Vintage Accessories Haul – February 2018

Hello there welcome back to The Closet Historian, my name is Bianca for all of you new subscribers out there, hello thank you for coming over to this channel. Today I have a vintage accessories haul to share with all of you, just some handbags, jewelry, a hat, a few things to share and I just want to talk about why I added them to my collection so let’s jump right in. So the first two things. I have to show you guys today I actually bought in a physical store out shopping normally. I do most of my vintage shopping online I plan my purchases pretty strictly I’m just kind of strategically adding to my collection things that I feel are missing As opposed to going out and shopping and just kind of being surprised and delighted by finding things But these are two items that I did just find out about while antiquing at the end of last year and the first is this little wooden beaded bag from the late 30s or 40s probably, although you will find wooden bags beaded bags like this from 70s, obviously that whole like macrame wood bead sort of hippie thing came back into style for a while there during the later half of the 20th century, but this is an earlier bag just you can kind of tell by the handle style and things like that This one’s got a plastic top and chain on it, and then this clasp at the top is actually pretty hard to open but inside It’s lined with a ivory sort of grosgrain or Petersham ribbed fabric, still pretty clean I could use a little bit of a clean on the outside. It’s a little bit dirty down here, but with things that are ivory It’s hard to find things that are clean and in good condition, so I picked this one up for $12 at an antique mall, and I thought would be a great bag for next summer And then the second item I picked up while out and taking was this Straw, and wool hat. This was, uhh, it’s a little bit misshapen It’s a little bit stained, umm of course things from the 40s show their age often because that was a long time ago umm but this has got navy blue wool up here, and there’s no moth holes on that so that’s really in pretty good condition It’s a straw is a little misshapen and a little bit dirty So I’ll try and maybe give it a steam or a little bit of a clean before I end up wearing it next summer but I just thought this was a really cute style and Really fun with like a summer suit, or with–like my I have a navy blue twill cotton short sleeve little suit that I wear in the summer time And I thought this would go good with that and I could put flowers on it, or veiling, or different trims if I wanted to since it’s a pretty simple hat so I wanted to pick this one up It was only 14 dollars at the antique mall, and it’s pretty rare that I find hats in good condition antique malls here So if I see them I usually try to pick them up if they’re in a style I like. So I grabbed this one that day And I’m really happy with it. And the next item I have to show you is actually another handbag and this one is in dark brown corde That’s corde for those of you who are unfamiliar with 1940s Corde bags. It’s actually a 30s or 40s style mostly, they did I think make them into the 50s as well This one’s just a chocolate brown colored one. With a little bit of an asymmetric design and a different sort of handle I just had the screamed 40s to me Uhh
I just thought it was really really loud about its decade, and so I really wanted to add this one to my collection I saw it on Etsy, again one of my favorite places to shop, as you guys know if you’ve been watching my videos, it has this fun little Clasp in the center to open it up, and then it’s just lined with some ribbed fabric It’s got a couple of pockets and stuff in here. It’s really actually quite a nice bag I think it was $25 for this one I try not to pay more than $25 for handbags usually because I find if you search hard enough, you can find what you’re looking for for a pretty good price Just because there are so many listings for something that was common like these. Corde handbags were quite popular in the 40s, again it’s another alternative material to leather during wartime rationing, so there were a lot of handbags made out of fabrics, or corded, or rayon, or crocheted, or different materials because there was wartime rationing on leather. And something I mentioned before I collect vintage accessories in color sets, so if I for example have brown gloves, a brown belt, and brown shoes that all sort of match I try and get a brown bag to go with that so that I always have a lot of options when styling things so I could kind of split my accessories into two colors or I always have matching ones if I want to because matchy-matchy kind of was a thing during the Mid century period so it’s actually– unlike today where matchy-matchy is considered kind of old-fashioned We’re going for the old-fashioned look So I needed a brown handbag to go with my other brown accessories and this fits that bill perfectly Keeping with our corde theme, I also picked up this black corde clutch from the 1940s again This is actually probably an original pull on this one I will show you an example in just a moment of one that does have a replacement pull on it because these obviously kind of– this knocks around quite a lot, so I’m not surprised they got broken or fell off or got caught on things umm but this one seems to have its original pull and original metal zipper and things like that It’s got a bit of a chevron texture But I just thought it was a good nicer size black clutch to pair with a lot of my forties things I wear black accessories quite a lot so having more black accessories Options in my arsenal is always a good thing. And then lastly for my new collection of corde handbags I added this large navy blue rectangular clutch. It’s got a really fun sort of fan-shaped texture I’ll show you guys a close-up of that as well. This one may have been homemade, just because it’s a little bit -uhh, it seemed that has more replacement parts to me than the other ones that I have Although it is quite nicely made the zipper seems to be replacement It’s a plastic zipper and then the pull has a Split keyring almost, like a regular keychain ring, as opposed to any sort of chain or cord pull on it So I’m assuming that that is a replacement pull I may try and replace this ring with something a little bit more like the black bag has just because that seems more accurate to me And this just seems a little anachronistic and weird so, but other than that This is a really nice navy blue bag for me to add to my collection The last handbag for today is just this little silver clutch number I wanted a silver evening bag, and I just searched I think silver lame’ Clutch on Etsy and just search through all the listings until I found one that was in pretty good condition and only $10. You can usually find these lame’ bags They come in gold too– I have one a similar one in gold– for around ten dollars online, or ten or fifteen dollars maybe. So they’re a really great option for a nice evening bag in a pretty