What’s Come Out About The Old Man From Pawn Stars Since He Died

A combination of a TV star and TV character,
viewers welcomed Richard Harrison into their homes over several hundred episodes. His presence from the pawn shop and Pawn Stars
will be missed, and he’s just as compelling of a guy after he passed on. Richard Harrison died on June 25th, 2018,
at the age of 77. His son, Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison, confirmed
his father’s passing via Instagram. Underneath a stylish shot of the Old Man,
the younger Harrison wrote, in part, “Richard Benjamin ‘The Old Man’ Harrison
passed away this morning surrounded by those he loved. He will be tremendously missed by our family,
the team at Gold & Silver Pawn and his many fans the world over.” “There’s a lot of memories here, and most
of those memories are with my father.” Later that day, Rick released another photo
of the Old Man this time as a young man to Instagram, revealing in his caption that the
elder Harrison had, quote, “lost his long battle with Parkinson’s this morning.” Very few people outside of Harrison’s inner
circle knew that he was sick, so his death was a surprise to most as was the cause, a
devastating, progressive neurological condition. Shortly after the Old Man died, Pawn Stars’
Austin “Chumlee” Russell” told TMZ, “We had kind of had been preparing for it
for a while now, and I spent quite a bit of time at his house this past week just knowing
that it could be coming soon and I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time and memories
left with him while he was still here.” “This looks awesome, I’ll go with you… “No you won’t, dumb-dumb, I’ll go by myself.” The average viewer probably had no idea that
Harrison served in a variety of roles in the U.S. Navy for more than 20 years. As Rick recalled in his 2011 book License
to Pawn, the Old Man stole a car when he was 17, and a North Carolina judge gave him a
choice: enlist or go to jail. Enlist he did, and after training, he shipped
out for tours on 2 different destroyers. Over the following years, he won promotions
all the way up to first class petty officer and retired from the Navy in 1979. Harrison told Navy Times, “Out of 20 years, I was deployed about 10. The only reason I got out was that I had three
teenage boys, and the wife couldn’t handle them.” Harrison died a wealthy man at the age of
77. He set up a will naming his wife and three
sons as his heirs and beneficiaries. His trusted Pawn Stars partner, Rick, was
named the executor. But according to legal papers published by
The Blast, Harrison filed an update in 2017 that he specified to make sure his son Christopher
didn’t get a dime. The Old Man wrote in the document, “I would like to express my love and affection
for Christopher Keith Harrison, however, for purposes of this Will, I have intentionally
and with full knowledge failed to provide for him and his issue.” He gave no reason for the financial slight. So what’s next for Pawn Stars? Just two days after Harrison’s death, the
History Channel aired “A Treasure Remembered,” a special tribute episode consisting of Harrison’s
most memorable moments. Not long after, the show went into production
for its 16th season. Rick, Corey, and Chumlee all returned, and
no new hires were brought in to replace the Old Man. There has been one major change for Pawn Stars,
however. When it returned after a long hiatus in January
2019, the show’s episodes doubled in length, expanding from a half-hour running time to
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  1. Old man passed and perverts here are making fun of it ,I mean are they doing it to their passed parents ?

  2. I'd like to hear from poor Christoher, as obviously, what a father could not tell others to provide should he try, could have been helpful. Obviously this child sensed this, somehow deep inside. Is like to hear this situation.That hurt my heart.

  3. Knew he was in the Navy, didn't realize had retired from the Navy. Instead of spending all those later years in life at the shop I would have been out living it large spending Rick's inheritance.

  4. I'm so sorry free cousin lost I'm so sorry I'm bringing father I love you all I love you so much I love you I love you

  5. It's says he died of Parkinson's but I never seen him shake. My mother has Parkinson's and the old man never looked like he had Parkinson's. Hmmmm

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