What Happens When You Take 9 Dogs Furniture Shopping? | Ruff Life With Lee Asher

Good morning. You feel good? You make a nice little poo poo? Is that your little poo poos? Yeah, you just couldn’t wait? You just couldn’t wait? You made a poo poo already? It’s OK, babies. PenPens, it’s OK PenPens. You’re not in trouble. Yeah, you’re not in trouble. We’ve just got to get
rid of these carpets now. On the way right now to get some flooring. Gonna take out the carpets in the house. They’re covered in piss already. Whose fault is that, Penny? Whose fault is that? Luke’s fault. Luke. Previously, on Ruff Life… As you guys now know, we just got a house. Packed up all of our stuff. This is why we did this. This is why we got the house, guys. Only two weeks ago he was living inside of a shelter. Bo, grab the snowboard. None of you all pee on this. Come on, Ton. Good girl, Lillie. Good girl, Lils. I’ll do it from here. Which way, Penny? Which way do we go, baby? Let’s go pick out some floors. Good to meet you. You said one dog. If you would have said “Four,” we would have said, “No way.” I’m sorry. Do you want me to put them back? I’m kidding. Yeah, man. So, we…right now, we have all carpet. And these ones right here are already making it their bathroom. Oh, OK. So, like I said, we have nine dogs. We just bought a house. And we want some nice flooring. So, that’s one plank. The problem is, the carpet right now they’re making – Yeah, they may make a couple of mistakes here and there, right? Especially this one but nothing too –
not often. See, this is why we’re
getting rid of the carpet. So, they like the carpet? Thanks, see you. Thanks again. Come on, come on. Penny. Penny. Penny. What are you doing? Come here. Let’s go. She’s still so nervous. Nice and expensive. That’s usually how
it works. They’re either a**holes but super affordable, or they’re really nice and really expensive. That’s a good place to walk. Good for you brother. As you can see, we’re getting new floors put in. They got their beds…kind of. So now we just need to
get some furniture for these floors. We’re going to show these
puppies their new furniture we’re going to get them. Tony, let’s go. Tony. I got it, I got it. Come on, T. Good boy. good boy. Hey, Luke, hold him for a sec. What do you think, Lillie? Do you see your name on it? Oh, I think she likes it. I wonder if Tony has ever been in an elevator before? Yeah, I don’t think so. I’m just going to say no. It’s not fluffy enough. I need more fluff. Main thing, the main thing that we
need is a couch. A brand-new, beautiful, Tony-Too-Toned couch. No, that’s the one I have
in my room. Yeah, that mirror is pretty sweet, though. No, that’s the one- I want to show you the one I’m talking about. I like this one. That’s the one I have in my room. You can pet them. That’s Lillie, that’s Cali. This is Tony-Too-Toned. They’re all rescues as well. Hey, what about this one. That one actually is pretty nice. Wait, what? That is way too small. It is? Like, that blue one is a
good size. Which one? Let’s go check it out. Blue would look amazing in the house. Does blue get dirty easily? That’s- this is actually good. It is, right? Yeah. Do you like this couch, Tons? I just love what they’ve done with the place. I like what they did with the lights. I like the green, the little marijuana plant. Tony looks good here. I just want to say, I’m
not trying to be arrogant or egotistical but we found the couch
in minutes and that means we’re geniuses. Let’s just keep walking. You know, we just got here. What kind of dresser are you – are you wanting open or with doors. I prefer to have it so like, you can’t see the clothes. Yeah, with doors. A lot of these are see-through. Yeah, I agree. Wait, we’re not even in
the dresser section, though. Oh, no? No. Get a dope-looking one. Which one? A dope-looking one, that’s her suggestion. Let’s keep going. I’m cooking. Get out of my kitchen. I’m cooking. Get out of my kitchen. Do you see what I’m saying? I’m cooking. I’m cooking. Can you feel it? Get him on there. Get him on there. Get him on there. What do you all think? Come on, Lillie. This is the bed
for us, 100 percent. Get this one. Get this one, my love? Who we got here? Yeah. Bo. Bo. Bo. That was actually quite a successful day. Good job, brother. High five. What’s up, everybody? So, we just got the RV back. Which is pretty great. Kind of great. Great to have the RV
back but unfortunately they did not fix everything that we were
expecting them to fix. Hey, that’s part of life. Whatever. But we’re excited, we’re about to do the whole trip again. How many dogs have you rescued today? Six, dude, six. Six. Six. We’re doing round two. I know 157 dogs sounds like we got a lot of dogs adopted last year but that doesn’t even make a dent. You’re free. Look at you. You’re free, bubba. This has only been year one and
we’re excited for year two but this is going to take at least a decade for us to truly, truly make an impact. But it’s one step at a time. We’re very, very excited to get back
on the road. A little bit nervous.   You know, now there’s nine dogs that we have to watch instead of six. All the different things. You know, we weren’t as nervous
the first time because we didn’t know what to expect. And now that we know
it is really difficult. It’s hard to explain unless you do it but it’s just like- And you’re constantly worried about
the dogs. You’re constantly worried something’s going to
happen to the RV. But you also learn that you just gotta do your best. You have to make sure that the
dogs are as safe as possible. We stay focused. Yeah, you just have to have a positive mindset about things. We’re really focused about the outcome and the outcome is to get as many dogs
adopted as possible. All right, guys. Have an awesome day. I hope you enjoyed the episode. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment below. Check us out in the community tab. We’re going to talk about the episode. Have some fun. I’ll see you guys soon, have an awesome day! Woohoo!

