VOLKSWAGEN GRAVEYARD: Vintage, Army & Rally Cars – Urbex Lost Places Abandoned Belgium

At first Germany, then Luxembourg and France… And now – on day five of our huge urban exploration road trip… …we finally arrived in Belgium. Hidden very well in the woods this amazing car graveyard awaited us. Crazy, engine’s still there. And what’s over here? You can still open the hood smoothly. So this is the trunk? Engine was at the other end of the car. Here’s barely any space. Maybe it is only intended for small bags like they used to have back then. The car isn’t that big too. The car battery is in the back. It’s over here under the back seat. Right under this marvelous window. Over here… …we’ve got a jeep. There are several levers. This is the parking brake but what’s this? Maybe it’s for adjusting the seat? – Yeah, that might be possible. But what’s with the other levers? In the front… …there’s a rope winch. And a big hook. So this jeep towed some cars probably. Looks like a sick racing car to me. But I think someone started to dismantle the car and that’s why it looks that way. Someone even cut the back part open. And now it looks like a rally car. Though… Look at these dampers. There are a lot of rally cars on this graveyard. That’s true. And what’s on the roof? These are seats. Looked like cases at first. I just noticed that this is probably a car of the German armed forces because there’s German text. “Caution! Remove antennas before driving. Danger when touching overhead wires.” So that’s a German car for sure. A jeep of the German armed forces. Looks like the tank is in the front. And this looks like a dune buggy. – I thought the same. It’s probably a rally car again. And here’s another one. Looks like the engine was in the back too. But it is already stripped. I just noticed that this is the whole frame but totally overgrown. We don’t know how, we don’t know… …but in the middle of these woods rally vehicles and cars with a military look were stored a long time ago. Especially cars of the brand Volkswagen can be found here. Mostly beetles… …but Volkswagen buses of the first generations as well. All these vehicles probably belonged to a deceased car collector. Have you seen this? What do you mean? “Hugo Boss” …says the text on this car at least. Dunno why. Maybe… …someone took part in races with this car and Hugo Boss was sponsor. How does it look in the inside? Everything was removed but it looks like a rally car. Look! You can still see the ventilation of the car. At the sides air for the engine was sucked in. I just discovered this vintage car radio. If it were up to me radios would still look that way today. It’s way cooler. Have you checked the milage? What does it say? Ninety-six thousand… Wait! “968.092” No, that’s wrong. “96.809” The sun is dazzling in Belgium… “Fasten your seatbelts!” “attachez” means something like to fasten. “vos” means your. “ceintures” means belt probably. “Prière de ne pas fumer!” “fumer” means to smoke. So the signs says: Please don’t smoke in the car. Pretty cool… I’m joining you. Where are we going? – We’re going to… My butt is getting soaked. Don’t drive that fast! I don’t drive yet. – I see. At first I have to turn on the lights. Is it working? – I don’t see any lights at all. Shit. Seems like the car is broken. – You think so? – Dunno… What a cable clutter… It’s so cold here… Is it possible that we don’t have any windows? – Oh, I see! This abandoned site is something you don’t see every day. It’s a lovely mix of great cars and beautiful decay. Don’t forget to leave a like and a comment. We have a lot of upcoming videos, so stay tuned!

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  1. Schöne Aufnahmen und ein wunderbarer Ort! Das kleine deutsche Armeefahrzeug ist ein VW Kübel. In dem "Jeep" der Hebel ist die Geländeuntersetung für den Allradbetrieb. Weiter so! LG Robert

  2. Cool mache auch Lost places videos in Leipzig wäre cool wenn ihr vorbei schaut würde mich freuen

  3. wow where is this in Belgium guys? i'm from Belgium and i would love to take some pictures there

  4. You guys were lucky because the owner lives nearby and if he spots you, you're in trouble. He is very agressive and has guns.

  5. I had a wonderful 69 VW bug ! The battery under the back seat. A mechanic put in a Japanese voltage regulator and my battery bubbled acid all over the floor of the back seat where my young children were sitting ! Absolutely loved the car but it wouldn't start in the rain because the corroborator would get water in it ! SO sad to see so many abandoned like this!

  6. Ok honestly how do u not know that most of the cars are Volkswagens they aren't rally cars or race cars with there 50hp motors 1200cc,1300cc,1500cc,1600cc an all the way up to 2332cc

  7. Not the first generation of buses I didn't see no split window buses only late model buses first generation of buses are the split windows

  8. Some of those Bugs must have "Automatic Stickshift". My dad had one of those from the late 60's until around 1975. That would be the "extra levers" you mentioned.

  9. My mom had a VW bug. Loved the imitation bouncy ride. My dad made race cars and dune buggy's. Neat reminisce since they have both died.

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