Vintage snapshots transformed to create an LGBTQ fictional historical narrative

Through the Lens of Desire is a series of
photographs in which I collect vintage snapshots from about the 1930’s to 1950’s and through
scanning and cropping, I’m bringing a new interpretation to the images. Relationships real or imagined are at the
center of my work. So, growing up queer I searched for a history
that spoke to me and that included me, and I didn’t see pictures like that in my own
family history. So I imagined them in these photographs. So the GETXOPHOTO festival is a photography
festival that’s in 10th year and I was invited to participate in this festival. My work was exhibited in San Nicholas plaza
which is this wonderful plaza where the community kind of congregates. So I was invited to participate. It was a very exciting opportunity. I think that beyond my ideas about gay and
lesbian relationships and the way that I read the pictures and the meaning that I bring to
them, I think a larger audience relates to them because of our interest in history, our
interest in our own family pictures. I think people become drawn to these pictures
for a whole variety of reasons that have nothing to do with my intentions or my interest.

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