Vintage Up Do Roll How to // Easy Vintage Hair [CC]

Whoosh! Hello! Okay, I’m mainly just trying to distract you from my awful hair. Blegh. It needs a wash and the curl is…doing something weird. But I have places to go! So it’s time to bring out the hair rat. Why it’s called that, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s not a good name. You’ll also need some pins. Many pins. Pins I just dropped on the floor. Shh, it’s fine. Begin with a good comb. Right, onwards. Take the front section of your hair, the fringey bit and give it a quick brush through, that’s lovely. Oop, sink down dear so everyone can see, there we are! We’re going to crosshatch backcomb the fringe. So vertically first then horizontally. Ooh yeah, love a bit of a boof! Now spray the hell out of it. Spray and smooth, spray and smooth, spray and smooth, it works! Now that lovely fringe needs to just be pinned out of the way. There we go, looking like a dweeb but hey, maybe that was the look I was going for. No, of course not, we’ve got a rat! The elastic will lie along this line of parting so we need to brush back the hair. Right, time to look like even more of a muppet. Divide the front sections and keep them out of the way… probably with your mouth. Cute Alrighty, get your rat out, make sure your hair is going back over the crown of your head. Tuck your hair in then let the front sections go. Pull back the front section, tuck over the elastic and underneath the rat. Now pop a hair pin in at the back, to make sure the rat stays down. We’ll remove it later. Work around your head from side to side, tucking your hair over the rat. There’s that pin being pulled out! Keep going, tucking in. And voila! It’s that easy. Now to tidy it up and make sure it stays in place with an awful lot of pins. The rat is really great for this, just pull any loose hair underneath it and the pins will be hidden. And, of course, time to start spraying! God I use a lot of hairspray. Just make sure you don’t do it with your hearing aids in or you’re going to be picking it out of your microphones and that’s not an easy job. Also hairwax. Hairwax is not fun. What are we going to do with this front swoop? Forwards, higher, swept? Go with what you feel suits your face shape the best. Make sure you push your pins into the backcombed section so you can hide them nicely. And spray! Ta dah! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video! Let me know in the comments if you like this look. I’ve added to the description where I bought my hair rat but you can also make your own! If you haven’t already then subscribe and come see my other videos for more!

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