Vintage Baby Names That Are About To Become Really Popular

There’s something super comforting about all
things vintage. Perhaps that’s why we all seem to be obsessed
with vintage clothes, antique cars, and heirloom furniture. What better way to pay tribute to years gone
by than to also pass on a vintage name to your little bundle of joy? These baby names are adorably old-fashioned
and unique, but if our trend of loving everything from our grandparents’ and parents’ era continues,
they’re about to become really popular. Marjorie The old-fashioned baby name Marjorie originally
comes from the name Margaret, which means “pearl.” This particular variant’s spelling was influenced
by the herb marjoram and was in the top 25 for baby names in the 1920s. After not even making it to the top 1000 baby
names from 1995-2012, it surged to number 799 in 2015. This is likely thanks to the similarities
it shares with Margaery Tyrell in the Game of Thrones series. Despite the limited resurgence in the U.S.,
Marjorie dropped back to number 925 in 2016, meaning it’s still just uncommon enough to
be unique, but has enough history to satisfy your vintage tastes. Leonard The name Leonard has a long history, dating
back to at least the 5th century when it was made popular by St. Leonard, the patron saint
of horses. Despite this association, the name Leonard
actually means “brave lion.” This noble moniker lends itself well to nicknames;
if Leonard is a bit too long for your baby you can consider nicknaming him Leo or Lenny,
that’s right, Lenny Kravitz’s real name is Leonard. For science fiction and comic nerds, consider
this name as a nod to legendary Mr. Spock actor Leonard Nimoy. Or, if you’re interested in giving your baby
a name in honor of a fictional character instead of an actor, there’s always Leonard Hofstadter
from The Big Bang Theory or Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, most recently made famous
by Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of the character on the CW’s The Flash. Louisa Popular in the late 19th century, Louisa is
perhaps best known as the name of author Louisa May Alcott who wrote Little Women. You may see this name making a comeback soon,
however, as the popular book-turned-movie Me Before You features a character named Louisa
“Lou” Clark played by popular Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke. If you’re more interested in where the name
comes from, it’s ultimately derived from the name Ludwig which comes from the German terms
“hlud” meaning “famous,” and “wig” meaning “war.” Fierce! Jasper The name Jasper was popular from about 1880
to 1920, and is enjoying a second life in the 21st century.The name’s rise to prominence
in pop culture is possibly due to the Twilight series and its association with vampire Jasper
Hale. The name, which is Persian in origin, literally
translates to “bringer of treasure.” In any case, the namesake of Jasper National
Park is a celebrity shoo-in: actor Don Johnson and his wife Kelley Phleger chose it for their
son, as did country singer Brad Paisley and actress Kimberly Williams. Emmeline As a lovely name that conjures up visions
of rosy-cheeked young girls on Victorian valentines, Emmeline might also conjure up cinematic or
literary heroines like Emmeline Lestrange, the island-bound girl played by Brooke Shields
in 1980’s The Blue Lagoon; or the tragic, courageous, and intrepid Emmeline of Harriet
Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The name is associated with strength, which
is appropriate since it also conjures up famous suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, a key figure
in the feminist movement, who developed a passion for working for the liberation of
women at the tender age of 14, and remained dedicated to said mission until her death
at age 70. Archie When it comes to fabulously hip retro baby
names with a wonderful pop culture twist, it’s hard to beat Archie. Its instantaneous comic book associations
give it a zippy, ebullient, jaunty-little-boy flare. Unless you’re the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker,
of course, but even he has his place in the pop culture hall of fame. “Well just tell me what the problem is… I’ll tell you ‘forget it!’ and we’ll both
go to sleep!” Though the name Archie has an all-American,
boy-next-door appeal to it, it’s even more of a hit in the UK, to the tune of being the
18th most popular name for boys in England in 2016 and the 19th most popular in Scotland
in 2017. Clementine A beautiful French baby name, Clementine was
popularized by Kate Winslet’s iconic character in the beloved 2004 cult classic Eternal Sunshine
of the Spotless Mind. Its association with the iconic folk ballad
“Oh My Darling, Clementine” is surely the reason it conjures up images of belles of
the Old West, despite its exotic French origins. “Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling
Clementine. You were lost and gone forever, dreadful sorry
Clementine.” The name also describes a species of delicious
mandarin sweet orange. So an adorable baby picture of your little
Clementine enjoying a juicy clementine on a summer’s day might just be the perfect item
for a custom baby calendar. Otis When most older people hear the name Otis,
they probably think of the kindly old gentleman from down the street. Or they might also think of iconic musician
Otis Redding. If they’re a kid, however, they probably think
of Otis the pug-pup, sidekick to the tabby cat Milo, in Milo and Otis. In any case, this fabulous vintage name, which
means “wealthy,” is coming back in style: Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis chose it for
their son, as did actor Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer. Matilda From Roald Dahl’s telekinetic Matilda to Natalie
Portman’s Mathilda in The Professional, this German name is fast-becoming a household favorite. It’s a powerful name that literally means
“battle-mighty,” which gives it a great feminist connotation. The past decade-plus has ushered in a veritable
boom of baby Matildas among celebs. Matilda is the daughter of actress Michelle
Williams and the late, great actor Heath Ledger, and also the daughter of chef Gordon Ramsay. And if a child can survive Gordon Ramsay,
she can survive anything. “He’s really tough on me.” Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
channel. Plus check out all this other cool stuff we
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100 Replies to “Vintage Baby Names That Are About To Become Really Popular”

  1. An old fashioned named not mentioned that I absolutely love: Audrey. It's my number one girl's name, it's just such a beautifully sounding name. I love Emmeline as well. Matilda is also pretty, but it's getting very common. I'm a preschool teacher and I know 3 Matildas! Eloise is also lovely, but again I know 2 of those as well 😉

  2. "Clementine"=Hanna-Barbera's popular dog-human from the early years (1950s-60s) Huckleberry Hound.His theme.

