Vintage voice-over with Adobe Audition

In the following video reel you will learn how to do a vintage voice-over Good day, fellow YouTubers! What is going on? I noticed that there aren’t any good
tutorials on vintage voice like you see in newsreels or old narration in movies so I thought I’d make
one because, well I just figured out how to do it. So first
you need to do a vintage voice, so you can do this one for example Let’s listen to that “The US Navy ships are going down” Yeah, that sounds pretty much like what
you would hear so let’s just trim the sound and I already
have a preset made and it is old movie 1, but don’t worry I’m going to explain it to
you right now So, first we have a “Graphic Equalizer (10 bands)” and this is set to custom but actually what this is this is a 1965 and I just put the>16k down to a minus 18 and second effect in the effects rack is again “Graphic Equalizer (10 bands)” and it says custom because yet again this is 1965 but now its part 2 and I just put this all the way down to minus 18 so next you have “Distortion” and well this is again set to custom because, well, this is my
custom preset, but as far as I remember it was a “GreenRoom-Angus”… Yeah that’s the one and after that we have “Mastering” and what I did here I don’t even remember probably I don’t even need this one but
whatever and then we have “FFT Filter” and I just made sure this this goes only up to 10k because that’s usually the case with old movies
and last effect is “iZotope Vinyl” you can
download it at or you can just Google it yeah it’s free you can download it and
down here you can do whatever settings you like so I like doing 1960 put the wear up to 30 percent and dust all the way up and now we have our old school voice “The US Navy ships are going down”. Yeah, and well this is better with music and
background noise but because I have such a good microphone I’m not getting
any background noise so anyway let’s do another one just for the test purposes
well and notice I have this preset in the effects rack so when I record my
voice I can just playback and it will be automatically
applied… “It is good to live in America, the free society” “It is good to live in America, the free society”… well… the intonation is not that good but you
know you get the trick so yeah thanks for watching and maybe I’ll make another video some day, I
don’t know we’ll see! If you liked this video please click the Like button and subscribe
to my channel for more such videos… “Also if you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave comment in the comment section below”

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