Vintage Beach Fishing Reel VS. New Shimano Saragosa

What’s going on, guys? Today we’ve got some really old fishing gear, and we’re gonna be testing ’em out against some pretty modern stuff! So stick around to see which is better! [senko skipper intro] So I’ve recently gotten into buying old, super old fishing stuff, and um, surprisingly, they’re all in very good condition, they work really well, I mean it’s–it’s working really well. They look really cool, and they’re just–altogether, they’re a very different looking reel than this. Inside here, there’s no ball bearings. It’s just one or two gears, which is very minimalist, I think that’s a really good– it’s a really good idea, and this is a little more complicated. This one is made in– where is this made from? [Sean] France. France? I mean, just look at the detail on this, the body–it’s like all-metal body. It’s very strong and durable. Truly unique. Very cool, right? Okay, now here’s the coolest part. If I wanted to work on it, I wanted to re-grease it, it is very simple. [Erin} Ohh.
Look at that. It’s very simple, it’s one gear in here, that when I turn it– Look at that. Really simple. No– no bells and whistles about it. So it’s really easy to clean, really easy to maintain, and there’s not much that can go wrong with it, it’s a very sturdy, it’s a very sturdy reel, and that’s what is the selling point to me. [Sean] So this one, it’s actually pretty cool, uh, I guess they actually intended for people to work on them or something, ‘cuz it has one large screw, you just take the top off, and it’s very simple inside.
-Woah, let me see that? Woah. [Erin: Let me get a better shot of it…] So, today the bait of choice is sand fleas, and you can find these in the sand on the beach, um, they’re very easy to find and catch, and um, tog love ’em! Blackfish love ’em. So we’re going to use one of these. So the tog rig: you want a heavy sinker, at least in this area, you want a heavy sinker, small hook, and you hook a sand flea through it, and that’s the basic set up. Now, uh, here’s the thing. You’re probably going to lose it, uh, from my experience so far, I feel like I do a lot more, uh, re-tying of rigs than actual catching fish, there’s a lot biting, but they’re tricky, because when they bite it they’ll run real quick and then run into a hole. So if your reel is not fast enough and you don’t reel it in fast enough, you’ll get stuck and you’ll lose your whole setup. [Erin] –and your gear. –And the fish! Alright guys, I want you guys to guess which one of these reels is going to work the best for tog fishing? [Erin] Comment below! Comment below! We’re using this uh, vintage fishing reel that’s actually in very good condition, uh, we opened it up and greased it up yesterday and it’s– it’s um, it’s very smooth. you have to feel it touch the bottom, um, the tog will hit it once and then hit it again and run real fast, so you gotta be ready. Huh? Ooh! Dang it… Something hit that. Dang it! Yeah, it got off, it got off. This rod is not sensitive enough! [Erin] Okay, so what’s happening? Can you explain to me-
–Ok. a little more? Can you, please?
–Yes. What’s happening is, I’m throwing this down, it’s getting chewed up, and I’m not able to feel it! I’m not able to feel it 100%, maybe because this is a new rod and I’m not used to this, but um, it’s not very sensitive. You know what I think the problem is? [Erin] What? This is mono. Okay? So when I’m trying to set the hook it’s streching.
[Erin] Streching? and it’s not getting a good hook set. Now Sean’s got braid on his, maybe his will do a little bit better with the hook setting. [Sean] So I’m using a Mitchell 306 on a temporary crap rod, um, and it was, as far as I know it’s pretty dang old, you open up the inside of this thing, uh, it’s all gears, just a few gears inside there, um, when I got this thing all I did was I just greased it up on the inside and it runs like new! [Erin] Really?
[Sean] Yeah! Nice! Yes, Sean! Whoo! Yes, Sean! You got a nice– nice blackfish. Sure did. Very nice! [Brendon] Did it come in as soon as you hit the ground? Oh! He’s soft! That’s what Brendon was saying, that’s why they’re so good to eat. Alright how did that old school reel feel? It felt great. It was actually–this one was fast enough. This one? Probably faster than yours, I’d say. No! What the heck? [What was that?] Look at that. Bit it in half. [Wait.] This is definitely–this is definitely better. It needs to have braid on it. See? You’ve got to reel them up fast so they don’t get stuck in the rocks. [Oh! Get it! Get it!] [You get stuck?] [Did you get stuck…?] Right here on the shore. [I see it, let me, let me get it.] [I see it.] [Okay?] Be careful. No, you take the rod, [Okay.] I’m coming to help. Ha! Yes! [That’s a beautiful fish.] That’s a keeper, it looks like. I didn’t like the reel… [Why not?!] The reel was so slow, and it didn’t have the power that I’m used to with the Saragosa, it brought it up, but uh–
[Stressful?] [Brendon’s Dad] It’s stressful to pull them in! [Alright let’s measure it.] [Woah, look at those chompers.] [Brendon’s Dad] Take a measurement of that guy, man.
No, I got it, I got it, I got it. An inch too short. Dang it. Okay. Consensus with this reel, um, it’s slow. And with this kind of fishing, you want a fast, powerful reel. This grip is really small, too, yeah, comment below what would you use this reel for? Didn’t work very well for this, although it did land me that big fish. Erin! [Erin] Still using the old reel? Oh no!
[Erin] Aw…
[Sean] Oh! Just got off! That was a big one… Alright, I’m done this reel, it’s just too slow–it’s so slow! Huh? That’s a big black dru–uhh–that’s a big, uh, black sea bass. Usually I catch them a lot smaller than this… And that’s the first cast with the Saragosa! [Erin] Oh my goodness… I just felt it, like, it’s a very sensitive reel, very sensitive rod. Something that I feel like those vintage rods and reels, they lack. Wow! Look at that! Very cool. Look at that! Look at the–I’ve never seen them like that before. Look at the tips of the tail–it’s white. Blue around it’s eyes… Pretty cool looking fish. [Erin] Hey, hey, hey… [Sean] You got it? [Erin] Sean, move. [Sean] Alright! [Erin] Yay! Ha ha! Alright! On the Saragosa! You really need a fast reel. You gotta have a fast reel, or they’ll run you into the rocks, I can’t even–I can’t work with the other one right now. [Erin] Ooh. Too slow? –And these fish, these tog are the most delicious fish, and if you could touch this, it’s very soft and squishy. Look at the lips on it. Ooh! It’s definitely undersized. But look at the teeth, They eat crustaceans, crabs, uh, sand fleas, and since they eat all crustaceans–ow! They uh–to me, they taste like crab. The meat tastes like what they eat. My consensus is these reels are still really cool! I really like ’em. But they’re not the best tog fishing reels… um, maybe this one would have worked better but I only- I had mono– monofilament on it, and that was too stretchy. This one was too slow. I needed– I need a fast, powerful reel to get that tog up. The Saragosa’s the way to go. In my opinion… This is a, uh… This has been with me for a long time and I use this reel everywhere, and just by using these two today, I know why– you know, like, there’s a reason why I continue to use the Shimano Saragosa. It’s a classic, and it’s strong, it’s powerful, I mean, look at that handle right there. It’s gonna be a lot stronger than that. This is gonna be the winner. I have a lot more confidence with this reel than these two, I know this will get the job done. This one got the job done, but uh, I was very nervous the whole time. It’s a very slow reel, um, it’s not smooth like this, there’s a big difference between these two reels, this, it’s like a different experience fishing with them, and I recommend you try fishing with these because they’re a lot of fun. But if you’re really trying– if you’re really trying to bring some fish to the dinner table, bring this reel. So I have gathered a gear list of all the different stuff that I use on the show, you should check it out I’ll include the link below, it’s on our website,, um, and we just built it, it’s our baby, I love it, go check it out. Thank you guys for watching, hopefully, you enjoyed that. Let us know if you want us to do more fishing with these vintage reels, I had a lot of fun with them, and there’s still a lot of things I want to try with them. Uh, if you liked our show, please subscribe, there’s a little bell next to the subscribe button, if you click that bell, you’ll get a notification every time we post, and we post every thursday at 9pm EST Thank you guys for watching, have a nice day!

