What do I do with my pillow after I receive it? | Pillow Talk Episode 4 | Down & Feather Co.

– Go live. Let me make sure, hold on, setting up your
webinar for Facebook live. – Hi Facebook. – Well, we’ll cut all the dead stuff off from the recording, since I’m recording it. Okay, I think that we
might actually be on. Let me wait for the spinning
wheel to actually stop. Okay, let’s just assume that we are on. Yeah, hi. – Hey, how are you? – We’re back, yes. So, yeah, I think we’ve
actually been gone for two weeks from our lives because two weeks ago when we did live, we weren’t actually live and we recorded it. And then last week was kind
of an under the weather day. – It made it, so, it made it onto Facebook
so it worked out great. – It did, yeah, so we’re all good. And so, today we had
an interesting question that came up this week that we felt was worthy
of us coming together and sharing this expert knowledge. And that was, “Hey, I got my pillow and I
don’t have any instructions.” So I’d kind of like to go over what does our box look like? What should I expect when I’m
ordering a new down pillow? We’re gonna focus on down pillows today. And then what are my best practices for after I get this new, amazing, yummy, scrunchy, awesome pillow? – Yeah, so a long time ago I decided to move the entire
company to being paperless. So we did everything we could to remove as much paper inserts
and stuff out of the box and we’ve done a pretty good job of that. Sometimes there’s an insert
or two just as a reminder, but for the most part, most everything ships without one. So the pillow just shows up, right? And sometimes we get the question of what do I do with it? I mean, I know that the
spirit of the question is they know to sleep on it, but it’s like, what? How do I re-fluff it? And so it’s not necessarily
coming compressed because we ship all of our
pillows in their own box, but, yeah, sometimes
the question comes up. What do I do once I have it? Once it’s arrived in its box
and I’m excited about it, what do I do? – Great, right. Yeah, because if I buy clothes online, usually the first thing
I do is I try them on and then I throw them
in the washing machine after I’ve taken the tags off. So we’re not in that
kind of situation here where I don’t have to. – Please don’t wash them. – Yeah, okay. – Yeah. – So, again, that was a
please don’t wash them. – Please don’t wash them, no.
– Please, please, please, please don’t wash them.
– Please don’t wash them. In fact, as a matter of fact, the goal is to put it inside
of a pillow protector. When I designed them, I designed them to be used
with pillow protectors which you can find on the website. Pillow protectors have zippers, pillow cases do not, big difference. So when you’re having conversations about the nomenclature, what is, protectors have zippers, cases don’t. So anyway, with that question that kind of came up earlier this week, which at first I was a little
shocked by the question but I figured, if somebody asked it, there’s no way that somebody
else hasn’t thought it. They just didn’t ask. – Correct. – So I thought it would make some sense if we walked through getting the pillow, the pillows coming in their own boxes and how to get into them, and stuff like that, so. – Correct, and I had also mentioned to you that I was concerned about using a knife or a sharp instrument to get into the box as it might damage my brand new pillow. So can you actually show us
how to properly open this box so that we’re all clear? – I can do that. In fact, part of the, so because we ship all of our
pillows in their own boxes, I got to design the box
with a lot of specificity about what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted it to be designed. And one of those, part of the design goal, was to make sure that a customer could not accidentally cut the pillow. – Oh, awesome.
– Which has never happened. And when you see how we get into this box, you’ll realize, you can’t cut the pillow. I happen to have my trusty knife. – Oof, oof, that cuts
some meat there (laughs). – And I happen to have a box, and there’s a pillow.
– Excellent. – And there’s a pillow in it. – Yay. – All right, so as you’ll see, all the pillows come in their own box. – Yes. – Right? – Yes. – And then they’re always,
killing myself, taped. You can see the tape reflecting there. – Yes. – Right, so in terms of
your ability to get into it, you’re not gonna cut the pillow. – Just please don’t cut your hand, oof. – And the pillow, for the reveal. – Yes, let’s open that box. – Inside is. – Love it. – One of the great things
about dropping pillows is they won’t break when you drop, right? So each pillow comes in that box, and if you’ll notice, the box is pretty thick, it’s pretty deep. It’s actually five inches thick. – Okay.
