Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 645 – Full Episode – 10th February, 2020

A terrible battle broke out between Lord Shiva
who was in the form of hunter and Arjuna which became the basis of Lord Kalahasti’s main story in future. You forced my ‘Vayuastra’
to retreat. But my ‘Agniastra’ will burn down your arrows. ‘Agniastra’. ‘After his each attack’ ‘I am feeling enraged.’ ‘All my arrows are over.’ ‘It is strange.
No ordinary person’ ‘can face my powerful
and divine arrows.’ ‘Who is this warrior?’ Enough! Enough of all this. Now I will use my most
powerful weapon. Oh, Lord Brahma! Please invoke the ‘Brahmastra’! Maybe Arjuna is not aware but I will not let him use ‘Brahmastra’ on Lord Shiva. ‘Why is Lord Brahma not
answering my prayer?’ ‘Why is He making me
wait for so long?’ ‘This is the last option.’ ‘Even if ‘Brahmastra’
does not come into effect’ ‘yet I will use all my powers’ ‘to bring it into effect.’ ‘I know it will affect
me adversely.’ ‘But now I have no option.’ The decision he took means that even I cannot stop him now. He is losing all his powers. Yet he is not ready
to accept defeat. You cannot destroy ‘Brahmastra’ as it will be disrespectful
towards Lord Brahma. How will you face that weapon? ‘I.. All my arrows’ ‘as well as ‘Brahmastra’..
How did everything reach here?’ ‘Who was that man?’ Forgive me, Lord. Arjuna, you have passed my test. You have fulfilled the duty
of a brave warrior. You deserve the ‘Pashupatastra’
in every way. Lord, I have had
a glimpse of You. So, I do not wish anything else
from You. Kindly do me a favour, Lord. Grant me a boon
of self-willed salvation that is, supreme salvation. Be it God or a tiny creature everyone’s duty in this world
is predetermined. You have not fulfilled
your duty yet. I am greatly impressed by your devotion sincere dedication, and the
quality of a capable warrior. So, I offer you ‘Pashupatastra’ for using in the war which contains the powers
of all the creatures. Son of Kunti, you alone
are capable of holding it, attacking with it, and returning it. In the three worlds, there is no
one who can face it. Hence, only powerful enemies
should be attacked with it. And using it on a warrior
less powerful can cause the destruction
of the creation. ‘Be it God or a tiny creature’ ‘everyone’s duty in this world
is predetermined.’ ‘I have to successfully complete
this journey’ ‘and acquire the
‘Pashupatastra’.’ ‘Only then will the purpose of
my life will be accomplished.’ I am convinced
that the purpose of my life is connected with you. And that I become your aide
in your duty. Then how can I create
an obstacle between you and your duty? So, hereafter, I will not be
lost in your thoughts. Rather, I will be engaged
in observing the fast of 16 Mondays as instructed
by Goddess Parvati If I have your blessings,
I will be successful in my fast. So, kindly give me
your blessings. Deshsena is a perfect match
for Kartikeya. They should get wedded
at the earliest now. And Brother,
thus the brave Arjuna acquired ‘Pashupatastra’. Hence, Kirat incarnation
of Lord Shiva is also known as
Lord Pashupateshwar. And he not only bestowed Arjuna
with that great weapon but also promised him
salvation in his next lifetime. So, was Arjuna reborn,
Lord Ganesh? Yes, he did. And even in this lifetime
to attain the said salvation he had to face dire straits. Because in this lifetime
he had no faith in any God. The tale of his reincarnation
is very enthralling, too. ‘This tale begins with a tribe’ ‘whose chieftain Vyagraj
Naga did not have any children.’ I pay my respects
to the Goddess. Please accept our offering
from today’s hunt, Goddess. And grant me another blessing,
Mother Goddess. Please bless me
with a successor. Please heed my plea, Mother.
Shower me with blessings. I beseech you. ‘Thus the Goddess blessed Tribal
King Naga with an heir.’ He calmed down. He calmed down the moment
I took him in my arms! He is a blessing
from the Goddess. He is my son, indeed!
He is my son, indeed! Yes! He is my son, indeed! ‘And when he returned
to his settlement’ ‘everyone was rejoicing
already.’ ‘Because at the same time
his wife had borne a daughter.’ Chieftain,
the Goddess has blessed you! You have got a daughter. Goddess has blessed me. I have got a successor
and a daughter too. Dance. He had complete belief
in Goddess’ mercy. And the king
was very happy. He started taking good care
of his daughter, Neela and his son, Thinna,
whom he found in the forest. And it was his wish
to get them married at the right age. Thinna. Come. You are a hunter and this is your weapon. You have to learn to use this. And you have to look ahead
and aim at the target. Yes, I understood. Hunting is your duty too. Well, that is good. Along with your
would be husband you will also learn archery. Go.
Bring that bow and arrow. Come on. Aim at the target now. Come on. Greetings, Goddess. Bless me, Lord. God bless you. Thinna, do you not have
to seek blessings from the God and Goddess? Why should I bow down
to a statue made from soil? What will I get from them? Thinna. I have the blessings
of my king and my chief. That is sufficient for me. Go and aim at the target. Good.
Very good. It looks like you know
to use the bow and arrow from your birth itself. Hold it like this
and not like this. Look in front
and hit the target. Neela, practice more. You will miss the target
otherwise. You will lose the target
and remain hungry. Why would I remain hungry
when you are with me? You will hunt and I will be happy
with whatever you bring. Aim again and shoot the arrow. ‘I have seen many warriors
in my life.’ ‘But I have not seen
a perfect archer like Thinna’ ‘in my entire life.’ ‘It feels as though
he learnt war skills’ ‘in his previous birth itself.’ Stop bowing down before
these lifeless idols. Your aim also may improve. The one whom you call
lifeless idol is my God. I have faith in him. And I have belief
in my muscles and my weapons. And I think that is why
I am a better archer. ‘I have been explaining it
to him from his childhood.’ ‘I have been explaining
the importance’ ‘of faith towards the Lord.’ ‘But it does not make
any difference to him.’ ‘Now that his coronation
ceremony is so close’ ‘how can he have faith
in the God and Goddess?’ On one side, Thinna
had no faith in the Lord. On the other hand,
Neela’s faith kept becoming stronger. King Naga had considered him
as a blessing from the Goddess and accepted him. But he could never make
Thinna develop faith in the Lord. Two different personalities. How could they get married? ‘Many beautiful changes
take place in a person’s life’ ‘after marriage.’ ‘This is what I want
to show you, Brother’ ‘so that you agree
to get married soon.’ What happened, Ganesh?
What are you thinking now? Marriage is a journey where a man and woman
get to know each other and understand each other. This journey makes them
happy sometimes and it sometimes gives them
a sad feeling too. But for a good
and bigger intention the husband and wife
keep moving ahead in this journey. There were differences
between Thinna and Neela. But not discrimination. Both of them
would accept each other. One day, it was time
for their wedding. You still have time. You can reject me even now because I will not stop
worshipping the Lord even after marriage. I will be very happy
to have you in my life if your Lord does not come
between our relationship. Go. Seek blessings from
your God and Goddess. I will wait for you
here itself. Will you stop even today? Today, I am not just
giving you my daughter but I am making you
the King of tribe too. Hail Vyagraj Naga. Hail Vyagraj Thinna. Hail Vyagraj Naga. I make Thinna
the king of the clan in front of Goddess. Come forward, Thinna. Accept my daughter
and the royal throne in front of Goddess. No! ‘When two people with
different personalities’ ‘fall in love with
each other and get married’ ‘it sets a new example
in the social’ ‘as well as spiritual field.’

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