What’s in My Purse/Diaper Bag + How I Organize My LV Neverfull

hey everybody its Sara from The Style Blog
welcome back I’m so happy you’re here today today’s video I want to go
over what’s in my purse / diaper bag in case you’re wondering
why I’m so dressed up today it’s because I just got back from a baby shower and I
filmed I get ready with me video before I went so that will go up on Friday so
stay tuned for that video so I wanted to do a what’s in my purse video but my
purse is also my diaper bag so we’re just gonna make it two in one this is
the Louis Vuitton neverfull the GM the big huge version because I need to carry
around so much stuff now that I’m responsible for another tiny human all
right & disclaimer I took nothing out of this bag before I started filming so
you get the real deal so here is my purse I know it looks like a mess but it
actually is organized I know where everything is
also I want to mention that I got this amazing purse organizer on Etsy this is
not sponsored they have no idea that I’m telling you about this and I will link
it below um you can get these in any color felt you can design if you want
handles on it where you want the pockets etc and it was really inexpensive and
I’m so happy I got this because otherwise it would be an unorganized
mess and I would never be able to find anything ok so let’s just go over
what’s on the top first and then I’ll go over how the things are arranged in the
organizer so I have this little Jelly Cat Penelope poodle
she is so cool and spunky and fun look at her eyelashes this is my daughter’s
toy however I love her so much and she’s so cute
she may just need to sit here with me through the video ok then I have this
mrs. Vicki’s smokehouse barbecue chips on top got these from tropical
smoothie cafe yesterday their chicken caprese panini is amazing next sort of
on top I have these cute little shoes for my girl these are from H&M she loves
them because they have little pom-poms on top and they’re so cute
ok so now you can see the organization much better so basically this half is
her stuff and then this half is my stuff ok so for her half I have her wipes
a bunch of diapers guys am I gonna pull everything out of this I think we are I
think I am Oh help us help us ok then in that pocket I have these like dog pee
pads and honestly this is the most valuable possession in my purse it
sounds crazy they’re just like the pee pads you put on the ground if like you
have a dog that has accidents and these have been a lifesaver
especially on our road trips to and from Florida because she’ll have a blowout
and we can put this down on the huge console and change her there and not
have to worry about getting poop on the console lifesaver if you don’t have them in
your diaper bag I highly highly recommend them next I just have some
Aquaphor for her little booty oh how cute in her little pocket we have these
little Wiki Stix from Surf Hut have any of you ever been to Surf Hut in
Destin that’s like my favorite place so we got these a couple weeks ago when we
were in florida at Surf Hut and i don’t think she played with them but
they’re just stashed away for a rainy cranky day then the next pocket over we
have just a little like snot sucker thing some little tissues nothing
exciting there another highly highly recommended thing for your diaper bag if
you don’t have these these are dog poop bags I know we have like all this dog
excretory stuff but these are a lifesaver especially for these… I feel like
my entire life is blowouts in the car but these are so handy for when like she
would have a blowout it would get all over her onesie and then it would get
all over like her diaper and we had the wipes so we put her clothes that we
needed to keep in one of these & tied it up and put it somewhere safe that we
would remember where it was and then we put all the other stuff the diaper and
the wipes and all that in another one of these and just threw it away it saved
us so much mess it was amazing so highly recommend these we usually have these
with us anyway because we travel with our dogs next I just have some extra clothes for
her when she if she gets too dirty or whatever happens these are stuff that
she doesn’t really wear very often so I just put them in here to carry them
around a cute little KC shirt go Chiefs Super Bowl in two weeks
yay then I have like this little it says I love you daddy I’m pretty
sure I got this for her for Father’s Day or something I don’t know or Grant’s
birthday I don’t know it’s too small and stained it’s just an emergency onesie
also have a burp cloth in here she doesn’t really burp up anymore but these
are super absorbent and good for like cleaning up who knows what you never
know what it’s gonna be with a baby anything that needs cleaned up these are
so absorbent this one’s from copper and pearl and it’s so cute I honestly think
that is most of the stuff for her I think the rest of the stuff is kind of
for me and for everyone then I have this little keychain it says seaside on it we got
it down on 30a in Seaside Florida uh I have the key on it I’m not sure what
this key’s for I don’t think it’s to this house it might be our old house who even
knows I should probably an updated key might be our old mailbox who even knows extra
baggies you always need a baggie have a receipt from the dermatologist I went &
got a skin check this is off of a book she tore off a little flap then I have
some I’m not even gonna show these because there’s some pervy dudes that
watch these videos and it’s just a shame because I feel like 99.9% of you are
like my besties for life and I love you so much and I would share anything with
you and there’s like the point one percent that’s like the creepy dudes who
watch these I try to block them all but you can’t get them all I’m not gonna
show you my underwear but I do have underwear in here because like sometimes
you just gotta feel refreshed like sometimes you get sweaty or you know you
start your period or whatever it is and you just need a new fresh pair of
underwear so that’s what these are for you know you just gonna have them
just stick an extra pair of undies in your purse you’ll thank me later
what just have this old sunglasses case bag from fossil I haven’t
owned a pair of fossil sunglasses in like 10 years
I don’t even know what’s in this oh just like some hair ties some bobby pins and
a pair of what’s this called nail trimmers hello so that’s good to have I
guess didn’t even know what was in there ok moving on stuck on the side here is
my check book this is just an old Guess cover I
don’t know I should probably get a cuter newer one
I don’t really write checks that often but I feel like when I don’t have my
checkbook I need to write a check I probably write like three-four checks a year and
whenever I needed it I didn’t have it so now it just stays in this little pocket on
the side then let’s see I have a receipt from Carter’s from Destin when we were in
