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– Walking around with no underwear on. It’s cause you could see my underwear, so I took it off. ♪ Vagina ♪ (upbeat music) – So we went to New Orleans and we thought it was gonna be one video and then we got back to the office and we realized that we
had 750 hours of footage. Devin, where are we going this morning? – [Devin] Well, I’ll tell
you when we get there. – The trick hasn’t worked so far. So I don’t know why it would work now. So on the Tuesday of our New Orleans trip, we went to a vintage clothing store. – Good morning, everyone. – Good morning.
– Good morrow. – So I am so excited today because we are playing the
Solange Knowles challenge. – I love Solange. – Solange on her Instagram,
she like had these awesome fashion photos, but they really kinda focused on also sort of the architecture and like the environment of New Orleans. Amazing look, amazing
background, sort of a synergy. – Solange Knowles brought a
lot of attention to New Orleans for taking beautiful
Instagrams around the city. And I thought that we could recreate that by pairing up with Century Girl Vintage and going around town taking some pics. – Yes!
(girls gasping) Yes!
– Love pics! So when Devin told me that we were going to a vintage clothing store to
wear clothes and take photos, I actually was very worried. Vintage clothes are much
different than modern clothes. People’s bodies were different, there is not a lot of
elastic in vintage clothes. If something doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. I definitely thought I’m gonna
have to like wear just a hat or like here’s an earring,
and I didn’t want that. ‘Cause like no one ever wants to feel like they don’t fit in with their friends. I kept my expectations in the root cellar. So we get to Century
Girl and first of all, it’s like Candy Land. I walked in and I was like, is this what it was like when Dorothy finally got to the part of
the movie that was in color? I am in heaven. – I’m envisioning so many different looks. – [Kristin] What? – But we have to leave
like at one o’clock-ish. – [Kristin] I can do it! – I’m so excited. – I like to say that New
Orleans is like a mix between Beyonce and Blanche DuBois. Like, we always have a
party, we wear our sequins. – I guess the biggest word for me that comes to mind is eclectic. You can go out of the house on a Monday and wear pasties if you want. You can go out, you know, on a Friday and wear a formal dress. What is really inspiring about the city is that most people take
garments and remake them. – Today we’re gonna be styling the girls for the Solange Knowles challenge. We’re gonna be picking
some fabulous pieces and playing dress up, which we never grow out of today. – I was looking at all
this stuff and I was like, that’s a two, that’s a four,
that doesn’t have a size but it’s this wide. Luckily, Leah and her
associates at Century Girl had the situation covered and I really appreciated that. – Kristin, I know you
like more feminine styles, vintage style, glamorous, so I have picked a few pieces over here that I think you would love. We’re big on wearing
lingerie out and about here in New Orleans, so this is a fabulous cape by Lucy Ann– – Yes!
– Circa 1960. – I love the tent silhouette! – And then I have this amazing yellow– – Ooh!
– Sequined wiggle dress. This was the designer that Marilyn Monroe was really into. Made for a woman with
curves, and it’s very sexy. – This is the stretchiest
thing in the store. Clothes really didn’t used
to have elastic in them, did they?
– No, no, they didn’t. They were fitted to your body. This amazing cape, this
came from the estate of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. (Kristin laughing) 20 pounds of metallic tulle. – I have to get a photo
in this or I will die. There was so much that I could try on that I almost didn’t have time to dwell on the things
that I couldn’t wear. – We’re gonna be working with Freddie, she’s someone who has a
little bit of an edgier style. The first thing that we pulled, we’re really gonna glam her up. This would be gorgeous on her. – I love this.
– This color. And then we’re also going to pair it with this head wrap that has a little bit of a bird cage veil to it. The more drama the better.
– Yes. This is so Mardi Gras.
– So Mardi Gras. – I love it.
