Vintage and Antique Thrift Haul £5 Bargain Edition feat. the Opera Hat

Hello and welcome I hope you are having a splendid day in this video I’m going to be showing you some vintage and antique that I’ve brought for five pounds or there abouts to start off with is this hat I will be replacing this at some point although I don’t know how because it’s a really intricate looking design with lots of with lots of folding and precision, which I’m not that great at, precision as well as a couple cute little millinery flowers either side super, duper adorable once I’ve cleaned it and sorted it out and everything another thing to add to the project pile. next up is a more modern item, this was about £8 it does need to be lined and its just a 50s, i’m not sure it could be from the 80s as well 50s style jumper with with a cute bit of embroidery on the front that’s all I’m going to really say about that one. first up is one of the two umbrellas I don’t know the age of this and it was £5 and Does need a lot of work but I just love how its even lined on the inside look its got a tiny little button. Just very delicate i think. but again another project because I don’t have enough projects, clearly its just one of those things you can never have too many things you want to rejuvenate and we’ll move on to kind of modern, I don’t know the age I mean it could be I think 60s is the oldest it would be. It does need to be ironed, the pleats need to be ironed more because I have washed it just a nice tennis skirt probably from a private school there are these bloomers. I think they are so fun. and again they were five pounds they had a big bucket of these i say a big bucket it could have been about 10 different pairs and I decided to go for these. they are a bit small but if I breath in I can just about fit into them. they have really lovely lace detail around the edge. which is why I went for these ones in the end its really considerably well done but I don’t know enough about antique or anything sewing skills or weather its just a really good reproduction. and we will move onto top hat gosh cat hair gets everywhere I brought this from a local fancy dress shop that’s shutting down they had a box of different top hats that were £5 each and this was one of them. all the other were in a bit of ill repair they needed a bit of TLC. weather the lining was coming loose or had come out completely or just the outside was a bit beaten up that is because its a smaller size I doubt its been worn that much by blokes who would want to rent it for theatre or weddings or something. So i was trying all the hats on looking specifically for a hat size 6 7/8 coz that’s my hat size. this was the last hat I tried on and it actually fits perfectly. the hat even has its original price tag so it originally cost 30 shillings I tried googling how much top hats used to cost and do all of that sort of thing and I couldn’t really find what i was looking for that made sense. it was too complicated for my simple brain. next item I’m going to leave this on though I might look stupid I’ll see what i look like okay and we’ll go for a pair of pictures they were either 12 or 10 or 8 £ for the pair for a little shop in Paris. I mean it could have been a big shop but I like to think of her having a little shop in Paris. So one of them is from 1864 and the other one is from 1865 I love all the details and the different colours Which one do you prefer? I think I quite like the riding hat the one with the horse shoe on. I think Its quite lovely. but then I like anything to do with horses other than that its quite hard to choose. because green and blue aren’t colours I tend to gravitate towards. I guess I really like the over the top ones Like the ones with flowers on. If I could see them in lilac or any shade of purple really I’d find it much easier to decide. Or much more difficult to decide really but I just want to see everything in purple. We’ll do this umbrella next. So this one has a really lovely handle nice carving, its all flowers its got a bit of wear at one end, a bit of marking but I just think it gives it some character. But what i love about this is when you open it up I say that and I can’t even open it. its two different layers of fabric; i think its really quite delightful. I won’t open it all the way as it takes a lot of work and I don’t want it to put strain on the fabric and for it to break. defiantly over 100 years old but again, i don’t know how to place the age of this but I loved it. for £5 from the fancy dress shop its just so Delightful. If all be it a bit dirty. the fabric a lovely parasol. Not very good for rain but defiantly more of a sun protector. I could have it in the wheel chair as long as I don’t poke any ones eyes out or shove it up someones nose by accident. We’ll go for this apron, pinny not sure on the age but I would say 1920s is the most recent it needs a bit of TLC its got rust spots I cannot remove and a bit of tearing somewhere as well as little pin pricks and possible moth holes but its just really cute. This reminded me of fairy tale a true story, the two little girls I can imagine wearing this sort of thing I wanted to be those children. £5 from the vintage antique centre thing. I’ll just grab the pièce de résistance an opera hat So I’ll get rid of this normal top hat I feel like I should do some sort of magic trick. See if I can figure out how to do that Sorry about that. So this is an opera hat and an opera hat was designed in 18 something or other so that people didn’t have to wear top hats and distract people view when they went to theatre so they could just squish it down and put it under seats. that’s the generalised jist of it. and I wanted one since seeing it on you know on BBC there will be flog it and put your money where your mouth is, roadshows whatever. on there, there happened to be they were in one of these antique centres and they mentioned an opera hat and I just thought it was so cool. probably about 5 years ago now, I’ve wanted an opera hat but they have always been too expensive on ebay. This was at the fancy dress shop so yes, £5 for a fully working opera hat £5! Do I collapse it? because if you see, these holes used to be smaller they used to only be just above the hinges each time they get used they get bigger so i will have to sew those smaller which will be a fun challenge Definitely a challenge. this isn’t in the best condition the lining is coming loose. looks like its tried to be repaired at one point. this is made by the original inventor of the hat. its Gibus according to the internet these went out of fashion the turn of last century top hats were considered very Victorian and so they moved onto smaller hats like bowler hats. Isn’t that exiting. £5 £5! it goes into a pancake. its so cute isn’t it. if you see the hinges come out of the lining a bit so I’m going to pop it out now 5 4 3 2 1 Lift off. (hums thunderbirds theme ) I love the thunderbirds, I haven’t watched any of the new ones but I have watched the old ones. Anyway Back onto the video this isn’t about the thunderbirds and how much I love lady Penelope and want to be her and have her car and Parker do what he’s told yes m’lady. Thank you for watching and please tell me which of these was the item you prefer or maybe top 3 because I don’t like having favourites, Its not nice on the ones who aren’t favourites and puts a lot of pressure on the ones that are favourites as well how many times can I say favourites in a sentence? and also tell me if you’ve brought anything that was a complete bargain for £5 or there abouts or the equivalent in your currency, in the comments below. I would just love to chat. subscribe if you want to see more hauls and content from me because I feel like I’m getting better with each video I could just be getting worse and more cringe-worthy the more I don’t care. Always a likely potability as well. any way good day m’lady g’ day and of course if I want to be a lady thanks for watching g’ day g’day g’day

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