Watercolor Miniature Art – Make Your Own Fashionable and unique wearable art!

Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I
have new videos every Tuesday at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Make sure you
click that subscribe button and click little bell and you’ll never miss one! Hi everyone! Kellie here from Kellie Chasse Fine Art. I am at my new lake house and I finally got my curtains up. You can
see the fresh coat paint on the wall, it’s called Frappe! What we are going to cover today is how to create these little mini paintings. I’ve been really into painting lighthouses. It is summer time, and I’m at the
Portland International Jetport each week. We have a lot of vacationers and folks
are really interested in Portland Headlight. It is probably one of the most
photographed lighthouses in the world. It’s quite popular, so I’ve been doing
these little mini paintings. I have been turning them into little pendants and today I’m going to show you how I did that. I am going to give you a peek of my
process and how I create them. Make sure you stick around at the end of the video
I do cover where I get some of my products. The pendants and the bezels and
all that good stuff so I’ll give that information to you. I do have full online
classes. You can find them over there at my website at KellieLynnArt.com where I
have over 2,500 students in 85 different countries and over 24 online classes
that have lifetime access. So if you have the chance, head over there to my website
and check those out. I do offer a free watercolor course when you sign up for
my newsletter and you can do that right here on my website. Let’s get
started, This is what the finished piece looks like. It is a watercolor a
mini painting done a Portland head light. I love these little things. It was a
little bit of a process, because I have not used a watercolor paper with a
resin before. I will give you a little rundown on how that turned out
for me. I did learn a few things along the way. I am using watercolor
arches 140-pound cold pressed paper. I do have
glass cabochons here. These are 1″ in diameter and they’ll fit the
bezels that I picked up perfectly. They come in a little kit and I’ll give
you that information here as we move along near the end of the video. You
can see here in this 5×7″ sheet, that I can make quite a few
of these little pendants on one piece of paper. Obviously you can make as many
of these as you want, and in any size that you want. I have
these all filled out here and I do have my watercolor paper taped down onto a
foam board, just so I can move things around. Here are the little bezels that
I picked up. This one is in black now these do come in like a little kit of 35
and you do have to order the necklaces separately. As you can see here this is a
perfect size and once we cut these out they should fit perfectly in here.
For this one I chose to use my artist quality Windsor Newton watercolor paints,
and this does come in a wonderful kit. This is my most favorite kit in
the world, it does have a little ring that you can slip your thumb through and
if you wanted to take this out and do some plein air painting, you can do that
with this one as well it’s a little bit larger it does have a lot of colors and
you can see here that I’ve had some fun with it,
my paints keep popping out. I have a room for a few other colors in here that I have
not yet picked up, but it’s my messy one and this is the way it is. I have a
small 3/4 inch oval brush that I’m using. We are just going to start with some
blue skies here and I’m going to create some clouds using a little tissue. I
didn’t wet the whole area just the circle area and I did find that if you
left the area white around the pendant it didn’t look quite as well once you
place it in the bezel it just look like you forgot to paint something. I would
recommend covering most of your outer edge a lot a few of my pieces I noticed
that I had not done that. We are going to pop in just a few more
and I think since I’m doing these in mass production basically…. I’m going to
do all of the paintings first and then I’m going to do all of the pen and ink
to draw on there afterward. Then I’ll be doing all of the sealing on these. It does take out it does take some time from start to finish. Going to try
just a few different colors in here so some of these look like you know a nice
beautiful blue day with no clouds… some have clouds, maybe some purplish skies in
here, maybe a little lavender. I think about all the colors that that sky can be. It gives
a little bit of variation for those folks that have preferences to some
colors more than others. We’re going to try a little sunset here
as well. So before this dries I’m going back and I’m just tapping in a few
clouds using just a little tissue. You can use paper towel you can use toilet
paper… pretty much anything you have on hand that will
lift that paint out. But again the key is to do that before it dries. You want to
make sure that if you want the clouds they get that while that’s still wet. Just a little bit of tapping and you
know right now it doesn’t look like much of anything but we’re gonna build upon
this. Let’s do some yellow over here a little red and some orange, again…not right
or wrong just trying some different colors out this is all an experiment to see
you know how this works out this is the first time that I’ve done the watercolor
pendants. Now I’ve done many other classes for jewelry and you probably
have seen them or heard me talk about them. I will put a link for you guys down
below, but there are some with alcohol ink pendants, I’ve done birch bark
pendants, I have done resin pendants, so I will list those for you in case you guys
are interested in that. I go through the whole process step by step on all of
those for you. There’s a number of different ways to create, and this is a great way to
either sell at your craft stores…. or sell on Etsy, or you know some
of the craft fairs during the the winter time or even the summer. These are fun
little projects and people really seem to enjoy them. Let’s do a little
something a little darker here… this looks like a night sky or very cloudy
day. So I have a little done, and you can see how fast. I had one of them that
kind of bleed into them the bottom of that first row there, but that’s okay!
Because sometimes those little mistakes like that are some of the best art
piecesI found. Don’t panic… if something doesn’t go your way just go with the
flow! So we’re gonna let those dry thoroughly. Then I’m going to add a
little bit of water here so this is my next step. If you remember seeing the photo of
