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it is Friday which means it’s time for
another week in the life here on what needs a tiny life I just got done
changing clothes about 20 times because I am working on a video where I am
sharing all of my 1940s and 50s inspired clothes and I wanted to show every
single piece on me so I have the filming lights and camera and everything set up
in our kitchen because it’s the only area where we have like a nice like wall
ish this is our pantry I guess so I put on every single piece that I own and
videoed wearing it so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be it took maybe an
hour and a half total to get it set up and filmed and I still have to break
everything down and but one of the outfits from the video that I didn’t
talk about in the video because I didn’t have it like I recorded the talking part
a few weeks ago and I thrifted this shirt yesterday and then the pants are
some that I did not have completed when I filmed the other part so I wanted to
show this really quick this is a cute little sweater that I found at the
thrift store for I believe it was $2.50 and it just kind of made me think like
the show land girls like the lady who owns the property you would wear and
it’s actually a size small but I think being pretty fitted kind of goes with
the era that I’m trying to emulate and then the pants are button on the side
and they have one pocket these are some that I made I still don’t have the hem
done but I didn’t show that part in the video so these are actually my practice
pants that I believe I talked about a couple weeks ago to see if I like the
simplicity pattern and see if it fit and everything the face pretty good I might
interested just a little bit I’m going to actually see if I can adjust it to
make some really cool-looking 40s jeans I really want some 40s inspired jeans
and the ones that I have seen like reproduction jeans they are pretty
pricey and since I do know how to sew and everything I feel like I would just
be more comfortable making them myself instead of shelling out quite a bit of
money on a pair so yeah so I might tweak this pattern a little bit and make some
of 40 style jeans don’t know when that’ll happen to be honest but it would
be super super cool to do um anyway yeah so I think this is going to turn out to
be a pretty cool video it’ll be on my Whitney sales channel so keep an eye out
for it I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun and it’s going to be items that I
started as well as items that I made myself to fit into the 1940s and 50s
style anyway I think that is it for today because it’s already 3:30 which
means Skyler will wake up within 30 minutes or an hour and that doesn’t
really give me a whole lot of time to do stuff because the other thing that I
need to do is to sew on memory bears and that won’t give me a whole lot of time
and so I think I’m just probably going to stop here for the day and relax a
little bit before I start making dinner I don’t usually share what I’m making
for dinner but tonight I’m actually making what we call potato goulash
because my oldest is allergic to gluten and we like goulash so I figured out a
way to make it using cubed up potato pieces instead of pasta so it is half a
pound of breakfast sausage a can of diced tomatoes and then diced up
potatoes as well as some seasonings and things and some water so that’s what I’m
gonna make tonight and also some corn on the cob but don’t know what else yet
yeah I haven’t make it a goulash in a while so I can’t actually
for exactly how long it takes so I probably get started on it a little
earlier than necessary just to be safe anyway that’s it for today it is Sunday and please ignore how
terrible everything looks behind me I am kind of in the middle of a bunch of
projects and I had to shift things around to make space to work on stuff
but I wanted to talk about the project that I am working on today and it is a
pair of jeans that are inspired by the 1940s and early 1950s and so kind of
like the jeans that some of the women would have worn during World War two to
go to work in as well as kind of the more fitted 1950s jeans so kind of
in-between of those I’m starting with simplicity 8447 as my
inspiration and making some alterations because these pants have some darts and
they are much looser fitting than what they appear on the package because I
have made a pair of pants from this already so I drafted my own version of
the pattern I took out the darts and me just a couple of minor adjustments and
I’m going to make a mock-up pair out of this really really thin gray corduroy
and I had thought about saving this fabric I bought it years and years ago
for $5.00 for the whole bolt and I was thinking about saving it in case I
wanted to make like a a casual dress or something out of it but I unrolled a
little bit to kind of see how much was on the bolt and noticed that there are a
few slits in the fabric and they get worse the closer you get toward the end
of the fabric so that’s disappointing because I didn’t know there was damages
to the fabric when I bought it thankfully I only paid the $5 for it but
this would be perfect to use for my mock-up then because it’s not really
going to be usable for actual garments because I would have to really pay
attention and work around those slits in it and some of them are like up to eight
inches tall which is am i annoying anyway so I have my new
pattern pieces that I drafted as well as pocket pieces because these pants just
have one small pocket on the front and I want actual like usable pocket sizes on
the front and the back so I drafted some patterns for that last night and yeah
I’m gonna make a mock-up and see how it goes hopefully I did the right thing
with taking the darts out I am NOT skilled in alterations I can sew from a
pattern I can you know I know how to like vary the seam allowance and stuff
to get a better fit that way but as for like actual tailoring and alterations I
am NOT skilled in that because I’ve never been trained in it I’ve never done
much practice on it so that’s kind of what I’m trying to teach myself right
now and yeah I have a very certain picture in my head of the kind of jeans
that I want and I’m really hoping I can create something similar with only one
mock-up because I hate making bra cups um and especially something like this
that uses so much fabric it’s gonna take let’s see two and a half yards of fabric
for just the pants themselves and then probably at least a half yard more for
the pockets so you know not a small amount of fabric for sure so yeah I’m
about to get started I have to get to the living room to lay out the fabric
because I don’t have room of my sewing space big enough so I’m gonna go in
there and try to quietly cut everything out while Skyler is sleeping and yeah
then see how fast I can whip this up I’m not gonna finish the insides or anything
because it doesn’t matter I’m just checking fit this is not gonna be
