What did Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” really look like? | DW Documentary

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  1. When the Catholic church turned Christ into an effeminate, Jesus did not have long hair, to depict him as such is abomination!
    how do I know this? 1Co 11:14  Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

  2. Errr……and this has just been brought to the attention of the world? REALLY…..its not like the original hasn't had any publicity and yet……all of a sudden a SECOND last supper is found? REALLY?

  3. Thank you so much for your excellent explained, I loved Jesus Christ and mother Mary ,Alleluia,Amen,god bless n peace,to all of us, great video.

  4. Look at that, everybody white in the picture of the Last Supper, this ain't but a mockery than again they Mockery what the created, any way, so people will believe that how everything was, and you got some believing it to, I was a brainwash idiot before, but now i know better, I don't believe nothing about Christianity and Religion any more, I know exactly what it's all about now.

  5. The white man is such a liar the last supper is with men only! Christ is black that’s why they recreated it! Stupid liars that’s why it was called the renaissance smh cataclysm

  6. White people cannot produce black people how can they be Noah or any of the forefathers smh lying white people! You’re Esau edom

  7. Culture vulture Europe was black then the white man came out caucus mountains! Terrible lies! He learned how to paint through a black man! You came out the caves not knowing how to bathe

  8. The Last Supper is said to depict a Passover Seder. If so, DaVinci may have made a clumsy error. The bread is supposed to be unleaven and therefore flat. Instead, he shows us full, leaven rolls…

  9. The French stole many thousands (!!) of the most prestigious work of arts from Italy, Napoleon stole about 5 hundreds work of arts,
    including 157 Roman sculptures, from one single villa in Rome, Villa Borghese. They created the Louvre out of it (to these days the Italian wing of the Louvre is the most visited). Call the French by their name, thieves.

  10. "St John" is not a man, not John. It is plainly a woman, Mary, the wife, sitting on the right hand side of her husband, and she is not asleep. It is time to acknowledge the truth, as Leonardo did.

  11. Witches are taking out people`s souls and demons control the masses.See these videos by Win Worley,The Fragmented soul,Loosing spirits of God,his mass deliverance videos.See the video Routing demons by John Echardt.Read the book of Acts,and the 4 gospels in the King James bible.Ademon that inhabited the man,likely painted the picture.Same for all so called famous artistis,and not so famous.See the video the book of Enoch.See Trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.See all videos by Derek prince,John Echardt and Win Worley.The real word of God(the king james bible) has been replaced with fake NWo bibles in most churches.The fear of the Lord,is the beginning of wisdom.


  13. What did Jesus say to the Apostles?

    If you guys get on this SIDE of the table,
    you ALL can be in the picture!

  14. The angel on the right is much more detailed and realistic although the one on the left looks softer, without this knowledge I would have said the right one is more skilled, just want some clarity on this

  15. Your content is so wholesome and heartwarming. Even your sponsored elements are enjoyable to watch.

    Your videos are of that rare breed that actually leaves me in a much more positive mindset upon consumption.

  16. When in school in Italy we read that the last supper is in such bad condition because Leonardo experimented with the colors by using egg and applying the colors on dry plaster instead of wet plaster. The colors did not penetrated into the plaster and soon started to deteriorated

  17. Leonardo wasn't even at the Last Supper. How does he know that was the sitting arrangements or that was how the room looked like.
    The Table style is wrong, cup design wrong, Windows wrong wrong. Sigh so misleading

  18. A revelation dictated to SANTA MARIA of AGREDA ( 15 century Spain ) THE Holy Grail is nothing like we think , it’s made out of a green precious stone , the house the last supper was held , was a rich man on the top floor . ( Book: Divine life of the Blessed Virgin Maria , dictated to MARIA de JESUS of AGREDA ) .

  19. Jesus and his disciples walk into a restaurant.

    "Can we get a table for 26?" Jesus asks. "But there's only 13 of you!" "Yes, but we're all going to sit on the same side of the table."

  20. That doesn't look anything my husband Jesus Messiah. My Lord and Savior Jesus Messiah looks like he is supposed to. He does not look like a woman with long lighter hair and eyes. Jesus Messiah looks like the King of Israel. He has dark eyes for one and his hair is dark brown. He is tall and handsome not feminine. I should know the one I have known as far back as over 7 million years in my visions. I have seen Jesus up close he held my hands as he proposed to me so I know what Jesus really looks like. I should paint a picture of what he really looks like. I would paint a picture of Jesus and myself when he kneeled beneath my stairs and blessed me with his proposal. Jesus Messiah is the one I dream of. For I am in love with him for eternity. There is no death due us part. We do cosmic miracles together as we are one.

  21. Notice no Cup on the table? Rome lied to us. Jesus was NEVER on the cross and God may simply forgive you. Why would He need to pay Satan off? He wouldnt and human sacrifice is a rite of Satan not God.