– She was drawn to this very Gucci vibe. This head wrap, which
has a wire in the base, along with these fabulous, vintage, rhinestone encrusted glasses. So Freddie wants to steal this. We can throw on a black bralette with some high-waisted
shorts, or high-wasted jeans, some heels, and go out with
a little bit more edge. – So Chantel, I know you are
like the group’s Posh Spice. Very drawn to designer
and beautiful things. – I’m drawn more to
just beauty and luxury, and then it always happens to
be the most expensive thing. – You could wear this with this Valentino little lace top over jeans. – Oh!
– Or you could wear together, they’re both kind of their own looks. Like this is a look that I think you need to let your inner
goddess come out and shine. – This is so fun.
– Would you wear something like this? – Yeah, I would for sure try this on. Boas on your wrists.
– Boas on your wrists. – Why not? – This reminds me a lot of
where I grew up in Atlanta. And I love Tennessee Williams. So I just wanna lean in and
go super feminine, breezy, be a Southern belle. – That’s great, I have some Southern belle pieces for you right here. Nothing says Blanche DuBois more like this beautiful
floral gown from the ’40s with these big, poof, butterfly sleeves. – I just need a couple mojitos, and the gentleman suitors
will come calling. – This is 1910’s. Here in New Orleans we’re
not afraid to wear like our grandmother’s clothes
mixed with something modern. – This is just like totally leaning in to like the ingenue vibes. – We got a feather boa here, and of course our flapper dress. – If I’m gonna have this haircut and, you know, no tits, I might as well just go full 1920’s. – Do you wanna tell me a little bit about what your style is? – Yeah. – I think Jen was also
a little bit hesitant because it is a very feminine store and obviously, like, Jen’s
aesthetic is different than that. – My style’s a little bit more masculine than I think the other women on my team. I like, like, button downs, I like T-shirts, I like leather, I don’t really do that
many super bright colors. Although, like, I am open to it because I love a good floral. And also, like, I don’t know that much about vintage anyway. So, I like just someone to defer to you, really just wanna absorb everything, kinda like a sponge. – So we pulled a couple
of beautiful pieces here for you.
– Cool! – This is a vintage Dolce and Gabbana. We have another vintage
Hermes over-sized blouse here. A little bit more of kind of
a contemporary silhouette. – Well, yeah, I really like that. And then, finally, we have a
very fun, feathered T-shirt. – That’s very cool. – You can kind of be a
little bit more comfortable in your style. – That’s great, this is all so cool. – Literally they just let us like have the run of the store. – I’m gonna just direct with this hat on. – Oh my god, it’s so heavy. – [Leah] The neck is really small. I’m almost there. I’m almost there we’re gonna bring it up. – Having a little trouble breathing! (laughing)
No big deal! – Wow.
– Oh my god. – [Devin] Kristin you’re a queen! – This is incredible! Okay, well that’s one down. (jazz music) (upbeat music)
– [Mike] Yes! Yes, yes, yes. – Literally, it was like fashion show. It was like the best thing ever. We’re just gonna play dress up, and we’re gonna take photos. We were there for three or four hours, but I could’ve been there the whole day. And then come back the next day. – [Kelsey] There’s a wire in here. Do you want some of your bangs out? – Yes. – [Kelsey] This is like very ’70s. Yes, Gucci. – I love it. – We think we need a lip
though, don’t you think? – I don’t know, I kinda like it. – [Freddie] I have like a nude lipstick. – Why don’t we do that?
– Okay. (upbeat music) – Wanna get in and then I can zip you? – Okay. They’re pinning these
sleeves ’cause they fall. I just have really tiny shoulders. Things just slip off. – Oh, no. (upbeat music) – I quite like it. I got a little, little pin. It’s me. Your boy. It’s a little tight. But I like it. – [Freddie] Hey, yes. – These are so good!
– Yes. – People were skinny in 1910. – We could pin it to the
base of the top if you want. – I kind of like just the top. Can we style the top with something? (jazz music) – [Kelsey] I’m wondering if
I should tuck your hair back. – All the way in? I haven’t looked in the mirror yet. – [Kristin] Fred, you look so beautiful. – Thank you.
