Vintage Hair Bow – Easy Sewing Tutorial [CC]

[Cine film reel clicking] Hello and welcome to my channel! My name is Wendy and today I’m going to show you how to make a 1950s or 60s inspired hair
bow. I really enjoy wearing mine because I think they’re reminiscent of Audrey
Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, so if you fancy making yourself your very own version then just keep watching! For this tutorial you will need From the ribbon you’ll need to cut Once all the pieces are cut we need to seal all the ends.
To do this we’re going to use the clear nail polish and we’re going to paint a
thin layer along the raw edges of each of the strips. once you’ve done this you’ll need to let
them dry for a few minutes before moving on to the next step! Now you’re going to need to take one of your 13 inch strips and place that on the bottom. Then we’re going to get the 12 inch strip and place that on top of that. Centre it up so the ends are evenly spaced. Now you need to grab your 14 inch
strip and fold it so the two raw ends are touching in the middle and it
creates a bow by touching the center of the other half. Now yours probably won’t
stick together like mine i was a bit too eager to put mine together so I hadn’t
let my nail polish dry, oops! What we’re going to do now is to pass your needle and thread through the centre to secure it, do that a couple of times just
so that it’s nice and secure before we move on to the next step. Now, once you’re happy with how many
times you stitched it together you want to place it in the middle of the two strips
you’ve laid down before and then we’re going to take the same thread which is still attached to our bow part and we’re going to sew through all the pieces of ribbon joining it all together securely as possible. Next, you need to trim off some of the tail ends off your cotton best to do it at this stage because
then you don’t get little bits are hanging out at the end. Now we’re going to take our longest piece of ribbon, that’s left and we’re going to fold it in half so that it forms an A shape. this will be the tails of our bow they’re gonna sit in the middle of the bow and hang down. Take your needle again and now
sew through these parts as well, all the way through all the layers of
fabric that we’ve got there. Now once you’ve sewn through a couple of times what we’re going to do now is take that a thread that’s still attached and
we’re going to wrap it around the center of that bow about three or four times
and while you’re doing that you want to be pulling the sides together so it
creates a little V in the middle, so that it pinches the middle bit together
this will give the bow a bit more the shape and make it look very pretty! Once you’re happy with it, then wrap it
around a couple more times and then we’re going to secure that thread and
cut it off. So once your bows all secured you can
see that we’re nearly done now, just one more step left to go What we’re going to do is turn the bar over so it’s upside-down. We’re going to take that
small piece that we’ve got left and we’re going to pop that with a raw edge
lined up with the middle centre part of that bow again and with a new piece of cotton we are going to slip stitch the tab
on to the back of our bow so that the tab will flap over the top and down so it
makes it easy for us to insert or hairband. Okay, so now we need to flip the
bow back over and we are gonna take our hairband and we’re gonna drop the
hairband in over the top of our flap and then bring off that brown down and
under, so that it hits the back of our bow. You should be able to get to wrap around twice if you’ve got a thicker hair band you might have a bit of a problem here but you could always cut your I centre tab a shorter if it
doesn’t reach around fully twice. Make sure that we got the end of that raw edge along the back again and then we do exactly the same thing as we just
did with the first tab, we’re gonna slip stitch this in place so that it is nice and secure. Once you’re happy with how
secure it is you can secure and cut your thread off and you are done! The very last bit now… I’m going to seal the back of that seam just to make sure those stitches will stay secure, by adding a little bit more nail polish, which will harden and stop any of those stitches from coming undone. Now you should leave this dry a stage before you do the next part which is to push the center tab in a little bit which to give the bow back a little bit more shape as it may have been a bit squashed a bit flat And there you go one finished Hair Bow! Thank you for watching, if you enjoyed this tutorial please feel free to give a thumbs up and if you like my channel
feel free to subscribe! Thanks again! [Cine film reel clicking]

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