We might NOT hit 100 MIL because of this…

it’s time for my favorite part of the week ywaiy no no it’s lwaiy it’s lwaiy *aww* subtitles by *Danki* and AlannRed My voice is a little… it’s gone It’s not good INTE BRA ( not good ) I can make weird noises now *cute Bengt noises* I can sound like a dying fox I can sound like Bengt! *more cutness* I don’t think this is helping, I should stop(yes) Let’s Get in To the memes
*clap**clap**clap* Im soo excited *creature being born* MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMS *My parents reaction after giving birth to me* why does it look like that? RELATEABLEEEEeee yeah why does it look like that? I don’t get it why is it so ugly? *kinda cute tho* can we put it back pls? PUTITBACKPLS Don’t want this one , ugly Pour Fox a came fox in Minecraft Very cute Chuckles i meal Hey stop stop

100 Replies to “We might NOT hit 100 MIL because of this…”

  1. I always enjoy watching your videos, and i can't wait for the 12 hour minecraft livestream! Also you should play more minecraft with marzia.

  2. My name is Mya and honestly the outro freaked me out
    Pewds obviously talking to his dog:
    My monkey brain: 😲🤭😳🙈🧡

  3. So is pewdiepie just going to scroll past that bengt post without explaining himself >:/ DID YOU REPLACE BENGT PEWDS??

  4. Hello everyone, I’m Miss Serduchka.
    I am a dancer and a blogger all rolled into one.
    Come on my channel, you will not regret.
    I love everyone ♥ ️

  5. Have you heard that from the FANTASMA member? Well, I am missing a TESTLE, but with this video I have noticed that I have swollen HUGE

  6. Felix: “you never know when he’s going to strike at night and dawn at day but whenever you hear get in the boat you best……get in the boat”

    Me: “nOoooooooOoo” “why……why didn’t you say obey :,(“

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