Vintage Peugeot Road Bike Restoration

Welcome to another bike, and another Restoration This, well I am not to sure what this is. I know it is a Peugeot! and it is from the early 1980’s just purely because of the components that are on the bike but the bike has been heavily painted So yes…A lot of cleaning to do on this one the gearing system at the back is absolutely covered in oil So yes I reckon we can do some thing with it though all the components are their As I say it has got the Peugeot badge on the front in laid cable on the top tube, so lovely frame in that respect We have done a Peugeot like this before its a Bike and its in need of a Restoration So that is what we are here to do What are we going to do, plan of action Salvage as much as we possibly can Most of the components seem absolutely fine they just need a good clean as I say and the frame is going to need a re-spray So lets get this bike stripped down and we are going to take it from there so bare with me and we will see what we can do Are well, I would love to say it has not been any trouble at all But I have had a nightmare with this bottom bracket here on this right hand side it was completely seized in all the bearings completely and utterly ruined so will new new bearings on their and the forks themselves was seized with the handlebars as well so I have had to get them in to the vice, and physically get some elbow grease going on their with a lot of lubricant and we have worked them free which is great What I would say as well and if you are doing these projects and it is your first time, have a bucket or a box something like that some where that you can put all the parts as you take them off and keep them there all in one place ready for cleaning. What you do not want is have all little bits all over the show So yes contain them all in one place and you shouldn’t go wrong! Right Ok regards to this frame we need to get this sent off and blasted and we need to get on with cleaning these parts up so lets get cracking! Well their is the Frame all back from being powder coating it looks so much better, and so simple to do just take it down it is all stripped and completely resprayed for you for very little money at all we had no alternative the frame was completely covered in that green paint if you remember so yes we have had the frame powder coated and I have also managed to get hold of some nice Peugeot decals Just to badge the bike back up So lets get on with that and carry on Brilliant very excited about this one can not believe how well the frame has came out compared to how it came in and yes most exciting part of the project the rebuild we have got all the parts laid out on the side mainly all original I have had to change a couple of items first one was handle bars, I have had to change the original handle bars they was chopped down for some reason and quiet harshly done as well so yes I have replaced them and I have got some nice new bar tape, some vintage orange bar tape on them kept the original brake levers and yes they look really well the wheels, I have sprayed in a satin black just because of the state of repair that they were in and to be fair they look really well so yes very excited about it I have also mange to obtain a saddle that was hanging around with a couple of nice yellow bits on so yes very excited should look really well so lets get a move on with this and get the bike built back up! OK, Brilliant! Well, I really can not believe the transformation we have made of this bike it just goes to show that no matter what state it is in then basically as long as the frame is in good shape regards to not dented or misshaped then basically you can bring it back to a great looking road bike so yes, all that is left to do now is get it out and try it out! I can not wait Well, this has been the Peugeot! it has not been the most expensive bike that we have done but extremely rewarding it has had to have the full shock treatment on this one full first aid given! but what a result and what a transformation compared to when the bike first came in their really is not a greener way to get around town than on a restored bike so yes very happy that I have done this, loving the rat trap pedals and the duel pivot brakes and yes its just a great ride so very happy that I have done this one I am sure you will agree its a great transformation if you donjon watching the videos as I always say then Please Subscribe other than that Thank You for watching Bye for now!

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