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This is Jill Maurer with Your Jewelry Minute,
and today I’m answering the question, “What is gold filled jewelry?”. Gold filled jewelry is a type of costume jewelry. And they take a base metal, usually brass. It’s usually brass. And then they bond it on top with a thin layer
of gold. The gold is not pure gold. It is an alloyed gold so, and it’s usually
10K gold. It can be 10K. It can be 14K. It can be 18K. It can be any of those. Usually it’s 10K gold, and they they bond
it. They do it with heat, and they they fuse it
to the brass. And that is what gold filled is. Now in the United States that gold layer has
to be at least 1/20th of the piece or 5%. That does not mean that the piece is 5% gold
because remember that that bonded layer of gold has been alloyed. So if it’s 14K, it is 50% gold,. And if it is 10K it’s about 42% gold just
in that layer, and that layer is only 5% of the piece of jewelry. So you don’t get a lot of gold in a gold filled
piece, but what you do get is the look of gold, and some of these pieces can be very
beautiful. This has been Your Jewelry Minute. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have a question for me, just leave
it in the comments below. Until next time!

9 Replies to “What is GOLD Filled Jewelry | Jill Maurer”

  1. It sounds a lot like gold plated. What's the difference? Sounds like maybe gold filled has a thicker layer of gold alloy than gold plated. Would gold filled show the metal inside as easily as gold plated?

  2. I was always told never to get any of your jewelry wet. I was told that any water will pit the metal loosen stones and ruin the clasp (even18k) is this true? From a swimming coach’s point of view I think it is unsafe to wear any jewelry in the pool you could scratch somebody else you could catch the jewelry on a lane line I think it’s dangerous unfortunately the HS governing body has changed this rule and the teenagers wear jewelry in the pool

  3. How long can gold fill jewelry last to look like gold ? What is the difference between gold plated and fill? How can I tell the difference? Thank You ❤️

  4. You are so knowledgeable, oh wait….you are a jewelry designer!!! ha Thank you for all this information! Love the videos you are putting out! YotaStyle

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