  22. There was much much more advanced tech before the middle agesTech we are still trying to unlock which most the things built 3,000 years ago we still cant duplicate or make items with such high quilty and durability they had batteries 2,000 years ago called the Baghdad battery and they had electricity and more high tech, in 1,000s years everything we've made will be dust but everything made in the ancient times with there high tech will still be standing, we cant replicate the stone cuts, concrete or moved rocks that big today, or the quality of each trade,as Tutankhamun's sandals made 3,300 years ago out of gold and made so well they look brand new today,I cant say it any other way..they had real high tech, and the difference between now and then is they shared it and used it for the greater good of there people,we hide it in programs, so becuase of Big Oil and and our electric sytem these other forms of free electricity never see the light of day,The moment in history that marks when we would burry all this tech and hide it came when JP Morgan asked Tesla how much can we charge, and he said its free,and he didnt invent anything tesla..he decoded the Tablets from Sumeria, that was the moment in time we would poison the Earth in the name of sciene and for weapons.That started with the Anunnaki Gods(in the book of Genesis) into Sumerain Tablets, passed from the Sumerians to the ancient Ethiopians to the ancient Egyptians to the ancient Greeks and last to the Romans..were it disappeared until the Templars found 2 tablets under the Temple Mount,1100s when the order"the Children of Solomon" decoded them. One brought the Gothic period the other we don't know, but it turned soldiers of God into Freemasons, which in masonic lodges and Temples there's no talk of religion, I've been researching for years trying to figure what changed them and made a Holy order do a 180…so all these past 3,000-year-old civilizations knew and lived by the Zodiac, even all religions, built on them in a way we can't match, but with there tech they were able to aline giant buildings and pyramids with them, even the Maya civilization
    built on them and cut stone in a way we still can't match, knew,Pisces is the 2 fish that represents the time of a new religion and Christianity, there are 12 signs of the zodiac and the bible numbers are always in 12 like the zodiac, that's why the old and new churches show the 2 fish,So the fact the Freemasons use 13 has made me look into what they might have found out, maybe a 13th sign in the Zodiak? I'm still researching it….even fellow Craftsman in the Masonic order don't get that knowledge yet.I'm part of a different secret society that proves this tech exists and is still around under lock and key,

  23. Excellent docu. Excellent music and narration. Narrator is so articulate.Great job everyone!!!!
    Mi amigo in Philippines

  24. Why do people say that is John, that is a woman and painted directly by Leonardo! Time for Mary Magdalene to get some accolades as an apostle of Christ, and his favorite and probably wife.The only other choice is “John” is very feminine and probably gay.

  25. This film, like so many others like this, in my opinion is mis-information. I would say, if someone like Leonardo was to paint the so called Last Supper, he would of done extensive research so as to depict the men and woman as accurately as possible. If the man they call Jesus had hair likened to wool and a skin tone likened to bronze, why is the painting not showing that? But wait, why is one of the men painted as such, hair likened to wool and skin likened to bronze? And why is that man suppose to be Judas according to scholors? I doubt the painting was done by Leonardo and if so, who if not the church, had influenced him to paint it like so?

  26. How very interesting ….I will be watching more of these as this video clip was very enlightening
    Thank you You tube for the upload

  27. Leonardo as he attended this gathering and before the arrival of cameras, painted this gathering as they sat eating the last supper. This is one of the few, and almost certainly the first 'painted live' photo of Jesus and his buds

  28. It's unbelievable the fact that they fraudulently inserted a black man in "The Last Supper" painting which is NOT in the original, he is not black. This fraud all in the idea of "diversity", it's terrible!

  29. Complimenti per la pronuncia! PD! if you search "Andrea Veracchio" in historical art, can't found him never. The name is Andrea del Verrocchio. And I don't know if exist "fresco"= I mean it's an Affresco

  30. I'm confused. The narrator never saw Da Vinci and Davinci never was born during the time of JESUS.
    Interestingly da Vinci seems to know all about JESUS'S life.
    I believe that Jesus is God, He knows Davinci before he was even concieved and all about him.
    Maybe the author of the Davinci code just imagined about how Davinci imagined about the LAST SUPPER.
    Some imaginations when slightly mixed with science becomes intriguing just like a cocktail to make one drunk which one enjoys.

  31. Do you really think that this is a painting of 13 men?, Take a closer look

    Who is that figure sitting at the right hand of Jesus Christ, flowing red hair, folded feminine hands, the hint of a bosom

  32. All of this and someone could have just taken a picture of it and we would have known exactly what it looked like. Duh.

  33. I like what they did here. In the style of the DaVinci Code, sent us on a treasure hunt to teach us the history of the art. Obviously they had to know where the painting was.

  34. A refectory was usually decorated with two paintings.
    A last supper (shows painting of the crucifixion) and a crucifixion of Christ (shows painting of last supper)

    Btw…all this for free? Thank you very much❤

  35. what's also really interesting is that through history that actually some of the most famous paintings are related to Christianity like this last supper painting, and Michelangelo's Creation of Adam painting, the meaning behind these paintings are beautiful and amazing. Just like the great number of 100000graduates of last year who had really delved into this scripture book.

  36. The clue is that he add a woman to the picture. Ohh and that kind of table …..? 2000 years ago ppl were setting on the floor, not on the chairs. Furniture and lifestyle were different
    Da'vinci changed the whole scenario. His imagination about last supper

  37. Beautiful arts that have stayed time and will be the future, a beauty, as just born from these very talented hands. Living in the past, alive now and will be living in the future. The definition of timelessness.

  38. 21:43 Piazza Giovanni xxiii, Ceppo hospital of Pistoia (40 kms west of Florence).
    Atop the building is the masterpiece of Giovanni Della Robbia of Florence. The 16th century polychrome terracotta frieze. It depicts 'THE 7 WORKS OF MERCY' and 5 Theological virtues.

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