100 Replies to “What To Do If You’re Too High On Weed”

  1. I got so high off of an edible I got trapped in a loop. Swear I thought I was in hell, woke up the next day and I was still high. Terrifying!!!!

  2. LMFAOOOOOO the pepper grinds 😂 I was panicking and went to grab pepper and ate almost the entire bottle and here she says to sniff it LMFAOOOOOO I'm too high

  3. Once I got so high I was so paranoid my dad was going to come home I kept pacing up and down and then went to the fridge and chugged a bunch of syrup thinking it would “sober me up” 😂

  4. There's this one time I was at a park with my brother and friend we smoked out of a kazoo pipe we made 😂 we smoked got fucked up we didn't feel anything till we started walking home and oh Jesus we barley could walk cut to the chase I had to do dishes and I could barley do em I was sweating cause the water and all I wanted to do was play Xbox that was when I was to fucked up

  5. Help im snapping in and out of reality and I have this effect like nothings real and im not living I keep having reverse affets and I have ddry mout

  6. I am high as fuck never more fucker it is extremely high my mouth is like the Sahara desert need to go shops and drink and eat but himeboys aremesiing us up you catch my drift like wow

  7. Damn, yesterday evening was the scariest day of my life. I litteraly thought that I'm going to die.
    My heart was beating very hard, and It was too hard to breath.

    You'd never believe what I was thinking. But I made it out. And you will. Eat sometning sweet with sugar, take a warm bath and try to get some sleep after.

  8. I was really hoping you would tell me that you’re not a part of the government, I really coulda used that.

  9. I'm so high right now I I I'm not even a typing and and you know what I I I'm using Google voice keyboard right now I am so high I don't know why I'm saying this I shouldn't comment this what if a cop read this comment I think I am thinking a lot yes I am right I shouldn't think about a cop right but I think I am still thinking yes I am thinking again it's so messy I think I should go and take a nap but what if I slept for years and never woke up again I don't know why I'm thinking like this I actually need one more joint so I can be in heaven weed is not good don't ever smoke it I am also gonna quit smoking weed I'll just have one more joint by

  10. Who the fuck is this lady who has never done drugs telling me how to do drugs? She sounds like she is talking about mushrooms or peyote. Shut the fuck up you corporate idiot.

  11. I didn’t even smoke that much and I felt it instantly I was so scared because my vision was like 2 fps and the corners were fuzzy then i couldn’t focus on anything but my mouth and I could feel me drinking water and eating 100x more then I did normally is the weed laced or did I just get too high because I kinda want to smoke more😂

  12. Im super HIGH right now i forgot what i was doing 4 times 5* comment section helped me more i will get back here if i survive

  13. I would also add one thing. Think about your thoughts as they would be clouds and as clouds do they come and go so just breathe and let the bad thoughts go. Just let go of them and let go of control. Trust me you will feel way better 🙂

  14. Alright so i took some eddibles my buddy had made. They were brownies so usually his brownies were pretty weak so i ate two. He only had half of one because he was driving home.

    I spent most of the concert tripping the fuck out in the bathroom trying to calm myself down. I tried watching this video and i did not help and i immediately got the spins

  15. bro this bitch made me sniff pepper and drink coffee bitch wym coffee just dried tf outa my mouth and pepper just made the high worse.

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