Weil antique

I have always claimed that an antique dealer was also selling a part of history. The antique dealer needs to know his furniture and what he has to sell. I am the third generation of antique dealer. We had a really small booth. About 10 feets by 10 feets in what was called the antique village that existed in the 70s and 80s and, little by litle, we gathered a small clientele. After that, we moved at the 1744 Notre-Dame west. I remembered, when we moved, we were coming from a small booth of 10 feets by 10 feets to a store that was about 2500 feets square and we were looking at that empty store and we were saying to ourselves: “My god, what will we do to fill it?” Me, I passes all my days looking and touching wallnut wood, speckled mahogany, wax also… Wax is really smooth. It’s hot. It’s warm. Now, in the 21st century, we ask ourselves, there will never be anyone again that will take the time to make a piece of furniture that way. When I buy wares in France, when I buy wares in Europe, it must be understood that it is not always restored. It’s my buying power to be able to surround myself of people with the capacity to do the restoration of antique furniture, the gilting the electrification. We deliver all the furnitures. All my pieces are artwork. I do not want them to be broken. Sometimes, carriers have less experience on how to transport furniture or how to hold a mirror, where to take it. People were sometimes a little chilly when they were buying a chandelier, for example, and say: “Yes, but what will I do? I need to call an electrician. And the electrician will not want to touch that!” So, we now offer installation services. We install chandelier, we install mirrors, we install chimney coats. It’s a bit like being a dream seller. I give them a piece of furniture, I tell them: “Look what I just bought! A desk… a desk from Napoleon the 3rd. Who was Napoleon? Napoleon the 3rd, he was in the 19th century. He says wow! You really have pieces of furniture… who belonged to other people before?” I am really spoiled to work with this kind of customer.

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