What It’s Like To Be A 16-Year-Old In Berlin Today | i-D

This is why I think it should
be important to everyone, what happens
with our world. Because in the end,
we are the ones who are fucked. EVERYTHING CHANGES WHEN YOU’RE 16 WE ASKED 16 BERLIN BASED 16 YEAR OLDS WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE 16 TODAY I started taking pictures at
raves and open airs, at parties and festivals. Taking pictures in general is
about capturing memories. It’s about how you express yourself,
how you participate in society. That’s why I stitch
messages on T-shirts. They are messages that want to
communicate peace and equality. It’s important to me in life
that you don’t have to live according to what rules
society tries to set. You should pay attention
to what makes you happy. I would consider myself as a person
who needs a lot of change in life, and that’s why I shaved my head. No matter how it looks in the end,
it was more about the feeling. At the moment,
I like mostly to skate. When you’re together,
you always find something to do. I got the opportunity in school
to be part of Model United Nations, which means that we students
reconstruct the United Nations and discuss specific opinions
of countries and making politics. I don’t think there’s a difference
in Berlin if you’re 15 or 16, despite the fact that you
can buy alcohol here at 16. Community, especially in
the skate scene, means having fun without the feeling
of being stopped through shame, constructed by yourself or others. It gives you security that often
doesn’t exist in other sports. What’s the best thing
about being 16 in Berlin? That people don’t see you
as a little baby anymore. The best thing in Berlin is
to go to the midnight cinema. You just get out at 2am
and talk about the film, or the feeling to go to the
cinema on your own. I think that gender and sexuality
shouldn’t play a big part when talking about identity, because it’s just one
little aspect of you, and theres more than
just one’s sexuality. I’m definitely finding
myself right now. 16 maybe the
age to find yourself. Maybe I haven’t
found myself yet, but I’m on it. I’m only 16,
I’m still young. I will always learn
something new every day. I like to push the boundaries
and see how far I get. Instagram is a big part
of my everyday life, I think we’re all
a bit addicted to it, which is also a big problem, because some are being
influenced by it way too much wanting to create
a version of themselves that only exists digitally. My parents are two eco-hippies, I was the little girl with
dreadlocks and rainbow jackets. In Berlin, there’s lots of
small activist groups of teenagers and our topics are things
like climate change, gentrification, capitalism, and feminism of course. The ‘Fridays For Future’
demonstrations give you hope. It’s such a crazy feeling
to stand in a crowd, everyone shouts
the same and you know that it
might change something, and that it maybe reaches
the people up there.

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  1. hahahaaa yo dit is mal n Lifestyle ey… liegt das an mir oder sehen die einfach viel zu kleen aus um so "model mäßig" in die Kamera zu guckn? naja wer bock drauf hat…

  2. I think you should kind of tell the viewers at the beginning how you choose these people and whether they are supposed to represent people of their age or people from berlin in any way.
    I personally feel like this video is glamourising the reality of the city.

  3. Real talk: These kids are cool. Honestly though, when I was 16 i felt so mature and grown up but being 16 sucks. Now that i'm 21 i'm happy i will never be 16 again. It can be fun i guess? For me it was horrible though. Being a teen doesnt have to be perfect and aesthetic and glamourous. So dont stress if your 15/16/17 and you're not dope as hell and living a wild life. You will have so much time for that.

  4. Wie die Alle auf individuell und edgy tun…Plumpes nachgelaber.
    Tut mir leid, aber ich glaube schon, dass jede Schule ein "Set" von solchen Nasen hat.

  5. they're so privileged compared to Brazilian teens and that's so fucking weird. our teens/youth should be discovering themselves, creating and having fun as well but we're all worried about everything and not living life (with purpose, since we don't have support, education, culture, and many other things) that's fucked up, we're fucked

  6. Foreigners, do not let yourselves be fooled by this Video, this not a accurate representation of the general youth in Germany, pictured here are the alternative weirdo fridays for future kids, not to say thats not ok, however most teenagers are on a different wave.

  7. You REALLY should make une of this videos in Latin America. Our reality is so different.. we face structural problems that shape us in many different ways.

  8. waiting for “being 16 year old in moscow” (i know that they won’t tell the truth cuz living and russia is a complicated thing but im just interested)

  9. I never was cool like thoses kids.. i was shy, overprotected by my parentes, geeky, lots of girl friends jaja, i never had a boyfriend. I loved creativity and tv. jajajaja. I loved skater rolling, cinema, regular things, nothing special…

  10. I'm 16 and find it really interesting to see how others are at the same age because most teens I know just go to school and watch netflix

  11. sorry but i can‘t get over the fact that you name this „what a kid is REALLY like“ stop that. unfortunately not everyone is artsy and woke and more mature than others their age. name this series for what it is. showing a certain person; with certain priviledges, a certain lifestyle. i have nothing against those kids but this whole scheme is pretentious.

  12. welcome to fucking europe. as scotman growing up in the netherlands this is relatable. yet i have the feeling this must be extra ordinary for brits/us/asians

  13. these videos all feel the same..where ever you take them in the world it seems like you go and find similar people somehow..this will sound weird and it is but these series lack diversity

  14. A lot of these videos seem the same just in a different language. If you’re gonna choose the kids make sure they’re not all the same personality ? it just seems lazy

  15. The comment section for this video sucks. I didn’t come here for “normal” I want to see subcultures of teens not the people who are trying to fit in and follow the status quo (whatever that may be in their country). I was the 16 yo weirdo 10+ years ago in a high school of people who made fun of me for being different. I’d rather hear about people who are open and welcoming of other weirdos than the cynical ones who just lump them in a box for looking hipster-y. Also I don’t want to hear from bigots or racists (for example) of which I know exist among young people as well. Let’s not spread awareness for them around just because “they exists” ?

  16. first of all: these kids are cool. second of all: this is an awfully unrealistic presentation of the german youth. not everyone is alternative and mature. the majority of people are mainstream idiots that‘ll do whatever‘s popular without thinking about it. still a good video, pretty interesting imo

  17. This looks like as if they picked those kids from some modelling agency or smthn cuz I know for sure that the majority of 16 yr old kids are not like that, like AT ALL

  18. With all of this political drama surrounding mass immigration to Germany and western Europe its VERY IMPORTANT to also realize and acknowledge the fact that german people are WHITE! Because leftist publications like National Geographic are trying to push this idea that you can be black and be european or german which is bullshit and FALSE brainwashing ideology especially since it’s geared towards brainwashing and guilt tripping young european children!

  19. 16 people can't tell you anything about being young in Berlin out of such a large population. Cherry picking your agenda against the backdrop of hundreds of thousands of youth……crass shyt.

  20. “Which is also a big problem because some are being influenced by it way too much” while the video shows glamorized aesthetic clips of her posing and showing off her purse, it’s pretty disgusting and proves her exact point. Don’t judge yourself based on how artsy, fashionable, and outgoing these kids may seem. Go at your own pace and try not to let projecting an image keep you from living

  21. Immer die gleiche art von privilegierten Teens. Finde nicht gut dass nur diese eine bestimmte Gruppe von "cool kids" gezeigt wird. Was ist mit den anderen ?

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