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  1. For a list of our gear, map of our fishing locations and merchandise visit us at
    Thanks for watching everyone!

  2. My dad boat is down by Indian River where you are at it says else should I charter fishing on the back of the boat the first row

  3. LOVE the old Mitchell reels. I have an oldie I use as a spinning bass rig now and again with a Cabelas Tourney Trail IM8 Graphite rod. It's a cool setup. I've caught a 6'8" Sturgeon on that rod setup too, so you CAN in fact get some monsters in this as well.

  4. You think a shimano which is 50 percent plastic is stronger and better made than an all metal reel??? You're really not to bright. That overpriced shimano will be crapped out in about 5 years. Old reels last forever. Smoothness doesn't matter in a reel. Durability does.

  5. I just found a REAL OLD Surf/Pier rod just like the one with the wooden handle but in awful condition. I'M Thinking of trying t o restore or or refinish it.

  6. MITCHELL REELS ARE SEVERELY UNDER RATED! PROBABLY THE BEST REELS I HAVE EVER USED I'm still using several from the mid 1990s I will continue to buy Mitchell

  7. I have 2 of the black vintage reels and their on a 10 foot rod and a 12 foot rod and I use them for steelhead and salmon and they work better than the newer reels on the market.

  8. What's amazing is that there are 150,000 idiots out there the watch this moron. He has amateur skills, no experience and a personality that only a cat could love.

  9. The Mitchells were a love hate deal. I can remember having a 489 high speed spinner. After some modification work it was better. The moment Penn released the SS series my Michell was sold. I don't miss it. The Penn will be much better.

  10. Garcia Mitchell 306 you can't go wrong. I have 3 GM reels. 301,306,&307. I have the 306 & 307 on 10ft pro angler rods spooled with 150yds of 50 lb braid backed up with 20 lb mono.

