brother is going
to reach there due to Bhakhan you should take
me to Srikalahasti as well. Of course, Lord Ganesh. ‘We have been following
this path for so long.’ ‘Why have
we not met those sages’ ‘whom Veer Bahu saw?’ ‘If the sages were here’ ‘why were they talking about
the five-element Shiva Linga?’ ‘The knowledge about
those Shiva Lingas is rare.’ Is someone
trying to deceive us? Someone is keeping
an eye on us. He must have seen you.
– No, I was still. He must have seen you. ‘I can hear
someone’s whisper.’ He is coming here. He seems to be powerful.
– Yes. You have to face him.
– No.. He is tall. You have to face him.
– I do not care. You have to face him. No, you have to face him.
– No, you have to.. Lord Kartikeya,
why would anyone follow us? Lord Surya, it is clear that someone wanted us to choose this path. If someone wanted this,
who could it be? I told you
that you have to face him. When someone strays
from the path to their Lord the temple’s bell guides
that person with its sound. ‘Ganesh.’ Before he returns..
– We should leave. – Indeed. Let us go. We are on
the right path. Let us move forward. You were right,
my Lord. Someone was
following us. So, someone truly
wanted us to take this path. Beware!
– Beware! Who sent you?
Why did you follow us? You will not admit it
like this. My mace will make you
say it. Stop.
Do not come forward. We may be dwarfs.
B-But we are not weak. Stop right there. T-The earth will shake
if we move forward. Sehran, the earth shook. Yes, Mayuran. I had no idea
that we are so powerful. If we just move
our hands.. A storm will arise. Go from here now. You will fall far away if you take
even one step forward. What is this? Mayuran, even a leaf
did not move. You will have to face him
now, Kartikeya. You can proceed only then. We had heard the sound
of the bells just now. How did this demon arise
all of a sudden? My powerful demon will face the mighty Kartikeya. Shaktbahu. That is when everyone
will see his strength. Lord, he is our enemy. Permit me to harm him. Who is Kartikeya? I have heard
that he is very strong. If he is brave enough,
let him come forward and face Shaktbahu. Lord Kartikeya need not
come forward for you. I, his disciple,
will defeat you. Stop, Veerbahu. No, Gods. All of you wait for me
here itself. I will be back. Prince Kartikeya. You have challenged me. So, I will only have
to face you. Amazing. Truly amazing. Lady, it is you. You have drawn
a beautiful sketch of Kartikeya. This means, Kartikeya
resides in your heart just how Lord Shiva
resides in my heart. That is why you have drawn
such a beautiful sketch. Always be happy, Devsena. ‘Lord, I do not know
what is happening to me.’ ‘I have just drawn
your sketch.’ ‘But I feel
that you are really here’ ‘as though I have
a bond with you from before’ ‘and not from
the recent times.’ You wanted to fight
with me, right? So, come. Fight with me. Not a war but only one attack
is sufficient for you. You will not be saved
this time. Even your destiny will
not be able to save you. This demon seeems to be
very dangerous. ‘I know that you must be
facing many problems’ ‘and dangerous demons
bravely’ ‘in order to free the Gods
and my brother, Jayant.’ What is Prince Kartikeya
doing? Why is he not evoking
any of his weapons? I have sent
quite a powerful demon. This boy.. This boy will not be able
to face Shaktbahu. Hail Prince Kartikeya.
– All hail! Hail Prince Kartikeya.
– All hail! Hail Prince Kartikeya.
– All hail! How did this boy make
the impossible possible? ‘I do not want to distract you
in whatever you are doing.’ ‘But you are the only one
in my heart.’ ‘I do not have
any other thoughts.’ ‘Why do I feel
that my voice is reaching you?’ ‘I am feeling as though
you are in front of me’ ‘and I am in front
of you.’ Prince, you? What is happening? The demon is no more. Why is Prince Kartikeya
stunned then? Why is brother stunned? One attack
by Prince Kartikeya.. His strength destroyed your demon, Shaktbahu.
Yes. No, he did not get
defeated. He is not dead as long as one organ
of his is functioning. That is why
I have chosen him. This demon came back
to life again. And Prince Kartikeya
is in this condition. ‘Success is attained only by
controlling the anxious mind’ ‘and completing your task
with total dedication.’

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