Vintage Hawaiian Dress Makeover ~ Resale Transformation

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Welcome to The Dress Up Mom. I love finding and wearing old vintage Hawaiian
dresses. I love the colors of them. I think that they’re very fun. They’re super comfortable, and there’s usually
some sort of a neat design element on some of the better made ones. Today, I’m going to go through and show you
a new one that I found, and we’re going to take it and alter it so it doesn’t look like
a muumuu, because they cannot look like muumuus. First, thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it. If you’re a regular viewer, I love you. If you haven’t subscribed, please do. It’s the button right there. It means everything to me, and I’m trying
to grow the channel so I would really appreciate your support. We’re also on all social media outlets. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. @TheDressUpMom, #TheDressUpMom. I have one of my favorite sources for vintage
and resale clothes in San Diego, Bad Madge and Company, and I follow them on Instagram. Recently, she posted a really cool Hawaiian
dress on Instagram. I saw it and decided to head down there and
take a look and see if it would fit, and it did. I loved it. By the way, you can tell if a dress or a garment
is vintage by the label. I’m showing you the label here. They’re very distinctive, the old labels that
used to be made. You can see that this one is old. I loved the colors of it. I really liked the way that it felt, but I
am definitely going to have to take it and alter it a little bit. Here is the dress, and here’s how it looks
before. I really love the colors. I like the line of it. It is a little bit tight here, and it’s a
little bit too poufy, kind of muumuu-y here, but check out the back. I really like the back of it. It has that cool design element here. I like how it has my tattoo, and it flares
out a little bit back here, which I think is nice. It’ll make it very comfortable to wear. Let’s take this over to my alterations guru,
Donna, and make some changes to it. Modernize it a little bit and maybe even make
some fun pieces out of the extra, because we’re going to cut it short. Back here with Donna at Donna’s tailor shop
in Encinitas. We’re going to take this Hawaiian dress that
I bought and make it a little bit more modern. What I’m hoping is that we can maybe tailor
it a little and make it a little bit—I don’t know if these are—a little bit tight. Then, with that bottom, I was hoping we could
make a little purse like this in this fabric. This could be the strap. Donna:
Okay. Rajka Hayden:
…sample of a purse I like. It doesn’t have to have a zipper, just a snap,
but I’m thinking we could take the bottom part of the hem that we don’t use from the
dress and make it into a cute purse. I can leave this for you for sizing. Then, I thought maybe we could make it smaller,
smaller, smaller, but use this as the strap. Donna:
Yeah. The strap is same like that. Rajka Hayden:
Yeah. Same like that, but make it really like a
cute, small, little rolled-up— Donna:
Yes. [inaudible 00:04:50] Rajka Hayden:
Yeah. Perfect, because I think the color scheme—this
is from another old Hawaiian dress that I have, and they go together. I think it’ll be a fun little pop. We’re going to leave this with Donna. She’s going to do her magic, and we’ll pick
it up and show it to when it’s done. I picked up the dress from Donna’s, and
the little purse. I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I also put it with this little vintage belt
that I got, a little green leather vintage belt, also from Bad Madge. Check out the purse. I love how the little purse turned out. I’m going to wear both of these pieces, the
purse and the dress, usually separately. I can also wear it together like this, but
I’m going to pair it a bunch of different ways and have a lot of fun with this over
the summer and fall. I just love how it turned out. It’s really cute without the belt as well. I can wear it without the belt, and it’s fun
like that with a pair of just little sandals. I think it’ll be fun to do it that way,
too. I just love this. I hope you can see how updating an old Hawaiian
dress can be very fun, and it can have a lot of different looks and feels to it. Thank you to Tanya at Bad Madge for finding
this gem of a dress. To Donna at Donna’s tailor shop for making
it fit so beautifully, modernizing it for me for that wonderful little purse. If you’re in the San Diego area, please check
out both places. They’re wonderful. I’ll put information down below here. Thank you so much for watching. I hope that you’ve enjoyed watching this dress
get transformed and modernized. I’d love to hear if you have some Hawaiian
dresses that you’ve done this to, or if this inspires you to do it yourself. Until next time, dress it up a little. END OF RECORDING

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