We Tried A Barbie Vintage Clothing Line

– I feel like there’s only two postures you can have in this dress, and it’s like this one or this one. Extra credit for butt. – So I had a lot of Barbies growing up. – When I was younger, I would go around bragging to all my friends telling them that I had
hundreds of Barbies, when honestly I had probably like 10. – I would bring my Barbies
over to my best friend’s house and then we would construct
our own party club for them to go to out of cassette tapes. – The only thing I wanted was a Barbie Genie game, a Barbie dream house, I wanted the Barbie car. Never got that, still waiting. There’s many more Christmases to go. – I am very into vintage style. I feel like I wear fit and
flare clothes every day. – I’m kind of excited to
try vintage Barbie clothes. It’s like sexy with the curves. – I think it’s dope as hell
that humans can actually wear replicated Barbie vintage clothing. – I hope that we’re able to bring a bit of our style into
this and make it our own. – [Director] Open your eyes. – Oh, we’re twins. – Oh fuck, look at her. – Dude, this is so cute. Look at Barbie with the red pumps, okay. – Oh my god, how are
we gonna do this hair? – Obviously, you can see the curves, which is really cool. That will work in my favor hopefully. – I’m really worried. I feel like I should have worn more supportive undergarments today. – We’re going to be Barbies. (vintage music) – Hi, I’m Courtney from Unique Vintage. Unique Vintage specializes
in vintage inspired clothing and bringing vintage
styles into a modern world for modern women in an inclusive size range
from extra-small to 4X. Barbie is a style icon, and what we wanted to do with the Barbie Unique Vintage collection
is take some of her most iconic looks and bring them to life for actual, real people to wear. So today, four ladies from Buzzfeed will be trying on some of
the pieces from the line. We hope that they feel just
beautiful and empowered, just like Barbie and
everything that she represents. – Okay, is it time? Oh my goodness. I’m like a lounge singing mermaid. – What? It really does look exactly like the way the Barbie looks. – Whoa, this is so cute. Oh my god, I look adorable. – Oh wow. What a little sailor. Honestly, it’s not that bad. This is Kristin’s dream. – [Kristin] I love this outfit so much. – Look at my bootie in
this little pencil skirt. Come on Barbie. Barbie was out here. Feels really high-quality. It definitely feels like this is something that I would only pull
out for special occasions. That’s how nice it feels. – It’s like a classic look that I would actually want
to wear in a modern day time. This is like Life Size
minus Tyra Banks plus me. – I like how body hugging it is. I’m kind of into this pinup-y look. I’ve never really done it before. We can all see ourselves as Barbie, which was like my dream growing up. – This feels accurate, like I feel like a Barbie and that I’m also in a horror movie where I’m now small enough
to fit into a Barbie’s dress. – Vintage Barbies are
really expensive these days, but I think that if you have the option to just get an actual Barbie look that you can wear yourself, that could be even better. – Barbie was such a big part of our growing up and our lives. This is kind of like a
great way to just be like, I’m doing it but I’m doing it my way. I don’t look like Barbie
in any way, shape, or form, but I feel like Barbie and I love it.

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  1. Special thanks to MATTEL and Unique Vintage — get the looks you see in the video here! http://bit.ly/2HKvyDK

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

  2. In kindergarten all I wanted was a my size Barbie and a my size Barbie convertible. I seen the not quit my size anymore Barbie, she was maybe three feet tall and I still low-key kinda want her. 🎶 Be who you want to be, B-a-r-b-i-e 🎶

  3. I have the same outfits that kristen and seloms dolls outfits i bought them at a garage sell and they barely fit the new 2018 dolls

  4. Selorm's and Freddie's are so cute!!!

    And I'm happy vintage clothing is over-priced because you guys are just going to ruin it and make it a trend like y'all always do

  5. how tf did I miss this episode of ladylike – as/is ladies when I watch their channel so often? this is another one of YouTube 's shuffling system on bell notification bug 😑

  6. I just realize that Kristen's doll that she has is the doll i have in my room but the doll i have has dark brown hair.

  7. Kristin is beautiful. Why has she been wearing those unflattering glasses for years. I would love a video where she tries on new ones.

  8. I was going to like the video because it was great video idea until I realized this it is just like Saf's Brats video and on top of that Jazz is in the video who is so rude to shade Saf along with Linsey.

  9. Also in the 1950s they wore steal boned corsets and girdles to to make a hourglass shape also was the hollywood secret.

  10. I like the idea of Vintage Barbie dresses for humans. Sadly they are not avaialble in Europe. So I have to go and sew my own one. That's no problem because I can do the patterns and I can sew. If I should do this project I'm going to make a video. So stay tuned in and watch my channel.

  11. they always put Kristen in the clothes that are least flattering for her, unless she dresses herself… they should have switched Jazzmyne and Kristen, and even then that’d be a stretch for her stomach. (I also have PCOS so I know how it is to have a weird stomach that’s impossible to completely work off, I’m not trying to “fat-shame” or whatever, just sayinggggggg that it doesn’t work for her unless you’re looking at her from the front)

  12. I think the reason people like barbies is they like to be in control of a life and choose the path for their barbies because they can’t always choose everything in their own lives xD

  13. I could never imagine myself as a barbie and I never did. If i got given a barbie i would cut it's hair off and pull off it's limbs. I just loved dinosaurs, it was all i ever wanted to watch. Not peppa pig or mickey mouse, for me it was ''dinosaur!''. I remember all the dinosaur films I ever watched. I'm not the usual barbie loving girl, never was and never will be

  14. I love Unique Vintage because I love 1950s clothes and always strive to have that look, but these prices are way above my price range. I would 100% buy everything in the store if they had reasonable prices

  15. Why do I feel so offended after most of their videos?! They allways enxance the darker colour and if it comes to silm and white girls there comes a feeling of hatered from these page. Sadly I used to like it before when it was just saying that everybody is beautiful but now it feels like they like only the minority.

  16. Opened this just to say, this series/ channel is dying. Go independent like saf and the try guys I’m begging you lol

  17. Selorm’s outfit looks like something I would wear on a picnic date in some park in Italy, literally the cutest thing EVER

  18. I actually was so scared of bardies. Anything that looked realistic. I never told anyone my mum though so every Christmas I got one and each time I did I threw it in a box and had heavy books on top. I beleived they'd come to life so I wasnt taking risks. I'd even walk as far as possible around the box.

  19. barbie looks better than all these fat ladies. sorry gurls, look for clothes that actually fit and flatter you for the next video! xx

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