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Vintage Engagement Ring featuring princess
cut diamonds of high quality and lots of sparkle. Vintage engagement rings and antique engagement
rings are very hot styles with “brides to be”. These unique and stylish creations are not
typical with the modern day designs found in most jewelry stores. For someone seeking a truly original design,
vintage engagement rings are a great place to start looking for your engagement setting. One important factor to consider is if you
are seeking an authentic “vintage engagement ring” with many years of history and wear,
or if you really just like the style. If you would like to replicate an original
and unique vintage design but would prefer to buy a brand new engagement ring, then you
may want to look for “vintage style engagement rings” instead. Vintage style engagement settings can recreate
the exact ring you desire, but with all brand new diamonds and precious metals. Going this route can save you from the possible
heartbreak of chipped diamonds or stress fractured engagement bands that are a real possibility
with an older vintage engagement ring. Our skilled engagement ring designers are
true enthusiasts when it comes to the gorgeous handcrafted details of vintage and antique
engagement rings, and no-one is more capable at recreating that “one of a kind” vintage
style you want. All of our engagement ring settings are “made
by hand” in our Los Angeles design studio, just like the skilled jewelers of centuries
ago made their creations. Stop by our website at
to see our extensive collection of Vintage style engagement ring settings. You will also find more detailed explanations
of the differences that you need to learn about when shopping for authentic vintage
or antique settings.

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