Vintage Bundle Shop .. Iron Maiden found !!!

Hello Guys My name is Hisyam Kasim we are the Cr3artz Boyz , i’m with Amai vlog at Singapore this time at Kota kinabalu Sabah Today activity we will bring you guys to vintage bundle group? vintage bundle group in Inanam vintage bundle group in Inanam just want to tell you background we find tshirt bundle or pants bundle but this one here is bundle maniac this is maniac bundle, I’m a bundle maniac always from long time this is a comeback for me its been a long time 1 semester i didn’t do bundle about 3 months always at UMS so for this time find Rare Item maybe i will get , because bundle is known for rare item like limited stuff we will show you guys how the bundle scene in Sabah, and their stuff is there a difference with KL and the price difference to KL this one is Large Size, from US gunny from my experience this whole rack is from US gunny not from Japan like this one here this is mixed fabric so its soft yup because its mixed Cotton and Polyester this also same this is vintage maybe from the 80’s but is there anyone willing to wear this? look its single stitch one stitch if modern tshirt its double stitch yes like that the fabric is soft so confirm it s mixed look at the retro design but the design and the size is not to my liking but if the design is if hawaii style logo it would be smart true time to dive in its Raya time this is FREEMASON! what is this Mai? jaket or sweater? those who like golf, look its PGA tour only at Bundle Sabah all nice this is legit original OK guys now we have WAN a part-owner of vintage bundle group so we call it group or just vintage bundle? vintage bundle he is also my friend old friends So wan, tell us the story how you start the shop how you open the shop like this, last time our name was borneo bundle we start from the Open market at keningau we always there every sunday we already a long time in this business from what year? – from 2014 until 2017 until we open our own shop the vintage bundle how many part-owners you guys have? about 3 people so this is WAN my job here like consultant manager/consultant order the items Grade the items mostly our stuff from semenanjung Malaysia we sell our stuff from Australia or korea and Japan/US so in Sabah you guys dont buy from Sabah supplier? also have but mostly we direct from KL because in Sabah, they also order from KL so the shop open at when? the shop just open last year at November novmeber last year about 7 months we just newly rising so that’s its guys the interview how the vintage bundle start if want to come come at vintage bundle shop located at Inanam Inanam, beside Maimunah restaurant front of Survey shop Inanam so today Wan wants to tell us a story how he thought of the name of vintage bundle the name we got is from we like to collect limited and Original tshirt and jeans jacket that is hard to find the items i meant is from the 80’s or 90’s vintage item is it? oh YEs so our hobby is the same, yup its hard to find rare item but in this shop we have good items in this shop there is always vintage item just by the name is also vintage bundle normally the vintage item we like example we open the gunny mostly from the US we sell tshirt jeans from japan if we open the gunny we dont store we immediately sell we display immediately so make it fair im a bundle diver like customer wants to see new fresh item on display in shop we dont like to see item is already stored we a have a system when the gunny is open they got the vintage item, we stored it all a lot when its at that stage, when the item is a lot, then we sell it the stage is at where? event or open market normally, at event , festival no wonder at festival Sabah lots of item mostly rare item but suitable like the one gunny, not get much rare item from that one gunny 100% we got about 2% -3% rare item the people who want to come to bundle vintage dont be shy just come just direct come here and remember, Remember whos fast gets it first

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  1. πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ that iron maiden thoug

  2. Saya nak tanya, baju kumpilan gothic/post punk seperti Sioxusie and the banshees, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy etc senang ke nak dapat di Malaysia?

  3. Terbaik video korang! Done like & subscribe.
    Kalau nak tgk vlog about β€œPecah guni BUNDLE” boleh visit n subscribe channel saya okay! Thanks guys 😊

  4. Drama kuat la brader..ngt bju iron meden ad gopy right snang k nk ltak mcm tu ngn rege murah..xyah drma bos..bdk bru up bley lu hancing…

  5. harga bundle d sabah jauh lebih murah berbanding semenanjung..harga mampu milik tidak lh cekik darah mcm d smnanjung tu😝


  7. Hi there! I love your vintage collection! Check out my collection too at Etsy (kisutcodot). Very affordable too! Iron maiden, Run DMC and many more!

  8. Kena amik kelas lakonan lagi bro.. budak wechat leh la tipu.. ingat bundle makcik2 ke xselect dulu..
    Gelak pun tau nipu

  9. Obviously The Iron Maiden Shirt Was Already Put There By Someone To Make it Look it was Found by You Hahah Cant Fool Thrifters From The Philippines Bruh

  10. Balas Bro? Tu dkt bahagian servay Batu 7 Ah? Tapi bahagian mna ah sbb cari takde jumpa??Tolong Dulu Bantu Atau Tu Kedai Memang Tiada sdh dkt sana?Mana Lagi Kedai Vintage ada dkt Sabah Ah?Tak Saya Ni Baru Nak Up Untuk Jadi vintageπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. HAHAHAAHA!!! Drama sangat lah kau ni bro… kata taik bundle dari dulu. .. jumpa baju IM merchendise sdh begegar tangan Puik hahaha ops lupa … boleh percaya kah IM d gantung d rack rm10 2 free1 ??mau ckp itu rezeki ? hahah wake up bro Jgn drama sangat budak2 baru lahir boleh lah kau kencing birak hahaha…. Cara kau preview baju pun mcm yang baru kemarin tau bundle hahaha…. Kata taik bundle tau semua pasal bundle baju konon 80an tapi copyright tak bagi tengok HAHAHAHA … SHIT lah bro Drama kau ni BIKIN GALIK!!!!! 🀣
    bukan mau kondem sorry ya admin…. just mau bagitau kalau tahun 2000an boleh lah percaya IM gantung d Rack … tapi kalau skrng jgn lah … skrng ni jak raw bale 500kg dtg dari jepun pun kena repack balik orang kilang semua sdh select…so percaya kah Baju mcm tu boleh lepas HAHAHA. . . kesimpulan nya kalau nak kecing orang tu agak2 lah ok salam dari SANDAKAN πŸ€™πŸ˜

  12. weh kat sarawak ada baju metallica and iron maiden tapi not for sale 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Iron Maiden (GILDAN) ? Sorry bro, gw tgok dari video pun gw tau ori merch. Haiyaaaaa sebab tu takshow off tag. Video awal show off tag bagai. Hahahahaha Nicelah bro. Pelan pelan belajar lagi

  14. salam tuan puan semua berapa sehelai baju iron maiden life after death.baju ni dulu arwah pakcik saya pakai tahun di remaja .3 quater lengan hitam

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