Wednesday’s Child: Meet Joel!

Good job. Perfect. Hi. My name is Joel. I’m twelve years old and I am in seventh
grade. RIP the mice. Joel was given a VIP tour by Josh Crabtree
of the zoo’s ambassador animal program. Just close the door behind him. Perfect. Thanks Joel. Joel wants to be an animal caretaker when
he grows up and he got some hands-on training for the job during his behind-the-scenes tour
of the zoo. Did you know they can breathe through their
skin? Mhmm… I like to play football with people. I like to do legos, ‘cause I have a big
thing of legos. I like to read books. I make peanut butter cookies. Ooh-woah. My favorite TV show is Chopped. I get to see them cook and then I get to use
that. Joel loves to research new things on his time. He does watch a lot of like documentary
stuff and learn new things. Joel is definitely a people person. So today we’re going to be eating some cucumbers
and apples. yum, yum. The ideal family for Joel would be a family
that has had experience with working with kids. He’s a chill rabbit. I’d like to have a family with a mom and
a dad that has one on one time with me with another brother. He definitely needs a family that’s going
to nurture him. Work on that sense of love and belonging. He’s like, wait wait wait, they’re giving
out treats? I’m gonna come now. Yeah. Joel would do best in a home where he is the
youngest child or he is an only child. I’m actually very lovable when they actually
get to know me.

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