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  1. Hey Dodos! Super excited to show you all the 3rd episode of Ruff Life. But be sure to look out for our community tab for a follow up episode from Lee!

  2. I love you guys! But since I live in Phoenix I almost froze watching videos. Beautiful though! Thanks for your dedication and hearts!

  3. low-key i'm crushing over Lee. He's so freakin' handsome. These two should definitely get together. ilysfm guys πŸ’™

  4. Brothers,friends or lovers? As many dogs. Think it can be very costly. Not only food, but care. In over $2500.00.

  5. Non of these dogs are working dogs I find this highly disrespectful to service dog teams

    On another note I love what you are doing for the dogs who are rescued it puts a huge smile on my face

  6. What a wonderful life you have…β˜ΊπŸ‘¦β€πŸ•πŸΆπŸ•πŸ©πŸ‘¨πŸΆπŸ©πŸΆβ€πŸ’πŸŒŸπŸŒ›πŸŒ πŸŒ»πŸŒΉβ€

  7. Hi. I love your page. I love all animals. Keep u the good work. Would love if you could subscribe to my page. Thank you

  8. Love the show & of course the dogsπŸ’•πŸΆπŸΎHey Tony. I rescue so this makes me so happy love it πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  9. Twitter is freaking out about this video. This fellow is getting ripped a new one for bringing 9 dogs into a furniture store. It's at the @dodo Twitter feed.

  10. You guys rock !!!!! Get more dogs i wish i could do the same but take me on the road with u guys!!!!!

  11. I hope your venture grows & grows! You're doing a great thing. And your pack is a bunch of lucky dogs, for sure.

  12. They are not service dogs. Ikea is not a pet friendly store. You can't bring pets in. Only service dogs. If anyone took a dog aggressive dog into a non pet friendly store you are endangering real service dogs.

  13. Ya'll are hilarious, love when you were driving, and the little Chihuahua looked at the road ahead, then looked at you like "do you know what your doing?, "do you know where we're going, "do you know where we are?, she must be a girl, cause we're the only ones telling our male companions to pull over and ask for directions!!, and you never do!!, you never listen to us. Then you end up at the North Pole,!!, out of gas, and lost, and talking about how you should've turned off at Newark!! Crying out loud!!,

  14. Love the happy house you move into…. I feel all the love and caring in this great fam house…..bless you and have lovely memories together….love U guys…..thanks for sharing this with us

  15. I respect u more than every Policeman on this hole World. U have my fully Respect for acting, saving the Animals.

    And yeah dude looks like weed hahahah

  16. The two things that will really help eliminate killing of tons of dogs & cats. Is getting others to ADOPT & to Spay & Neuter their dogs & cats! It's been 40 yrs or more since everyones been spreading this message! Yet, the problem is still huge & millions of dogs/ cats still being killed!!! Are sooooo many still truly this stupid??

  17. Awesome rescue job you’re doing! I have two rescues myself but, I would not bring them to Ikea and allow them to sit on furniture and treat the store like your own backyard. Respect and discipline is important. Also, I hope they bought the stuffed animal one of the dogs played it. That’s in the children’s section…

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