WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU GIVE UP – Steve Harvey Motivational Story

When I got into comedy at 27, I had a turn
back moment man it was the day I was gonna quit. Cause I had had enough man I was living
in this car for 3 years man I ain’t got no money and I was gonna call my mom and dad
and ask them could I come home and just stay in the attic for about 4 months till I find
a job. My father told me you can’t come back home. Once you leave my daddy’s house
you gotta figure that out. So I knew it was gonna be hard. But they had put an answering
machine in the attic for me. And so I was bathing in a hotel in Pensacola Florida and
the way I used to bathe was I used to go to hotels that had those bathroom doors that
went floor to ceiling, I would go to real fancy like Ritz Carlton’s and stuff like
that cause they had linen towels wrapped up in a basket. And I would take a bunch of them
in there run hot water on them and I’d take them in the stall and shut the door and I’d
take my bag and I’d soap up. Then I would wait till the coast was clear and I’d run
out and get a bunch of more rags and soak them up and come out and wipe it off. Then
I’d stand there and dry put my clothes back on that’s how I bathe every other day man.
And so I was in there one time and they had a convention in town. And when I got all the
stuff I soaped up, this convention let out and men was just coming in the bathroom and
I couldn’t go out. So I couldn’t get the soap off. So I let the toilet seat down and
I’m sitting there man I just started crying. I said man I can’t take this no more. I’m
fitting to quit. I’mma go call my daddy and just ask him can I come home and I can’t
do this no more. So before I called him, I called the answering machine and I got a message.
And it said Steve Harvey this is Chuck Sutton from Showtime at the Apollo. We saw a tape
of you if you will come to New York Sunday night, this was a Thursday, come Sunday night,
we gonna put you on TV. Showtime at the Apollo. Put me on TV. That was my dream. But I had
a problem. I had 25 dollars and I couldn’t get to New York. How was I gonna get to New
York with 25 dollars? So I said man I went back in my car and I’m crying again. I said
man god, I finally get a shot to get on TV and then I can’t even go. I said how could
you do this to me? And I’m 30 something now and I’ve been waiting my whole life
and you get me here? So I said man let me call this machine back and just see if he
said this Sunday. And I called it back and it said Steve this is Chuck Sutton from Showtime
at the Apollo. We saw a tape of you, we have an opening for you Sunday if you can get here
give me a call let me know, we’d love to put you on TV. So I got ready to hang up,
And I heard *Beep* you have another message. And I punched in the code, and the message
says Steve Harvey this is Tom Sobel from the Comedy Caravan. I don’t know where you are
now but I have a gig available for you in Jacksonville Florida to pay you 150 dollars
Friday night if you can make the gig let me know. I’m in Pensacola. So I call Tom Sobel,
He sends me to this gig to make $150 dollars. I go the next night I make $150 dollars but
I was so funny the club owner said if you stay the next night I’ll pay you another
150 dollars. I got 300 dollars. I call Tom Chuck Sutton back at the Apollo and said hey
man I just got this message. If you still got room for me in New York I’d do it. He
said yeah come on. So I went to Eastern Airline bought a round trip ticket for 99 dollars,
from Jacksonville Florida to New York, performed on Showtime at the Apollo, wrote the joke
that made me famous, Mike Tyson hit this fighter Mitch Green in the eye, and his eye start
talking. And I wrote that on the way to New York. Got a standing ovation on the Apollo.
I have been on television ever since that night right there.

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  2. im sorry but I still want to quit. death is more inviting then life at this point, I just sit though days going to school but it dose not get better for me. I told mum im going to die soon between the age of 20 and 17 im 16 now

  3. I’m 22 years old I had my first kid at 20 and i have another on the way and I’ve hit rock bottom before I couldn’t take it I thought the darkness that was “quitting” was around the corner but god works in mysterious ways I’ve watched every video like this and it’s giving me the motivation to go to school for my BSN things aren’t great now but they are 10x better then what they could have been thank you Steve

  4. damn i felt that one Steve man im 22 and i struggle with mental illnesses and it makes my life very tough some days im just ready to end it all my life isnt going like i thought it would be and im honestly trying my hardest to do stuff productive in life like going to school praying amd even helping kids out that are going through a lot at a young age but it seems like every time i try harder i get let back down shit idk how much more of being leg down i can take all my life i have struggled man i been through a lot and i have nobody to lean on damn its tough but im going to continue and try man and if you guys could pray for me i will do the same for you guys!

  5. I hear.. this loud and clear…sometimes you get so broken..that you do think about giving up..that there is no other option …but when you give up that's when you fail…that's the only way you will fail…so definitely dont give up..I won't either..thank you for sharing this beautiful of Steve Harvey's message…❤
    After all we all have our dreams…so do I lets continue to work for them..and never give up on them…sending you all love❤

  6. If only I could be as funny, talented, and strong as this guy. I listened to his motivational videos and I only lasted a week being positive and such. now depressed and unmotivated again. I hope that I can get lucky like him and live atleast a decent life someday.

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  8. Great story, so many times people ask god for help and they dont take it because the blessing comes in the form of WORK.

