Vintage osvětlení / Vintage Lighting

House of inspiration presents Vintage Lighting Today I´m going to show you, how to make veneer on wooden boxes. We need wooden box, it can be smaller, bigger. Even you can have the old one or used one after fruit or vegetable. I prepared two brushes, paint on wood and our favorite colors. But it´s not so easy with me, at first I thought, that we will make boxes that only hanging on the wall. It´s me, if I start to rebuiling of something I´m starting with something else. For example if I want to rebuild living room I´m starting with curtains 🙂 So because I´m remaking hall, I decided to make lighting. So prepare cable with light bulb. I dont know wich color is the best for you, so I will show some mix of colors for your imagination. I already make two boxes for me, so now how to make veneer. As basic color we use white color paint on wood. Our color is not so diluted, because we have new wood and it suck watter pretty much. And lets paint. Try to not make droplets. So in this way paint all three. Now choose color for veneer. I decided for black and white, because I want to make it to vintage style. So push a little of paint and put it on brush. Now you can see how black color make nice veneer. Next continue with another colors. For example with red. Keep color amount only on brush tip. If you used too much of some color, you can use white again. Last is blue because blue is trendy nowadays. Blue is really beautiful. So it´s really easy. Veneer use only on sides of box, inside paint with white color. Maybe twice for better look. Of course you can adjust tinting with putting more white color. And make some blurs with it for more natural look. And now leave to dry. Take our cable with bulb, put it trough and we are done. For this I recommend electrician or handy husband :-). And this is final product. Look at the beautiful light shining. Take a closer look :-). Good luck!

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