Vintage Shopping Guides | Tokyo | Harajuku & Ueno

Whenever you guys are in Tokyo or anywhere in Japan for that matter you’ll notice that there’ll be different small hole
in the wall establishments like restaurants, bars, hairdressers even and
vintage shops are pretty much the same This place behind me is called Chameleon. These guys stock different pieces of Nike and some Kangol as well, a bit of North Face. The owners real nice, unfortunately we’re not allowed to film inside but definitely check this
place out This next shop is probably the most famous here in Tokyo, it’s called Laboratory / Berberjin or Berberjin for short. If you follow these guys on Instagram or seen their website before you’ll know they have some of the most rarest pieces of vintage clothing some stuff that you can’t find on Ebay.
Unfortunately you can’t film inside, but definitely check it out when you’re here in Tokyo Alright guys, this next place is called Sprout. These guys have a great selection of vintage t-shirts, a lot of unique caps as well. I actually ended up getting
a nice peacoat here one time a few years back Unfortunately again we can’t film inside, but definitely check it out when you’re here in Harajuku Next shop here is Banny’s, these guys have a massive Polo collection, Polo Stadium Polo Ski Jackets, different Polo button ups, different Polo sweaters as well Of course they have different types of other vintage as well. Unfortunately we can’t film inside again, just like the other shops But definitely check it when you’re in the area We’re here outside the next shop, Ripple, it’s right next to Atmos and Chapter as you walk down, further into Harajuku. The owner is real nice these guys have a mean selection of Carhartt and North Face so let’s go upstairs and check out what they have in store today We’re right outside the next shop,
which is 2nd Street. As you can see there are three different levels, the
first top two levels focus on the more designer type pieces for men and women
and the basement floor is more of the vintage stuff so we’re gonna check out the basement floor today So we’re outside probably my favorite shop in this whole video, it’s Chicago these guys are one of the few vintage shops in Tokyo and all of Japan that have several chains throughout the
country. Why are they my favourite? Mainly because of the selection they have, they have
different military jackets, shearling jackets different worker wear pieces as well like Carhartt and Dickies they have great vintage Champion selection as well and what I
love most about them is that they have a lot of patches, so if you’re into DIY definitely check this place out. I’m definitely gonna pick up some patches today and hopefully pick up even more stuff as well so let’s go So we ran out of battery yesterday, back at it again today, see I changed my clothes.
We’re here at our last shop in Harajuku, this is Kinji definitely one of the biggest places in terms of the actual area of the shop definitely reminiscent of the vintage shops in New York, like L Train Vintage in Brooklyn So let’s go inside and see what they have in store today Ok guys we’re here in Ueno, outside the next shop and the final stop for today’s video, UpperUpper I’ve been following these guys on Instagram for a couple years and finally get a chance to go inside These guys have two different levels, the top level is more of the designer type pieces And the basement floor is more the sportswear, vintage sportswear type stuff The guys here are really friendly, letting us film, so let’s go inside and check it out That’s it for today’s video, hope you
guys enjoy the content thank you so much for watching. Obviously, this list isn’t exhaustive there are heaps of places within Harajuku, many many other shops in places like Shimokitazawa, Koenji, Kichijoji and of course Shibuya as well If you guys have any recommendations feel free to let
me know and put that in the comment section below I’d like to thank my brother AJ filming for
this video, for all his patience, I’ll leave his details in the description box below. Thank you to my girlfriend Rencie for motivating me and inspiring me to do this video. To my boy Keith Tan, for keeping real it and really being part of this fashion journey over the past many many years that I’ve known him And again thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll hopefully do another video doing kind of a review of the clothes that I bought over the past few days

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  1. Hey man really enjoyed the video, just was wondering if these shops were tourist friendly to customers that dont speak japanese. Also are all the shops in Shibuya walking distance apart from one another?


    Sick vid Migool! Def gonna hit up some of these stores when I go back to Japan next year.

  3. Thanks dude. I’m off to Japan in a few weeks. Thank you for putting the stores details in your videos. Very helpful ?

  4. Thanks for sharing~
    Really have to plan my Japan trip!!!!! Wish to be there!!!

    I can only shop thru Hoyoyo Japan Proxy now day~~~

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