something that I wear later so I’m not worried about finishings and things like
that but I’m checking on how the pockets look how the
if it is and it was one of the thing I was gonna check and I forgot I don’t
remember but yeah stuff like that just the changes that I’ve made just see how
they look see if I did them right and yeah I feel like I’m rambling so I will
stop here and go and cut out my fabric it is Tuesday and is actually at the end
of my sewing time and I’ve been having trouble getting the kids to nap very
good Skyler I’m still having to like hum her to sleep and it’s taking longer and
longer every day it seems like um and then Peyton just has basically stopped
taking naps even though she’s only three so it has been kind of frustrating
lately because I haven’t been having very much work time because I have to
keep going in until I’m Peyton to be quiet
she needs quiet time and then she ends up usually waking Skyler up early and
all sorts of stuff so it’s been kind of frustrating lately and that times are
when I’m supposed to be able to get my work done so work time has not been very
quality lately but today actually went pretty well so I didn’t want to stop and
vlog and jinx myself so I went ahead and just got to work on memory bears because
I feel like I’m behind on this order even though I don’t really have a
deadline I just feel like I’m behind anyway because it’s been a while since I
started it it’s been a couple weeks now um but I did get this guy pieced
together and he’s wearing the overalls he’s got the buttons for the overalls
and then a little pocket he’s like I’m really cute so I’m have
him ready to stuff and then the other two Bears are in various stages of
completion but I feel like I am a little more on track now than I was so that’s
good and I might see if I can get in here and work a little bit more tonight
I’m not sure but yeah I feel like I’m a little more on track with this project
and that is good I hear the kids waking up
right now which is why I went ahead and started vlogging but I think they’re
going to play in the room for a little bit so I’m gonna see if I can do a
little bit of organizing in the living room we have a little wooden treasure
chest that has always held like coloring supplies but I’m thinking I might swap
that out and put some of their puzzles and stuff in it so they can get to those
easier instead of me having to like hand the puzzles out every time that way they
can kind of just go and get one when they want to do a puzzle so I might
switch those around and see how that works for a little while see if that’s a
good system if not I can always switch it back yeah that is about it for today
I just did my sewing and yeah we’ll see if I do anything more exciting tomorrow
today is Wednesday and I’ve done a little bit of sewing on memory bears and
I got this guy stuff his nose is crooked there we go got him stuffed
he is looking absolutely adorable so so happy with how he’s turning out and I
wanted to share a little project that I’m probably gonna work on for the girls
not today but sometime soon so back in high school I had this t-shirt that had
a big strip of velcro across the front and it was the like soft side of the
velcro and then it came with letters that you cut apart that were the like
rough side of the velcro and I wore that shirt throughout high school and like
the first couple years of college I wore it some and I would put different little
messages or sayings or whatever on my shirt using the letters because that’s
what the cool kids did just kidding so I got rid of the shirt over ten years ago
probably and for some reason I hung on to the letters I
also hung on to the letters from my sister shirt I think mine was the black
one and my sisters was red but I hung on the letters I just thought they were
kind of a neat idea and so all these years later I was doing some organizing
yesterday and I came across them again and I thought you know what I’m gonna do
something with those so what I’m going to do sometime in the near future is
make some sort of little play mat for the girls not like a big play mat that
they can actually get on but like a maybe a placemat size thing that is just
like rows and rows of the soft side of velcro and then they can use these
letters to practice spelling and different things and we can use them
together to write out little messages and I just thought it would be a lot of
fun as they’re learning letters and all of that so Skyler has most of her
letters learned and Peyton has all of her letters learned upper and lower case
and she can spell her name she can spell zoo a couple of words and so I just
thought this would be a fun little learning kind of game that we could do
together and finally make use of these letters that I hung on to for 10 years
but they really are cool they’re just printed on little bits of velcro and
yeah if I remember I will try to insert a picture of me wearing the shirt I know
there’s one picture on facebook of me wearing it that I can try to find but
yeah so I hung on to these for so long thinking I’ll have a use for them
someday and now it appears that I actually do have a use for them so yay
for that but I am trying to get better at not hanging on to quite so many
things for so long like things that aren’t you know specialty stuff just
something that it’s like oh I might use that sometime in
a billion years from now so I am trying to do some decluttering in the sewing
room it went it’s going pretty good I had
three boxes that I needed to sort through and declutter and I got them
condensed down into one box today and um some of it I put into a basket that I am
going to offer to my mom and then some of it went into the donate pile so feels
good to make some progress there yeah the kids are actually napping today
which is fantastic so excited um yeah so it feels good to be getting some stuff
done and having a nice work time yeah I think tomorrow we’re going back to the
zoo again we weren’t going to go today but it was forecasted that it might rain
again today so we’re gonna go tomorrow it’s gonna be a lot of fun this bear the
cutest look at him oh look at that guy he’s so stinkin cute I’m really happy
with how he’s turning out and I cannot wait to finish the other two so I can
show how adorable they are turning out to be

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  1. Love the letter board project! Any chance you would do a tutorial video on your process? Keep it up, please!!!!!

  2. What a cute outfit. Love the shirt you found. Can’t wait to see how you make the jeans. You are just so talented. Those letters will be a fun learning tool for the girls. It’s always easier to learn when it’s fun. Bears are adorable.
    Happy Week 🌼🐝🌼🌸🦋🌸

  3. DITL videos are my favorites! I am so in love with the machine you sew your memory bears on. I am looking for one in that shape. They seem to be such strong machines.

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