  9. I'm 30 Years Old And I Will Not Give Up Or Surrender . My Goals Is To Be A Role Model For Autism To Use My Platforms And Help Others So They Can Be Successful In Life . #AutismSpeaks# #AutismKnows# #ImAKingOfAutism# 💯💯💯

  10. Sounds like dad is a sack of shit who doesn't deserve a damn cent. Seriously though Steve, you better not give him a fucking cent.

  11. I fell on hard times working… got laid off wife left me after 20 years was going to be homeless……at 60….Then I get a call from a old Army buddy out of no where..just seeing how life has been I told him about my bad times….he moved me into his house with his wife and kids……….he is a Pastor …..God knows what you need before you ask…he is the great Shepard and watches over his flock.

  12. Again and again. It’s about being at the right place at the right time. realizing the opportunity and capitalizing on it.

  13. Every time I stumble across one of Steve's videos on YT, it stops me in my tracks. This one was no different. I didn't quite hit rock bottom, but I wasn't too damn far away. Inspiration like this is what saved me — and man the ride back up is more rewarding than anything I've done in my life. 🤙 To anyone else in these comments who may be feeling that struggle right now…KEEP GRINDING. DO NOT STOP GRINDING. AND WHEN YOU GET TOO TIRED TO GRIND…GRIND MORE!!!

  14. I can kind of relate..
    So this happened when I was young I was playing in the house right then people from our local council come up to the door we open it and they say "You cant live here anymore" my parents didnt pay their taxes or anything my Dad never got enough money to properly pay rent and tax then we got kicked out. So we were homeless..
    Then we had to find a hotel to live in the first one was really bad one toilet for the whole building..
    Second one was okay they had toilets and everything but it was dirty.
    Third one was the best they had the best beds the best handwash and everything!
    Then we the council contacted us after we went court.
    They said we could have a rented house for 1 year that year was the best year of my life!!
    Then after a year we had to move again to a flat it was really small 2 rooms 1 bathroom.
    We lived there for 1 and a half year..
    Then we got blessed like omg the council told us we could have a permanent house so we wouldn't have to move everyone in my family was emotional we've been waiting for long! Now im in that house nearly 2 years in here and Im loving it!

  15. you knew what you want to do….i dont know like what i m good at and cant figure out what i want to do …..pls suggest something through which i can solve this….

  16. I'm a poor Afghan refugee in Germany your speeches has changed my life.
    It's so hard to explain what I'm feeling

  17. This gave me a little strength watching this. I'm going through a difficult time, my business is not doing well. Struggling can't even pay rent so I'm moving out, don't know where I will live

  18. I needed this message I'm 22 with a small YouTube channel… My dream is to have a successful gaming channel and maybe even create my own games


  20. I find myself in a similar situation. Just got offered a HUGE opportunity in Charlotte as a technical writer but I’ll have no where to stay once I get there. Unfortunately, the company only pays per diem for distances over 100 miles. I have gas, I have the skill set but no roof and no one in Charlotte to call, nor money for a deposit. I’d hate to pass on a blessing like this. But I’m not deterred… Even if I have to drive the 200 miles a day for the next two weeks. I know GOD will make a way for me!

  21. I'm litterally living the same life right now…bathing in a gym, hotels like he mentioned, my mother and father have passed grew up in foster care, I'm 35, no kids no girl, and I broke down before and wanted to know why…why me? Am I stronger than others so I'm thrown in this mess? I want to give up, I wanna go home, but I have no more family or home…eating at soup kitchens, I don't beg or ask for money I work but it's like I can't get up, keep falling…I'm a book writer and finished a children's series. Working on a novel but I wanna give up so bad…but I can't, it's not in me…so here I am homeless in Orlando Florida from NYC, I'm a comedian writer…just want my break my happy ending…always stay positive never give up and above all love your self I don't make it out yet but as God as my witness I will be on Steve's show to tell my story one day and I guarantee he will get ratings for this unknown guy from NYC, I have a story u wanna hear it?

  22. I really can't relate to you people, I have no problem with having lots of money, it's the fact that I can't do what I want to do with my life that bothers me. I could have even more money but I'm spending it on a stupid pursuit of happiness that only benefits me in the short term. I'm very different from you guys so you wouldn't understand (in fact you'd misunderstand) if I explained it to you but think of it as blowing 300$ or so a month on a strip club and you'd get the picture. That's the level at which I'm deriving meaning from my life right now. Thank God for music or else my life would feel completely hollow.
    You know, I have a lot to be grateful for, I should just shut up and enjoy what I DO have. I masterbate successfully without even touching my dick with my hands, there that's just an example of how alien I am in comparison to everyone else, and there's more to but the more I reveal the more people would want to take revenge on me for making them feel bad by being different. Besides, I have some gratitude affirmations to affirm (lie about).

  23. Let me tell you something bitches. This country is the most generous to you. But also the most harsh and unforgiving to you.

  24. It's okay when u only have 25$ at 27 but it's worse when u have $250000 at 40 with debt of $25 million life is always easy with out debt so chill

  25. Holly $hit he was in pensicola FL??????? Im From Panama City An Been To Pensicola along the panhandle. This story reminds me of myself but without a car an not comedy

  26. Listening to this really hit home. I’m sadly on the verge of giving up a dream. Maybe I’ll get that chance like Steve did

  27. The problem with Rock Bottom is that sometimes you're there so long that hope deserts you. And the call that could have saved your life never comes.

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