  11. You're reels seems way under in line capacity ,yes to much line and you'll get birds nests but with that little line on the spool you're casting distance will be drastically reduced on the classic reels ,because of friction on the spool lip slowing the cast down The reason why you're Saragossa cast further is because you had more line on it than the other two reels. There is no way that you will get a good cast with that little line on any reel

  12. where are you guys fishing, buying my first saragosa. trying to decide 5000 or 6000 and will buy stradic 5000. Im here in Maryland, would love to fish together one day

  13. Both old and modern reels can catch fish. It's all personal preference: I would think that you do not need to have Saragosa for shore fishing, it's too overrated and overpowered.

  14. Coz the old reels were built to last not like todays cheap shit. You can spend a thousand on a reel still wont last 50 years

  15. between stradic and Saragossa 5000, which would be a better choice for pier/inshore fishing? I'm leaning towards stradic mostly due to weight.

  16. Whichever reel you use is not going make any difference to your catch.
    I have used modern and vintage reels, both of which have helped me land fish.
    more to do with the bait and the presentation than the tackle used.

  17. I catch a lot of redfish and shocks oh my auntie cries and real ones don't like the new versions that much antique is better to me joe

  18. The reason they made the old reels to come apart is because people weren't as stupid as they are now days and they could actually work on their own reel.

  19. When you're having trouble using a stiff rod take the line tension in your trigger finger and feel the line and if you are having trouble setting your hook from mono stretch use as light of a weight as you can get away with and sharpen your hooks!

  20. Thanks for the fun video.

    Just as is true today there was a wide range of quality in the reels available in the early days of spinning reels. The development of nylon line by Dupont marked a milestone for reel technology, Notice the first spinning reel tended to be larger, due in part to the fact the early mono lines were pretty stiff and didn't work well on small spools. When the original Stren came out in 1959 smaller reels became a lot more practical.

    There were also slower and faster reels available early on. If you're fishing in a situation where fast retrieve speed is important you need a faster reel. Take some time, do some research, and you can identify some high-quality vintage reels that will serve you well. Times were different then and things were built to last (unless they were obviously being built to a price-point). The quality of materials and manufacturing of the some of the older rods and reels is really impressive.

    The older fiberglass rods will not be as sensitive as modern graphite rods in most cases but the quality rods are very tough and they will take static loads that will break graphite rods. They also tend to be a slower action, the transition from flexible tip to stiffer butt is slower. There is definitely a learning curve, too, if you're used to graphite rods. I grew up using glass rods and we learned to watch the tip of the rod for movement, not depending on feeling the bite. Low stretch lines definitely help and you can always use a mono or fluorocarbon leader. If you're using mono, it helps to use higher test for less stretch.

    If you do the same thing you would do with modern tackle, use quality gear and match it to your situation, you'll find the vintage tackle performs well and is a lot of fun to use.

  21. Mate, I've used these reels all my life, and I have caught everything from small stuff to monster kingfish,they are reliable, tough, durable and simple, shimano is awesome gear as well,but fishing is all about fun,and if you lose a fish it really doesn't matter, you can always try again!!!

  22. Here in the UK we used to use Mitchell 300 for our freshwater fishing course fish like roach perch tench carp in the 1970s and early 1980s.

  23. The black reel is a Mitchell Garcia reel made in U.S.A. not France……..
    Mitchell Garcia and Penn were the only 2 companies around .. .
    They primarily made reels for fresh water and Penn reels for saltwater. ..
    There was no other reels on the market in the U S A
    You'll find Mitchell Garcia in every garage all across America for all the seasoned fisherman that are older than the young man who said the reel came from France..Ha Ha
    Later Mitchell Garcia turned into
    Abu Garcia Reels……

  24. Why would you spent 250$ dollars on a saragosa if you are going to catch that kind of fish. I save my gosa for big kings and tuna.

  25. Holds up a vintage Mitchell and says 'where is this one from?' – that was the point where I stopped watching.

  26. I caught a 25 Lb. King salmon on a 300 reel, back in 79. I this have another 300 on one of my rod now, only thing I don't like, it spins backward to most reels.

  27. When the sand flea was bitten in half, you didn't hook the fish because the fish was nowhere near the hook, nothing to do with braid or mono. If the fish had hit the sand flea's head then you'd have hooked it. That's why you hook a bait in the middle if you're only using one hook

  28. 60 years from now that Shimano will be long gone and the Mitchell and Penn will still be catching fish. Just like so many other things the generations before us were so much better at doing things because they didn’t have technology like we do that makes everything easy.

  29. When I discovered the old penn 704z reels i bought a ton of them. They were made to last a very long time. They make great bait fishing reels as they are very strong.

  30. Match that Penn with the right rod and you won't use that Shimano anymore. I have been using one for years on the beach and jetties. Use 12lb mono and caught just about everything on it. That Mitchell is better for freshwater.

  31. Hey man, hope you’ve had more time to play with the 706. I’m from the east coast, it’s van staal, zeebaas, saltiga and torque country. I now live in salmon country. I personally have few 706, 706z, 710 reels. Some modified some not. I’ve used my 706 on a 9 foot lamiglas now for over 10 years and still catch fish over 20 pounds. Those 706 reels still have parts available, literally they cost cents, and are easily serviceable. So I hope you’ve given it more time to grow on you, those reels are indestructible.

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