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– Are you thinking about
getting a new snow blower? Let me show what I got from Troy Bilt. (garage door opening) – Nice, huh? – [Woman] Yeah. – Today I’m gonna step you
through this new snow blower, we’re gonna test it out,
look at the features, let you know what I think. Ready?
– [Woman] Ready! – Here we go! Make, fix, grow, cook. GardenFork Full disclosure GardenFork
is sponsored by Troy Bilt. They do occasionally
send me equipment like this log splitter to review but the opinions are mine and I’ll be straight with you about that. All right? If you wanna see more of
the Troy Bilt equipment, there’ll be a link at the end of the show and under here in the show notes as well. Two stage 26 inch wide snow thrower. I like that. If you’re wondering about stages, a single stage snow thrower
has one spinning thing that throws the snow out. A two stage and that’s good for like powdery three
inch, five inch snow. A two stage has the spinner and then it has a thrower. So the snow gets pushed in
and then tossed out of here. – [Woman] Ah. – They also make a three stage, but that’s for like Alaska, you know. – [Woman] We don’t live in Alaska. – Well or a place that gets a lot of snow. The problem here is that we’ve
had a really warm winter. So we haven’t had a lot of deep snow to really test this puppy out. I actually lent this to my neighbor while I was on the road and they had a pretty good snow up here and so he did a lot of snow throwing and made some video. (snow blower engine running) And today outside, it snowed and then it rained. So it’s basically a big slushy outside. But that’s perfect to
test out the two stage, cause it’s good for wet snow. So we’re just gonna see if we can throw some slushy here, you know? – [Woman] We hear the rain drops. – So let’s walk through
a couple of features and then we’ll take this puppy
out, run it around the yard. – [Woman] All right. – Four way electric chute control. Now what that means is that over here, on the chute it can make
this tilt up and down and the whole chute side to side. I’ll show you that outside when we’re throwing the slush around. But instead of having
to turn, you know, this (woman chuckles)
and move this around while you’re gliding just go
brop ba brop and it’s good. Touch controls for
steering left and right, so while you’re driving forward, you can steer the left or right by touching this one
and this one over here, it’s a nice thing. Six forward and two reverse gears. Very nice for maneuvering this thing. This is really smart about Troy Bilt, is that to try and drain this crank case is going to be difficult, so they actually put a drain pipe in to make it easy and other manufacturers, I haven’t seen that. I just think this shows
an attention to detail that I really like. Two ways to start. You’ve got your traditional manual pull and an electric start. Which is really nice when
it’s freezing cold outside. The Troy Bilt engine also
has a NoiseGuard Technology. In other words it’s another way to make the thing run a little quieter cause I mean that gets a little old having to have a throbbing engine in your ears. You should have ear and eye protection on when you’re running it, but a little nicer for the neighbors, a little nicer for the family, you know? Electric start, plug in. Throttle on. (engine starting) (engine running) – [Woman] Woowee! Ahhh! (laughs) – The town should hire me. (Woman laughs) So that’s taking like snow coast gnone, snow co, cone
– [Woman] Cone – Snow. – [Woman] Yeah. – Did you see how far it threw it? – [Woman] Yeah, that stuff’s really thick. – And this is wet, let me show you. – [Woman] Yeah we could see it’s gross. – Well there’s no water coming out but this is icy, wet, the worst kinda snow to try and move. This is no fun to shovel, so. – [Woman] No, and look you
made a sidewalk in the country. – Did I hit you with the snow? – [Woman] Me?
– Yeah. – [Woman] Well a little. (chuckles) – Okay. This is why you have the pull start because I turned it off and
there’s no power cord nearby. (engine starting) – [Woman] Woowee! (engine running) – Nice huh? – [Woman] Very nice. – I’d give this a thumbs up. It’s a nice, it’s a midsize machine. Again, I’m a big fan of Troy Bilt, I think they make some good gear. So there should be
information about this below. Gotta click the little down arrow, to get the product information. But let me know your thoughts, okay? Cause I learn from you. Any questions or comments, below here in the video. All right? – [Woman] I can’t wait for more snow! – Yeah it’d be nice to have some real snow but this was pretty good with this like snow-cone – [Woman] Feel how heavy. Really heavy.
– That’s a pain to shovel. This, boom you’re done. All right?
– [Woman] It’s cool, yeah. – Make it a great day. – [Woman] See ya later.
– See ya.

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  1. Is it 4 cycle or 2 cycle? We are getting 8inches of new snow Sunday/Monday if you want to come over and do our driveway

  2. I have the smaller TroyBilt model w/o the power controls and it was a godsend , started everytime 1st time….matter of fact we are forecasted for up to 8" of snow tonight ..btw one thing I do is spray veg oil in the chute and on the auger keeps snow from building up…

  3. I have the troybuilt storm snowblower I've had it over 8 years not a single problem with it .we get close to 180 inches per year.