classic style And this one’s probably from the 50s or 60s I would imagine, but it’s in pretty good condition And I was happy to add it to my collection. The next thing I have to share are a couple pairs of gloves that I’ve added to my collection recently, I added quite a few pairs of gloves to my collection last year, I was really lucky to find a lot of pairs in my size I wear 7 1/2 or 8 glove, which is a larger size and a lot of gloves are quite small it’s usually pretty easy to find white, ivory and black gloves in a variety of sizes either very small sizes like Five or children’s sizes all the way up to size eight and nine, but to find different bright colors in larger sizes can be quite difficult And they are much more common to find 60s and 70s gloves as opposed to earlier gloves And these ones are probably from the 50s I would think just because they are a cotton glove as opposed to a some sort of nylon Obviously a very useful color to have in a vintage accessory wardrobe because red pairs with so many things so well and really gives that vintage look with either black or navy So it’s really classic color to have so it’s happy to pick these guys up and add them to my collection Another style of glove I was happy to add to my collection were these long white gloves They’re actually got some ruching down the arm here, and they are just about elbow length, but again I wanted to find some in my size so that the fingers would be long enough I’ve tried to fudge sort of glove sizes before where I buy a size seven and the fingers only Come down so far and it’s just not very comfortable And it just doesn’t look as elegant as ones that actually fit so I think it’s worth Maybe even paying a little bit more when you find a pair that are actually your size And that’s what I did with these, and I just think they’re great for evening or layering under suiting when I’m gonna be really cold or something like that, a little bit more formal, but I wanted to find a great pair of ivory gloves And now I’ve got them. And now we come to talking about everyone’s favorite sort of items and those are of course Costume jewelry. This is actually a clear or a white clear rhinestone bracelet that I picked up for only $11 on Etsy I just wanted something a bit glamorous and cocktail evening kind of bracelet to wear over gloves in the evening time, and so this one I just picked up for pretty cheap on Etsy. Another bracelet I picked up recently is actually a book chain bracelet. It’s a style. I really like it’s just the style of chain It’s usually kind of a wider thick squared chain This one’s got some almost heraldic or shield sort of motifs with some red and blue enamel on the brass color I’m sure this is just stamped out of brass or perhaps plated So this is just another fun little book chain bracelet to add to my collection I do pick these up quite often because I really like this style of chain and usually– they come with different like cabochon or rhinestones, or different motifs kind of on them so I’ve picked up quite a few of these over the years that I’ve been collecting vintage jewelry, and this is just another one to add to my collection. Another vintage item I always look to pick up are gonna Be dress clips, and this is a pair of brass dress clips that probably plated brass on some sort of base metal because they don’t feel– they feel pretty heavy, and they seem to be not the brightest of brass colors so it could be just plated on base metal. They seem to be from the 30s perhaps maybe the 40’s as well, this was a style that was just mostly popular from the 20s through the 40’s and that’s why I like them so much because they’re so evocative of the era and so I try and pick them up whenever I can and this one was just a fun a pair in a multicolored rhinestone which I didn’t have anything like that yet in my collection, so I nabbed these little pastel fun ones hopefully they’ll be able– I can get away with wearing them the daytime as well a lot of these are very glamorous for evening and clipping onto the neckline of evening dresses, or you can clip onto your handbag, anywhere they’re so versatile and that’s really why I love– I love me some dress clips– so I picked up these recently and added them to my collection. Then the last two items. I have to show you guys today are both novelty brooches, and they’re both this same similar style where it’s two brooches connect by a chain. It’s a style I’ve been wanting to add to my repertoire for a while now So I was happy to pick up one in silver and one in gold. This one’s got these antiquity inspired I think they’re supposed to be Greek oil lamps, is what this is supposed to be But they’re just really fun and kind of give a different look to the shoulder of a jacket, or a dress. Especially something that’s got like a higher neck, and you want a little bit more detail up by the face and I just thought this one was really cool and a really classic, evocative again, style for the 40s so I picked up this one to add to my collection. And then the other sort of chain-linked brooch that I added to my collection was this star and little flower shape. I think it supposed to be a star as well Double brooch with a chain again. This one’s sort of a rosy coppery, brassy mixed color It’s probably was gold plated or brass plated at one point, but I think it’s probably copper underneath And that’s why that color is coming through, but you know once a thing is quite old, you know– you can forgive It’s finish for being a little antiqued looking, but these are just a really fun style I’m happy to have added one in each gold and silver to my collection. I am looking for something a little bit brighter gold to add eventually, just because this one is a much more muted and antique kind of gold color But it’s such fun with the multicolored rhinestones and the star motifs that I wanted to add this one to my collection again I think these were both under $20 I don’t– try to– I try not to spend too much money on each individual piece in my collection, even though the whole together I’m sure actually if I add it up would be terrifying But I try to think about that kind of thing, and just enjoy the fruits of all that searching and how about that labor if you will. So thank you Etsy, you know. What would I do without them? So thank you all for watching my little show and tell of what I’ve been shopping for lately and talking about why I add certain things to my collection, and why I have sort of a strategy behind what I’m buying I’m not just a plain old shopaholic I have my reasons, umm so thank you guys for watching today, and I will of course see you guys again soon. Bye

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  14. I had such beautiful and so well made rhinestone pieces from my mother. They were gorgeous. Probably more late 40’s into fifties. But we had a fire and lost EVeryThing! The pain! Your finds are so nice and beautiful. What great finds for your collection.have a great week, Bianca.

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