– You’re gonna die when you look in the mirror. – Literally, when you were in
that purple, sequined dress, you look like a woman that
we’re like about to commemorate on a postage stamp. – On a postage stamp! – You look like–
– I felt like one. [Kristin] You look like an
important, historical woman. – [Freddie] Yes. And a very important, historical woman who has done very important things. – Yes.
– For women. I loved it so much. – I think I want my hair up in a wrap or in like, you know, something to get it away. (jazz music) – So I’m wearing this like
fabulous, vintage dress and I’m about to cross
through lanes of traffic to take a pic. You gotta do it for the gram, though. If you don’t do it for the
gram, what are you doing? – I picked the worst day
to wear black underwear. Womp, womp. The piece de resistance that I tried on was this incredible, pink negligee set. It looked like a red carpet look. It was incredible. – Oh, you look like I imagine you looked on your wedding night. – Is that gonna be my life? Not to student loans! I said to Leah, isn’t
it like a little weird basically taking photos outside and like pretending like
this negligee is clothes? And she was like, in New
Orleans it’s very hot so we wear lingerie as
clothes all the time. (jazz music) There was a wiggle dress that I wore. There were things there, like actually clothes were stretchier than I thought they were. Like Jen actually came back the next day and then bought something on her own. She bought one of the
shirts that she wore. She liked it that much, which is gigantic. So I’m back in the negligee again. – Yeah, because you changed out of it, took photos in other outfits, and then put it back on. Because if you don’t wear it once an hour you will perish. – [Freddie] Look at these ensembles. – Ensembles! – [Chantel] That is a true ensemble. – [Freddie] It really is a true ensemble. – This old thing? It’s just a typical Tuesday. – Honestly you look like a Disney villain, and I mean that in the best possible way. – I know, I feel like I just need to walk around and be like. – Like I’m putting a hex on you, that’s where I got my beauty from! – [Freddie] Oh, hello lady. – What? Mike and I just took the
most amazing photos together. He’s a genius. He some how made it look like Vanity Fair. Looking at this vlog it’s like, okay, what am I wearing? But then looking at it in a photo, you’re like. – This is the store of our dreams. – I don’t wanna go. So here are some of
the Instagrams we took. Some of the many contenders in our Solange Knowles challenge. Which ones are your favorites? – What would New Orleans be without some sparkling rose? Are we into it?
– Yes. – I don’t know how to pop one of these. – What a Century Girl! (cork popping)
(girls screaming) (beeping) (laughing)
– Oh, Mike, I’m so sorry! (beeping)
– Thank you all so much for coming to our city, and being such–
– Thank you so much– – Great fashionistas.
– For having us. – I really got a sense
of New Orleans fashion. I love that you said that you reuse, you repurpose, it’s really creative. – I feel like I generally take risks, but I wanna like take it a step further. Like today, we really
just like went all out. – I definitely wanna
play with patterns more. All the shirts, they were just so fun. They had a lot of color
which I really liked. – I wanna play with more hair accessories. – I didn’t even realize there
was this beautiful world of negligees that is just
waiting for me to jump into. – So thank you so much
to Century Girl Vintage and Marrow Creative for styling us today. We still have the rest
of the day to go, y’all. We’re gonna get some lunch and then I’m gonna take the girls to their next secret experience. Which, hint, hint, hint has
to do with fashion as well. Alright gals, so today we learned a little bit about street
fashion in New Orleans. And this evening we’re gonna
learn about Mardi Gras fashion. (women cheering) – Welcome to the Mardi Gras
Museum of Costumes and Culture. First I’d like to teach you a little bit about the culture of Mardi Gras, the history of Mardi Gras, and then I think we’ll take
you into the costume closet and let you play and dress up in authentic Mardi Gras
king and queen costumes. See what it’s like to be
in a Mardi Gras parade. – I was like yes! I am a princess! – This type of costume is
known as a wearable float. A structure you attach to your body and carry with you. You’re always looking for
maximum spectacle at Mardi Gras. – But there’s also things that
are not like over the top. There was this amazing crew that did all this great bead work, and like used their bead work to represent different, amazing parts of the city. – Right now we are featuring
the Dames of Perlage, it’s the art of bead work. Each year, they chose a
topic of New Orleans culture, and then each member
will interpret that topic in bead work form. A work of art that becomes a bodice. – I think here like we have hobbies, like do you wanna go hiking, okay. And there it’s like I’m gonna make a beautiful work of art for my body. – We are featuring for
International Women’s Day 2018 Miss Louisiana
Universal, Havilah Malone. She’s an incredibly inspirational woman. She has a collection of
over 300 Barbie dolls. This area is career women. – Film director Barbie.
