What is a Fence Stretcher and Stretching Fence

hello and welcome again to the simple
ground homestead today we’re going to be looking at an
old fence stretcher and learn how to stretch barbed wire fence with it this is a video that’s been requested
and it’s going to be one of many fence fixing videos so stay tuned for more we’ll start here by looking at the
different components of this fence structure you can see that this good
friend stretcher has been around for quite a few fence fixing experiences I grew up using this one it’s a good
sturdy solid fence stretcher now this fence stretcher is made up of a few
features first of all the grabbing portion you
will fit one side of the broken wire here and the other side there and this
will clamp down on the wire itself holds a pretty good then it has a ratcheting
motion that’s tighten the wire you push it all
the way one direction and it will slice now that’s that’s an important thing to
remember before you start stretching because if you get going too quick and
go too far it can come right fashion smash your
fingers it hurts pretty bad now that you know what the fence create
your kind of looks like and some of the basic functions let’s put it on some
wire all right here’s my loose top wire all
the list so you can see it here here you can tell it’s ready be to be
stretched now it’s a very common mistake when
you’re fixing a really long fence to say oh man it’s it’s loose right here I’ll just take my pliers and grab onto
it and give it a twist or two and it will be tight I fixed miles of fence and I’ve seen
people do that now the problem with doing that every
time you bend this wire you weaken the galvanized coating that will allow the
wire to rust and it’ll weaken the wire as the wire becomes rested and and
brittle it’ll break and you’ll have a offense
full of spices which will be no fence at all so even if you have to walk a long ways
down the fence go and find a break that’s already
happened or go find where your wire ends and tighten their leave me if you have
to 10 defense for 10 years straight you’ll rather have a fence wire that’s
all in one piece now we’re going to go find the end of
the wire and and tighten it there now I’ve decided to stretch the wire
here at the gatepost you see I’m undoing it have to remove a staple here pull out
my handy-dandy pliers i’ll put a link down in the description
if you want to learn more about fencing pliers pull out the staple there now I’m
loosening the wire before i hook up the fence stretcher that way the fence stretchers not in the
way now you make sure the fence stretchers getting open before you get
started connect the wire make sure you have a
good solid connection and then you can hook it on the post make sure everything is good and tight
before you stretch it too much make sure you keep an eye down the line
as you stretch and tighten there’s a lot of danger in
over-tightening wire and having a break and hit somebody make sure the lines clear people and
yourself looks like tightening that top wires
loosen the other wires that’s very common now that the wires as tight as I want it
to be I’ll tighten it around the post before I
release it make sure you wrap it a couple of times
at least sorry about my arm in the way there but you get the idea just wrapping
it around the wire once it’s good and tight you can release
it and there you go here I’ve taken my fence apart to give
you an example of how to stretch a broken fence or offense the broken spot
start with your fence stretchers all the way apart and open up both ends attached to one side now my left this
side open you want one side open and you want to
live on the other side here’s my loop now the loop was already
there or else I would have shown you how to make it make sure you leave it loose I don’t
don’t bend the wire too much because it’ll wear off the galvanized coating
like I talked about before now you want to make sure everything is
good and tight and you’ll see here as I tighten it the wire will slit their went that’s why it’s always so important to
check down the line make sure it’s clear before you stretch
make sure everybody’s away from it at any time your wire could slip out or
break and it will really hurt people once you have it tight enough you can
put the one loose end in and bend it back over like that now it’s very important if you leave it
like that to get the fencing stretch it out of the way it will just come apart
when you loosen it I’ve seen people hold it with one hand
the best option is just to give it a twist you can get it started and hold onto it
with your fencing pliers finish it just one complete revolution will hold it
safely well you get your fence structures out
of the way break it open like that disconnect the wire it’s pretty easy now I can hold the wire
and work with it out of the way it’s also not going to release and hurt
anybody you can tell using these fence
stretchers makes the job so much easier now after i have the wire stretched and
out of the way I’m going to install a staple trick with installing staples of
course don’t staple the wire completely against
the post you want to leave it loose here you can see it’s loose that way is the
wires bends and flexes and it can move down the line thanks again for watching this video and
a special thanks to the cameo appearance of two special goats Daisy and Astrid if you want to see more
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26 Replies to “What is a Fence Stretcher and Stretching Fence”

  1. Awesome video! I learned a lot and I can't wait to go apply some of these techniques on our fence that could use some fixes.

  2. please please can you do one with similar stretcher,but with a chain on it,i have one but cant work out how to use it

  3. Awesome tool!! I normally use a chain version, but your tool is great!! and also I´m thinking in another use for this tool that probably do a much easier job coupling camlock fittings (in effluent pipes) that is hard to pull and join it together. Where can I find exactly the same tool yours?? Great video!!.

  4. Thank you very much. This actually taught me how to use that fence stretcher. The question I have is do you start at the top of the fence line or the bottom of the fence or in middle of the fence. What I have found is as I get one wire done right. It loosen;s the other wires. Would appreciate a reply back on that one. Thank You Very Much

  5. Thank You I found the answer to my question. Also Fence Stay is also great to use. It doesn't allow the spacing between fence poles to have so much play in them. Easy to install. Thank You again for your great video. BTW they suggest to start at the bottom and work your way up. Makes it easier to move about. Just in case anyone was wondering

  6. Should also be noted that your corner fencing is everything. Fail to have a proper corner fence, and it won't matter what you do. The wire will continue to come loose. Just in case anyone was still having issues with that.

  7. Ok what did this amature low end fence fixer do wrong that really can get you severely hurt when you tighten a barb wire around a post especially building a new fence and pulling wire much tighter than that little demonstration ? ALWAYS ALWAYS BEFORE YOU START PULLING TIE THE END OF THE WIRE OFF!!!! IN A REAL STRETCH IM TALKING 1/4 PULLS IF YOUR PULLER SLIPS OFF.. THE END OF THAT WIRE WILL GRAB YOU AND WILL NOT BE A GOOD OUTCOME.!!!!

  8. Use of the stretcher is clear enough, but why would you run a strand of barbed wire above a woven wire fence? The woven wire will prevent animals from crossing from one side to the other at ground level, whereupon they may try to jump the fence, whereupon they may get hung up on the barbed wire, whereupon they will die a slow and horrible death. So what is the barbed wire for? Merely to keep humans from climbing over? If it's to keep animals from jumping over, why use barbed wire rather than hog wire or simply more woven wire?

  9. Little advice. Red brand wire don’t stay tight. No matter how many times you redo it. It’ll still sag. Gaucho wire holds tension many times over red brand.

  10. You refer to it a s a fence stretcher but here in Australia they are refered to as Fence Strainers. Funny the language difference. Cheers.

  11. I was surprised to see that when you strain the wire , your strainer post did not have a brace to stop any movement when you tightened the wire. Do you do things differently over there. Thank you and I have enjoyed your videos. Cheers.

  12. Man .. great video in turms of explanations and presentation.. however there are easier ways and better equipment available to repair and tighten a fence.
    I know this as a fencer here in New Zealand..
    Just look around on utubè..
    Appreciate this good work all the same..
    Cheers 🍻👍👍

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