Vintage Camper Tour, 1972 Shasta Compact! Retro!

Ok so hear is a look at my 1972 shasta camper
i just picked it up yesterday and thing this is in perect condition its been garage kept
since 1972 and the paint is incredible on it all the lights still work the brake lights
and the running lights and there all there all original as you can see i have the power
hooked up. its your standard 20 volt hookup here is your water. you just
flip that over pour your water in and refill Your fresh water tank. Then you have your water
hose hook up for when you are dry docking its all propane shasta
compact symbol it rained last night and see any leaks in itthere is no water damage
anywhere that i could find its 35 degrees out here i am a little chilly still has the wings
and everthing spare tire the tires look pretty good they hold air just fine gonna replace
them eventually so there is the shasta on the outside lets go ahead inside (opens vintage
camper) Ok there i am hello close that up now i do have it hooked up to power
turn on the breaker and now get some light goin in here all right this the shasta got
my little heater here because i was in it a little yesterday i guess we will start in
the kitchen and work our way over here you have your coleman holiday stove with oven
it does not look like they used it to much the burners had a little bit of rust on then
but a little bit of steel wool will knock that right off and will be good to go still
figuring out if its the old propane hook up or the new type hopfully sombody converted
it over to the new type there i the propane heater i am probaly not going 2 use that but
its still there and it looks like its i good shape all the light fixtures in this thing
still have the original globes as you can see there then but as you guys can probably tell
already wow it feels like i just fired up the old deloran strange sound… and went
back in time here is more storage tupperware trays from the last owner more stuff it used
to be owned by a scoutmaster so thats funny i can picture all the little kids outside
freezing there butts off whike the scoutmast is in here warm drinking coffee with the others
here is the ice box this is acually an ice box now this i didnt clean out yet but nice
litle ice box kind of cool you put the ice in that tray and it melts down the tube that
goes straight into your gray water tank so thats awsome you dont even need to worry about
emptying that the fresh water tanks and grey water tanks are stored in there back behind
that fake wall down there it is nice that it has all those drawers that go from the
top of the counter to the floor they really didnt waiste a foot of space in this camper
and compared to some other vintage campers i have been in that are the compact ones denfintly
out of all the compact campers i like the shasta and how it uses the space it feels
a lot roomyer then some others like a bee line camper or some other ones like that but
this is acually a propane light that is kind of interesting but here is the this is a stove
guys no this here is the sink and it has a sink cover on it it still has the stopper
on it and verething this is for your when you fill up your water tank for when you are
boondocking or dont have water hook up its a pump you just pump it get your water going
and here is for when ou have water hook up all original curtains in it up there is
the sky light the only issue with this camper was that the sky light has a small crack in
it so i am gonna have to repair the but when you are talking about campers is that ever
an easy fix or what ok were gonna move bace here more storage you are probably getting
dizzy because i keep spinning you around more windows and everthing i am going to pause
the video and show you the diffrent ways you can set up this area for sleeping or alright
i am back aready as you can see here this is the sleeping arangment those two benchs
the fold down and slide out and create a lot of people say a queen size bed but i dont
htink they come all the way together i wiuold say they are like two twin size beds and up
above here is your upper b unk that folds down gives you another little twin size bunk
this could definatly sleep three people no problem and that is how many people are in
my family so thats great so now that you see that i am gonna pause the video and i am gonna
close that all up and show you another use for that space aright now we have it set up
for dinner you can come on in here and sit down this is a pretty big booth there is plenty
of width here is you have a big gut or what not you will be fin in this it is acually
very comfe its a big table lets squeeze in here and sit it a nice laminate top give you
a little bit more of a look around lets go up here something i failed to mention earlier
is is a fairly sure theat these are the origina coushions you saw the matress up there that
is now stored away that all folds up these all the orignal matresses and pads and coushions
they are in great shape al lot of times that is one of thoses things you wanna get replaced
but i think a good shampooing and i wont be afrade to use these so now you have seen all
that this is the table and it just folds up and hooks on the wall
but yeah thats the 1972 Shasta Compact here is an extra light up here the runs off of
battery so if you ar boon docking and dont want to use your propanre or anything for
light there you go but so yeah thats the 1972 vintage Shasta Compacyt camper it is really
like taking a step back in time and if anybody is remodeling one of these and wants a video
of one that is all original this is a great video for you and if you have any questions
to ask feel free no problem at all i areally happy to own this so thank you guys very much
and have a nice day

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