Vintage Train Ride in New York

Hello everyone, welcome back! Today’s vlog is about New York’s vintage train ride It’s held every year in celebration of the holiday season So they pull out the vintage trains from New York Transit Museum They run normal subway routes inside the city Let’s go and check it out Subway is an integral part to the New York City New York’s subway system is also one of the earliest in the world, dating back to early 20th century The particular trains used in vintage train ride were used during 1932 to 1977 The interior of the train features post-depression Art Deco style There’s also period posters Vintage trains use a third rail to provide electricity The third rail runs parallel to the main rails But as the rails cross and turn, the third rail is sometimes obstructed And the light will go out for a second As you’ll see here Vintage train ride also attracts people who love vintage fashion I always ran into people with great style here That’s the end of this short little vlog about vintage train ride See you next time, bye!

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  1. Wonderful! Didn't expect to see costumes (which were amazing, wow.) I think you would enjoy the heritage railways we have here in the UK. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Oh my god, I'm crying of how beautiful everything is! The train, you, the people in vintage clothes (and the fact that they are there)… Astounding!
    I've never been there, but it kind of makes me feel nostalgic (but it a good way!)

  3. Absolutely lovely video! I love the vintage aesthetic and you captured it perfectly with your shots and music choice! I was wondering, do you have social media (outside of youtube) where you post? Thanks so much!

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