Portland head light it’s right on the rocks here and we do have a background
of the ocean. I’m just gonna fill some of these colors in, playing with a
different variant variations of blues. You can see where I skip some
spots it looks like little highlights natural highlights in there so you don’t
have to cover the entire thing. You can switch out your blues you don’t all
be the same color either. Now remember with watercolor wherever
it’s wet it’s where your paints will go. That’s why it’s important that that
sky is dry before you add your water line on here, or else it will bleed right
into your sky area. You won’t have that nice defined line. I’m going to
go ahead and fill the rest of these in here and I will be letting this dry and
then our next step is going to be to use a sharpie for the lighthouse. I just
find that really easy to do because you have a very fine line. You obviously can
always use a very fine tip brush and and do it
that way as well doesn’t have to be a marker. But the marker was pretty easy
for me to do. I finished all those up and I’ve let that dry and now I’m going to
grab my little bezel here. I just want to see where the glass cabochon will go, and just to see
what it’s going to look like. You can see how it really magnifies the whole
painting underneath. These are quite light light airy. I chose to go lighter
with this because I want that black marker to show up. It also looks nice
with some really bright vibrant colors as well. I have my black sharpie here…
I’m just touching that to make sure that it’s completely dry and we’re just going
to sketch in a little light house. You can see they’re not real detailed but
it just gives you that illusion of everything that you need. You’ve got the
lighthouse and the rocks in there, a little building… and maybe a
little island off of the distance. That’s really all you need, so I’m going
to finish up the rest of these here. Doing something very similar and
again each one is going to look a little bit different. They’re not going to all
look just the same which is what’s nice about this… it makes each piece a little
individual original. You can see here how pretty it looks with the little
glass cabochon on there just really pops it out. I’ve gone ahead and finished
those up and we’ll get back to those you’ll see the rest of them. I just
want to show you the little kit here that I did get from Amazon. I’ll put the
link down below for you… it’s also in my Amazon shop with all my affiliate links
from all the products that I use in most of my video, as well as most of my
favorites! You can see here that when you receive it it comes in a little
baggie here with a glass cabochon separately just so they don’t get all
scratched up. There are 35 pieces in this particular set. You get basically
35 of the glass cabochons, and 35 of the bezels. They come in seven different
colors as well now you can see here that glass cabochon is about 1″ and it
fits in there perfectly. Here are all of the colors that you get in this
kit…. you can see there’s a nice variety for everyone. There’s a little bit of the
antique gold, and then we have silver. Then we have… it’s like I guess
more of a nickel color, and this one is gunmetal. You also have copper, and we
have gold… and last is the black. Those are all of the colors that come in this
little kit. You do have to order your necklaces separate.
You can see here it’s got a little bit of a design on the back of it, which
is pretty…. and then the inside has it as well…. but that’s what’s covered. It
gives a nice texture for your resin to stick to. We’re going to be placing
the watercolour painting inside of here and then we’re going to layer that on
top with some resin and then the glass on top of that. Let me just show you
here really quickly this is the necklaces that you can order. It’s a
mixed pack as well it’s a pack of 35 so early works well with the pack of 35
that you get for the bezels and these come in the same color and they are flat
link necklace and they are 2 by 3 millimeters. The company that’s
coming from is clever delights. Let me open that up for you here. These are
24 inches and they’re considered a cable chain necklace. You can see here… we’ve
got all of the matching colors! I’m going to pull out a part here. They
all come together and they do have a little lobster clasp on here. There’s
the gold… it matches the gold pendant. We have the nickel, which is kind of hard to
tell between nickel and the silver. This is the gunmetal. It’s got a little bit
more of a gray tint to it. Then we also have the copper, if
can get it here….. the black. So the black chain this looks really nice too…
especially with the black in the sharpie that I’m using. Then we have put the
basic silver, and finally the antique gold. If I could find that one….nope
that’s the copper one …there it is! Here’s the antique gold as well. So….FUN,
and you know of course you could always order anything you like! Here is the
finished piece. I do have these fancy little boxes that
I like to put them in and I was a new link for those. They come in a
box of 100. Don’t forget if you enjoyed this one you can check out my
resin class, the alcohol ink class, and maybe the birchbark class as well!
I did use the resin and I do want to say that it was a little bit of a process. It did seep into the watercolor paper the first time that I did it. Because what I
did was…. I put it directly the glass bead directly on to my watercolor paper and
then I let it dry but it did tend to lift in it like I said it seeped in in
some areas. It was recommended by art resin that you actually seal it with a
modge podge beforehand and then you can use the resin. It depends on your
paper and you may want to try your paper to see what your paper is going to do.
Because different papers will do different things. You really have to
test it and see what works best for you. The final outcome came out beautiful!
The second set I use the modge podge on and it worked much better. The first batch
I actually hand-cut all of those lighthouses out with a pair of scissors
the second time I got smart and I use an ek tool hole punch. This is a medium
one-inch hole punch and I’ll put the link for you guys as well for this it’s
in my Amazon affiliate link shop! Don’t forget to check out the other full
online courses for jewelry making they have lifetime access and they are only
$30 currently on my website at www.kelliechassefineart.com I hope to see you inside one of the
courses – take care!

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  1. these are so awesome Kellie..I have a question…what did you use to adhere the painting on to the bezel?

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