  3. Some other unique and old fashioned names to consider: From Camelot: Arthur and Guinevere from King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere. Variant on the spelling of Guinevere is Gwynevere. It can be shortened to Gwyn for a nickname. I am not sure of the meaning behind Arthur, but Guinevere is a Welsh name that means fair lady. Another unique Welsh baby girl name is Carys (can also be spelled Karis.) It means gift and loved; very appropriate for a much planned for and wanted child.

  4. I always wanted to name one of my sons Leonard, after my great uncle. Boy, He was smart and wonderful. Too bad I won't be having children (which isn't actually a bad thing for me personally).

  5. Ahh nooooo!! I really like 'unique' names, and I have Mathilda on my list since forever! I hope it does not become really popular 🙁

  6. Otis? Whenever I hear that name, it makes me think of Otis from, House of 1000 Corpses/The Devil's Rejects movies. And Archie? That's my grandfather's name . . . so no on that. Matilda is really cute though

  7. I want to name a girl Adaline or Astrid. Both have special meaning to me and I think they are beautiful and unique. For a boy either Ben or Theo

  8. They don't mention the popularity of unisex names right now:
    Jody, Terri, Cory. Even vintage type names are used for both boys and girls Logan, Viv(ian), Morgan…

  9. Sarah and Emma were vintage until 1970s
    Jasper, is a dogs name.
    I notice people with good names, tend to name kids wacky ones as well

  10. 3:37
    It didn't help Cary Grant (although Cary is weird though)
    Archie Leach was an LSD dropping homosexual before the hippies got it

  11. I'm glad to see Jasper on this list. I always like that name. I also like the fact that it is also the name of one of my favorite gemstones. I have no intentions of ever having kids. Being an aunt is way more than enough for me. But I like to go in to name sites and videos for my Sims games. So I can figure out what are some good names to give to my Sim. And or to their pets. If I decide to give them a cat, a dog, or even both. I would have thought the old fashion name Marie would be on here. Since that is my middle name. But then again it is a very common middle name.

  12. Named my daughter Mildred. She hates her name. Though it was cute at the time but of course I regret it now 🙁

  13. I really like the name Ellen for girls, of course, Emily, Pauline, Elizabeth, and Pippa, because she'd be a real Pippa-roo!!
    I love the name Arthur, Max, Paul, Joseph, David for boys, of course.🙂🙂✝️⚜️

  14. Old names are coming back. I think one should name a Baby so that when they get old they won t be ashamed. Marlon is the name of my Son. It is an unusual name in Germany. Here most Kids named Paul,Bruno, even Fritz…especially when their parents are Hipsters or Eco worshippers. ….some took old names like Kriemhild or Tyr….

  15. If I would have had a girl I was going to name her after my grandmother and my mom, Adelaide Joan and call her Addie for short. Instead I had two boys and gave them my dad's and my grandfather's first names as their middle names.

  16. I live in Germany and I know at least four Leonards😅 this name is very popular here and I think it’s great☺️

  17. Well my name is Coraima, and I have no idea what it means all I know is that it became popular in 1993 and since then it’s faded away

  18. I'm naming my daughter after my great grandmother, Lillian. She passed away at the age of 89 in 2005, and I loved her very much

  19. my name is marjorie, and i get teased because of my name. some people call me "margarine" or "marimar(a place in our country)" and others. its very annoying because they ways call me that.

  20. People are like if you’re younger and you hear the name otis you think of some pug who was friends with a turtle. Literally all I can think of when I hear the name otis is sex education

  21. My favorite on this list are Otis, Archie, Emmeline, and Clementine. Can you tell I like long, girly names for my daughters? Lmao.
    I adore vintage names, but my boyfriend is a little less accepting lol. I’ve been able to have him settle in Daisy, Arthur, and (less “old fashioned but has an old fashioned feel) Presley. After Elvis Presley lmao). Also Bernadette, his choice

  22. OMG, I feel so sorry for kids with these names! No decent nicknames for Marjorie. Name your kid Leonard and he'll get his butt kicked at school every single day. Jasper is NOT a good name, especially not for a boy! Archie's "comic book" relation is NOT a good thing, not to mention, have you been watching Riverdale? Clementine is horrible, unless it's the fruit. Otis is a fat guy. And Mathilda is just WRONG.
    Another gross one – Hazel. I know a poor kid with that name.

    Suddenly, the horrible name of Declan, which a friend of mine just saddled her kid with, doesn't sound so horrible….it's still bad, though But at least it's not Leonard or Otis!

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