– So the goal is to not compress the pillow, because I did not want and I don’t want any of the
pillows to be compressed when they get sent. So it shows up pretty thick. – Okay. – And this happens to be an 850 fill power snuggle
soft ultra premium, medium density pillow. – Okay. – Okay? So it comes with this little label on it so you know which one it is, right? Which you would want to know. But what is also, we just never mention it and I always just forget to mention it, which is they all come
with their own pillow bag. And this pillow bag is for traveling. – Nice. – Right? – Oh, look at how nice that is. Yeah. – So you can just take
him with you, right? – Right, right. – So the issue that came
up with the customer that I thought was kind of interesting, was, okay, so now that I
have the pillow, right? What do I do with it? Well, it’s obviously not
gonna be terribly flat when you get it, it’s relatively full already. – Right. – But if you want to, without question, you
can puff it up, right? – Sure. – And you can almost make it
thicker than it was before. – Sure, but you’re also gonna
add the pillow protector to it and the pillow case, and then you’re gonna put it on your bed. – Exactly. – Yeah, so–
– So one of those other questions, sorry, go ahead, what where you gonna say? – Oh, I was gonna ask you
about the big long tag. Not the little, yeah, that tag. – So this is the law tag that is required, and this tag declares what’s inside. It also declares the dimension and then it declares the density, right? And then it declares, it’s got our information on it that shows that we manufacture it because we manufacture all
of our finished goods, right? So that’s on there as well, and then (laughs), can you see our goose butt? – I can, it’s so cute. I see his little feet to. – And that’s a goose down, not a duck. It’s a goose down logo, with his butt in the air, right? – Yes. – One of those other things
that people have asked, just as an aside, I know we didn’t talk about this before. But people ask how thick the pillow is. – Yeah, as in terms of
measurement of actual inches as opposed to we refer to
it as medium thickness. – And I’m like, it’s that thick. – Yeah (laughs). – No, it’s that thick. – Right, it depends.
– Right? So yeah, so it’s kinda one of those things where it’s a tough question to answer when someone says, “How thick is the pillow?” And I understand the spirit
of the question, right? Because they’re a side sleeper and they’re trying to figure
out how to fill that area between the crown of their shoulder and the side of their head, which I totally get. I mean, I understand the
spirit of the question. But the answer is, I mean, I can tell you but it’s not a truthful, accurate answer because you may fluff it thicker and then you may compress
it more, so I can’t– – Well, yeah, after your
head is actually on it, it’s gonna change, so. – That’s exactly it.
– Yeah, yeah, okay. Awesome, so now we know that that awesome bag with the handle that the pillow comes
inside and inside the box, we actually get to keep that. – Yes.
– So maybe not throw that out. – No, don’t throw it out. And it’s relatively durable, I mean, it’s not the most
durable thing in the world, but it’s for storage, and for travel it should be pretty good. Should be okay with it, and you could take it
on the plane with you. I take mine, so.
– Yeah, or like if you’re a snow bird and you spend half your time in Minnesota and the other half in Arizona, you might need to package things up and store them away in
closets or whatever, so. – Well we have a lot of customers also that have two down comforters, some of them will have a lightweight and then the year around, and then they’ll store the year around during the summer and then
they’ll use the lightweight. So that’s not terribly uncommon. Some have very similar bags with containers and it’s a wire frame bag, and stuff like that, so yeah. – Okay, awesome, and we went over the tag that’s got all of the relevant information about the pillow. Sort of like the birth
certificate of the pillow. – That’s exactly what it is, that’s a birther notice. – Yes, yes. And that we can use a sharp
instrument to open the box and your pillow is safe from that. – Yeah, you’re not gonna damage it because of the way that we built it, it’s a tongued box so
you’re not gonna damage it, so yeah you should be good. But you also have to know that every pillow, if you notice, we ship every pillow, if you order four pillows, you’re getting four boxes. – Yes, yes. – Right? – Yes, and– – And we can get into the, well just briefly, it is not uncommon for
FedEx to deliver three boxes with the fourth one not
showing up until the next day. So sometimes it takes 24 hours to deliver an entire order, but. – Yes, and sometimes the pillow protector may be in the box, and other times it may
be shipped separately. – That’s right.
– Depending on the order. – Depending upon the order, those pillow protectors
definitely ship separately but the down pillows that we make here, we have all of the pillow protectors here. We put those in those boxes. – Yes, okay, awesome. I feel confident now that
when I receive my pillow, I will know exactly what to do with it. – If you have any other questions, obviously, don’t hesitate to reach out. I appreciate that, thanks. – Absolutely, thanks for
answering the question. – (laughs) have a good weekend. – All right, you too, bye. – Goodbye.

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