Vintage stílusú teásdoboz // Vintage tea box

First, remove the metal parts of the box Put masking tape on the glass… Then paint the outside of the lid and bottom of the box with a dark colour matte acrylic paint After this, apply the Vintage Effect Medium on the sides and edges where you want the vintage effect to appear Leave it dry for about 15 mins then paint over with the lighter colour acrylic paint and apply this to the inside of the box too Using a 120 (very fine) sandpaper sand the sides and edges where the Vintage Effect Medium was used After a thorough dusting, decorate the box with stencil patterns Mix a thick spreadable paste from 3D powder and the darker acrylic paint, And apply this on the side through a 3D stencil, When it’s dried, apply water-based varnish on the whole surface Finally, remove the masking tape and reassemble the box.

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