  4. lost my love for troy built when they sold out to mtd. mine is an ariens and can be serviced at a local dealer.
    now you can clear the snow around your hoop houses

  5. Looks like a nice machine. And it seemed to handle that heavy, wet snow with relative ease. We have the brake/steering levers on our newest machine (and the hand warmers) and they are a really nice feature. Thanks for the review.

  6. Cool blower
    I have one with giant tires like this one has. No chains required.
    Where are the big woofers? The yellow lab variety…

  7. First, I want to say I really enjoy your channel. Practical advice for the average homeowner.
    Thanks for the videos.
    I own a Troy Bilt Three stage, 30 inch wide model with the 420CC motor. The thing is an absolute MONSTER. It will easily throw dry snow 50+ feet. I also have a Troy Bilt neighbourhood rider lawn mower. Both machines work amazingly well, and I've never had a single issue. I am a fan of the Troy Bilt machines.

  8. I always enjoy your videos Eric. Is there a model available powerful enough to throw snow down here to Florida ? LOL 😉 it's already too hot down here for middle of february. I love watching your progress. Hang in there & stay warm with your labs. Spring will arrive shortly for you

  9. Hi Eric. I hope you don't mind. I heard a scientist on a BBC radio 4 programme talk about lumps on the forehead being one indicator for a DNA fault that increases your chance of bowel cancer. It might be worth getting checked. The Programme was "The Life Scientific" where Prof Jim Alkaleli interviews people from the scientific world. The guy they were interviewing mentioned that this can be a sign and I immediately thought of you. I hope you don't mind such an odd comment on such a public forum.

  10. Well done vid and nice machine, impressive throwing distance and that was wet cement. Most quality machines today will have the oil drain tube, the fact that Troy-Bilt/MTD has it facing the rear of the engine keeps maintenance nice and simple. A lot of machines have the oil drain tube on the side of the engine and you have to either remove a wheel and tilt the machine to the side or fabricate a funnel. We have had a very mild winter here as well, so far. All the best.

  11. Only thing i was worried about was 243cc I hate that we went off horsepower. However seem to throw wetsnow really far? Did it ever bog on you? I did buy based on this review

  12. i bought the 30 inch xp model this same machine four years ago,,my shoot motor had problems after two years, the manufacture warentee was saposed to be three years but i took it to lowes where i had purchased it ,, there reapairer called and told me my shoot was broken and other things were wrong,, i told them to just send it back to me,, the motor was draging that was all,, i tried to take it to local service place in lewiston me. called lapoints,, they took one look told me lowes people cut my wires and just taped them up and refused to work on it because of it,, the main reason i bought this machine is i am handy caped i only have full use of my right arm ,, limiter use of my left arm,, i am not happy with that model i had spent $1200;00 wish now i had bought the $800;00 model without fancy moterized shoot ,, also last year the wireing started to melt ,, i had to unplug the harness

  13. Almost every blower has abn oil drain like this, except the make them so short that they drain the oil all over the body of the blower.

    The 3 stage snowblowers are a gimmick though. They were created for no reason other than to be different than other blowers. All it does it reduce the snow going into the augers. No professional blowers have a 3 stage system, but a bunch of Chinese made ones do…

    And not to burst any sponsor bubbles…but this machine is just an MTD blower that is sold by a dozen other brands.

  14. question for you my friend: i have an older…about 15 years old MTD 9HP blower and sure it comes out of the same factory as most of the others as it looks the same. belts are new…thing is pristine…runs like a champ. it just doesn't throw the snow as far as it did when new and engine still runs at same rpm as factory had it set at. i have been looking at those paddles or scraper looking things to add to the impeller blades. looks like it might solve my problem and throw the snow a bit further. what's your thoughts on that? thanks much. john

  15. I will stick with my old Ariens 8 hp it’s an absolute beast of a. snowblower love the old machines it’s built like a tank

  16. A two stage has a spinner and a thrower???? Try Auger and impeller. I'm guessing you call the engine the noisy part. Oh the revolutionary oil drain pipe on your Troy Built looks a lot like the oil drain pipe on my 15 year old 5 HP Yard Man snow blower. Noise Guard technology? You mean a muffler? PS My blower also throws wet heavy snow 20 feet after I installed home made impeller wipes using a few screws, fender washers and pieces of old mud flap and doesn't clog. It's lasted far longer then your FREE blower and will still be around long after yours is in a trash pile. Your opinions are yours? LMFAO. As long as you get free stuff your opinions are worthless. I BOUGHT my Yard Man, my opinions are truly MINE. Yes things have broken on it but it's led a harsh life and repairs were easy with whatever materials I find laying around. Starting? Cold, Full choke, Full throttle, 5 pumps on the primer, two pulls. Started, immediately put choke to half. Wait until engine starts to surge, choke off. Get to work. Engine hot? Full throttle, one pull. Get back to work. You'd be more effective if you learned even the basic terminology of machines. Basically, noisy snow spitter doesn't make the grade.