Florida have my wallet I hardly ever use my wallet. Does anyone feel like you
don’t use cash anymore ever and I keep my cards in my phone like in
my phone case & my ID so I feel like I don’t really even use this just have a
little bit of cash some old ID cards and debit card have some pictures of my
brother oh these are so cute I love these that makes me so happy I didn’t
even know I had these in there oh hello Willdabeast miss you so much
well that makes me happy ok I’m so happy I have those in there have some
old insurance cards and then this is um well this is all in Portuguese it says don’t
feed the animals that’s the only thing in English I think this was for the
Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio when we went in like the gondola ride up there I’m
pretty sure this is from there it’s from 2012 so I’ve had this wallet a long time and oh
this is my husband this is his senior picture from high school what a little
cutie that was how long ago 10 years ago that’s a long time getting old guys then
I have this popsicle stick it says “Out of the same mouth come praise and
cursing my brothers and sisters this should not be.” James 3:10 this was like a
Church sermon one week and he passed out these popsicle sticks and your were supposed to
write on them so I keep this in my purse and that is it and I have some coins in
here just a couple of coins a lot of stuff I carry so much stuff around with
me ok I have my sunglasses these are some Prada sunglasses my husband got
these for me I love them they’re awesome in this little pocket I have some more I
have two little hair ties and this like brush mirror thing and the next pocket
here I have some Advil and I have another advil don’t know why
maybe I get a lot of headaches cramps who knows what I also have some EOS
just some lip balm I have a NYX lipstick what shade is this b-52 oh this is just
a nice color just to touch up your lips during the day I have this every one
hand sanitizer spray stuff smells so good it smells really good it’s just
like a hand sanitizer obviously because that’s what the title says duh Sara have
another lip stick this is Midi from colour-pop you can’t even read it
anymore because it’s so worn out I also have a Tarte lights camera lashes just
like a you know travel size in case you need to touch up those lashes on the
road have some Aveeno baby dry lotion just in like a travel pack here another
hand sanitizer hello it’s flu season we use so much hand sanitizer next I have
these three pins here where are these from
oh these two are from like closing companies for our houses and this one’s
from MidAmerica Nazarene where I went to got my second bachelor’s degree some
nice clean and clear oil blotting sheets have this mirror looks like it’s from Estee
Lauder this probably came as a free gift with something have some little kiddie
scissors you never know when you’re gonna need scissors I feel like I need
scissors all the time I have them in every room in my house have some
popsicle sticks and a gum wrapper I’m pretty sure she got these at her doctors
appointment when she kept trying to put the doctor’s stethoscope in her mouth so she
gave her these to put in her mouth instead guys look how empty this is O-M-G
I haven’t seen it this empty since I got it okay some orbit gum and sweet mint
this is my favorite gum my favorite flavor have some more band-aids a
Starbucks wrapper trash oh my goodness I have a lot of gum so much gum
have a receipt from at home we went and bought some just
like accessories for the house lastly I have this connected in here it just
comes with the purse I just keep this with me in case I need to go somewhere
and only take like a little clutch then I can just unclip this and take this
with me sometimes you don’t need this whole entire humongo bag this is a
target receipt it’s so worn out I can’t even tell what I bought and last but not
least we’ll go in this little pocket over here oh it’s all feminine products oh if
you don’t want to see these just skip to the end now this is a lot I think I
must be paranoid that I’m not going to have what I need when I need it
that’s a lot there’s still more in here oh boy
another little baggie what is this oh it’s my sunflower lecithin pill I
used to take these when I was breastfeeding because I got so many
clogs like clogged ducts and they were so painful and so annoying to clear
so I like had to take these every six hours during the day and if I missed one
I would get a huge clog and I it was awful it was really awful so I can throw
this away now hallelujah not breastfeeding any longer and some more
tampons so many tampons so that is all that is in my bag I can’t believe all of
this stuff was in here this is a lot a lot of stuff um
I highly recommend getting an organizer for your bag if you have a big bag like
I do so I will link the organizer and some of these important things I have
down below just so you guys don’t have to go all over the internet searching
for them I can’t say enough good things about this organizer it doesn’t even get
dirty I like that I got it in a cream color so I can kind of see what’s in
every pocket it’s amazing so I hope you all enjoyed this video showing what’s in
my purse slash diaper bag and how I organized it I will see you all next
time thanks so much for tuning in bye PS don’t forget to tune in in two days on
Friday for this get ready with me look of going to a baby shower alright see
you next time

7 Replies to “What’s in My Purse/Diaper Bag + How I Organize My LV Neverfull”

  1. My nephew is 18 months. It's great to have a nephew because I won't have kids, personal choice. I just went through my purse a little during lunch. This is kind of funny, but we were at a Chinese buffet my mom and I. I found training chop sticks in my purse and I started using them. I never know what is in my purse. 🙂 I love these kinds of videos. I went through my purse completely when I came home. I have a really nice green/teal color wallet I got from Amazon, that I'm really happy with. Maybe I'll post a pic on Instagram. I also have room for my Kindle Tablet or my Nook Tablet, depending on my mood of the day. The other thing I always have to carry is a small container of glasses lens cleaner. Aquaphor (spelling?) is the best according to my dermatologist. Also I have to have a handkerchief for allergies.

  2. I'm going to tell my sister about those snot sucker, do they actually work better? I need to ask my mom for pics of my brother to put in my wallet. I need to check to see if I have a pic of my nephew. I'm 100% relate-able with everything except the baby stuff, but I did get my sister a few things for her baby shower.

  3. Last year I got the neverfull in monogram and the middle size. I got an organizer similar to that off amazon. I love it! I ordered the mama bear sweatshirt you talked about and it’s being delivered today. Basically we’re twins! 😜

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