Virginia Battlefields Antique Map (1891-1892)

in hey everyone I’m Adam Shaw from Bravura media company
today we have a special treat for you it is a vintage map of Virginia
battlefields the map was created 1891 and was created
for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Company so let’s dive right in and take a look
at this great map if we look into Northern Virginia obviously we can see tons and Hines out battlefields mainly across the
Washington matcher area it is loaded with with civil war battles I would say
around the ball run area which was a very very important battle that was at the doorstep to Washington
DC the Union Army had been essentially
pushed back and the Confederate Army were taking
supplies in that area from the Union Army cell obviously can see the the amount the sheer amount up different
battlefield right around washington very at his
doorstep in the capital and it’s almost the same way down and
seven Virginia with Richmond which was the Confederate capital so let’s take a look at that look at
Richmond Virginia battles all over the place and if you
notice there to the eastern part of the city
and I was thinking about this why are they on the eastern part the
city and not so much on the western bar well the eastern part has rivers and the rivers allow ships to come and was
supplies to rich men so obviously the Union Army wanted to
cut off as much supplies to the Confederate Army as
possible so I thought this was kind of interesting looking at the it’s practically a straight line across rich man on the eastern side so I thought that was it you know an
interesting little tidbit to this map and if wheezing now we can take a look
at it virginia beach area you know a couple
battles mainly across the entrances arm of the
river right here as well you know important
parts to to getting the supplies still a
confederacy cell I definitely hot you know like I love this map this map shows you
exactly where the the strategic military point interests were and they say the Virginia
I think that’s great we look to the western part of the state and I mean there’s a few battlefield not nothing to a strap again you know ap Matix Lynchburg nothin to intense Northern Virginia though was
really if you can see a battleground area you
now the Capitals were so close to each other
for the Confederate Army in Union Army cell I it going after each other’s capitalize you know the name of the game we can
even see there were the battles at Harper’s Ferry
in Harpers Ferry if you can remember was an important part in the civil wars John
Brown’s raid where he tried to liberate
african-american slaves to rise up against Confederate a
regiment cell al right there and Tino I had bloodiest battle in american
history most deaths amongst american native-born
people cell definitely a great map but a map
that shows a lot of detail where the battlefields
are in and where it took place in the strategic advantages I love those battlefields in the end the
locations of themselves definitely a cool map be if if you’re a historian in your cell
or storing new really liked it to look at how the Civil War got shaped cell we ad for her a media offer this map for purchase in either digital or
physical print form we have posters we have stickers we have
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and we’ll have many many more maps coming to you guys
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you guys think I’ll see you guys later bite

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