  17. What the chances you would take the black cover off on the chute rotation mechanism and take a few pics or small video so I could see exactly how that one is. ??

  18. You sir are an OSHA poster board. No PPE, to boot aiming the chute at a bystander??? How in the hell are you still sponsored. If I were one of the Troy Built lawyers I would be seriously reconsidering the sponsor dollars.

  19. I've got a Montgomery Ward's from the early 80's that'll blow wet snow over your house. My dad bought it new and gave it to me. The thing won't die.

  20. A two stage has a Spinner and a Thrower.
    Hmmm… I thought those were called an auger and an impeller ?
    Shows you how much I know.

  21. Great review! I have a 24" 2-stage Troy Bilt snow blower, and it clogs up all the time with the wet snow here in Prescott, AZ. Am I doing something wrong?

  22. I don't care how far it can throw snow. I want to know if the wheels grip in heavy snow or does it require you to push it. Does the power steering work while in deep snow or is it only for putting it back in the garage or walking it down the already cleared street to your neighbours. Can you start it by hand after it been sitting for a week at -15 Celsius or when you don't have power because of an ice storm that took out hydro. You only show that it can start by hand after it's been running and already warmed up.

    I know the title says "Want to throw snow 20 feet" but it came off as a review when you say "We'll test it out" and "I'll let you know what I think".

    By the way I would be more interested in knowing how to pick a good machine that will get my neighbour to do my driveway? I like that idea!!!

  23. Yeah, I need a snowblower that throws wet snow 20-30 feet. My Ariens throws snow over 40 feet, and it makes my neighbors mad that I'm putting my snow in their yard.

  24. I have the older 2890 track snow blower, the secret is PAM! Spray it on the auger and impeller, shoot snow wet or dry out like no tomorrow for maybe 1hr then snow starts to stick to the blades, it trickles. The machine is powerful enough to deal with 10" snow on the ground, we just had that in Seattle 🙂

  25. So you do commercials for them, that's why they send you free stuff.. not a bad gig. I would not buy one, but honestly learn the names of the the components when trying to sell something.

  26. Great Job and you have a Great Camera Person. I have an Ariens 24" that I brought from Home Depot brand new. I used it one time for 1/2 hr. Put it away, and the next time I went to use this JUNK it would not start. I could not pull start it for the life of me. Had to buy a New Starter from Amazon. Ariens wanted me to take it to one of there dealers to find out what the problem was.  Got a new starter from Amazon for $64.00 and free shipping. Took old one off and put mew starter on and it started up after two pushes on the new starter. Ariens could not help me with this. I'm going to sell this Junk that I paid $650.00 and sell it. Time to buy some thing more relievable.

  27. I'd never buy a snowblower with an electric chute rotation control . It's just one more item that will break eventually and be most likely very expensive to fix . I'd take a regular crank style chute anyday and wouldn't buy anything other than such. I have a Troy bilt storm 2625 with the remote chute control and the lock mechanism inside the rotation gearbox broke after 3 months . They want $75 for a new unit so I removed the cable and broken lock and have been using a snowblower with a chute that doesn't lock into place so I constantly have to readjust the direction , under heavy load actually have to hold the remove handle in place to keep the chute from turning on me. The engine is great , I have the 243cc motor and it's got more than enough power for my 26" wide auger box . Another problem I had with the machine is I was changing the auger belt for the first time and when I took the bellly pan shield off to access the bottom belt stay bolt the f'in whole frame of the machine twisted and tweaked on me when I removed the belly shield as if the only thing keeping the machine square was that shield . I had to ream out a few holes and drill two holes to add two more bolts to the belly shield in order to reinstall it due to the frame or unit twisted on me how it did. Cheap thin Chinese steel. I wouldn't buy another Troy bilt , I'd buy either a Husqvarna or an ariens. My previous blower was an old '92 Craftsmen 8/26 with a Tecumseh L head 8hp and the tank tread drive system instead of tires . That machine was a beast , super reliable and lasted me many many years , also was made out of thicker steel than these new cheap Troy bilts cub cadets and mtd"'s. Only reason I got rid of the the Craftsmen was the auger gear box grenaded itself eventually and they discontinued making replacements so I was stuck dead in the water. I do however have a Troy bilt rzt50 zero turn mower with a 22hp Kohler courage motor , ive been running it on 2.5 acres for the last 11 years , I had both head gaskets pop on me so I replaced them both myself but other than that the machine has been pretty reliable except for a few bad safety switches failing hear and there causing a no start issue , I just rewired the machine and deleted all the safety switches , even installed my own stand alone 8 slot fuse box under the seat and put 55 watt halogen fog lamps on the front of it for mowing at dusk . Love the mower . Kinda love the snowblower but wouldn't buy another one.

  28. Your unit has a lot of plastic when the wind chill gets below zero you probably have broken shut or broken dashboard. Other than plastic it seems to run pretty good. Thanks

  29. Got one myself, it's convenient with the chute adjustment control, heated grips, power steering and a headlight too

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