– Film director Barbie! – Film director Barbie. – Okay, hello, thank you, hi. This is mine now. – Fred! Fred!
– I know, you’ve been that. – Oh, shoot!
– Fred’s look a like Barbie! – Wow.
– Oh my goodness. – So Fred wore that outfit.
– Yeah. That’s so crazy that she
has this actual Barbie. We couldn’t find it. – So this is the Treme Sidewalk Steppers Social Aid and Pleasure Club. They kick off our Super Bowl Sunday. – No way!
– Yeah. These costumes cost about $12,000 a piece. – That’s like a reasonably priced car. Helen was so great, and so knowledgeable, and I think it’s amazing
that there’s so much care and attention paid towards
preserving the history of this city by the people who live in it. – Let’s go have fun in the costume closet. – Yeah let’s do it.
– Enough history, ladies. New Orleans is about fun, isn’t it? – I was jazzed. I was like, give me glitter, give me crowns, give me
velvet, give me all of it. I will wear all of it and I did. – We have all of the stuff here. This is all from our private collection. These are all things that have been worn in Mardi Gras before. The big back pieces behind you, the Medici collars, that is what royalty would be wearing normally. So these are actually
stilt walker costumes that we made for a parade. If you can imagine a stilt
walker wearing these, these huge flamingos. – I want us to pick out
our Mardi Gras costume and we’re gonna do kind of
like a cat walk soul train up and down in the hallway. Be our own little Mardi
Gras parade right now. – There’s robes, there’s crowns, there’s like crowns on crowns. Literally there were some crowns that were like also this
is someone’s summer home on top of the crown. (Jen laughing) – How do I put this on? Like this? Ooh. Love this. – Look at your fruit hat. – Oh, Jen. – [Jen] Smoochy smoochy! Who wants to kiss? – This is a different kind of skill trying to put this dress on. Will someone zip me? – [Mike] Look at this green on you. – This is my look. Feel very tropical.
– Wizard of Oz. – But, yeah, very drawn to the fruit. – Kristin!
– Holy crap. – [Freddie] Whoa. – I’m queen bitch of (bleeping) mountain. (everyone laughing) – [Devin] And you’re peacocking
right now pretty hard. – Oh, sorry. Oh wait I (laughs) I just
apologized for hitting myself. Turning around is hard now. – [Devin] Should we slowly
walk and do our soul train? – [Kristin] So both New
Orleans street fashion and Mardi Gras fashion have
a similar theme in common which is that we go big or we go home. There is a sense that like,
going big is beautiful. And it doesn’t matter what that looks like so much as you just shout
it from the rooftops. The great thing about New
Orleans fashion in general that you can see both from
the Mardi Gras fashion and from the street fashion, is that you don’t have
to shout what you like, you shout it with your
body and your clothes. – So, Helen, Chandra, thank you so much for showing us around
the Mardi Gras Museum. I really feel like I’m ready
to have a good time tonight. Like this was so fun. – It was such a pleasure
for us to have you. Ladies, let’s take over, what do you say? (everyone cheering) – [Kristin] It’s about time! (jazzy music)

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