What’s it worth? Antique Appraisals

IT WORTH” EVENT. AND AS FOX TEN NEWS REPORTER STEVE ALEXANDER TELL US, YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED BY SOME OF THE ITEMS APPRAISERS LOOKED AT. Pete Byrd brought in one of the oldest items. SOUND 1 “I have a newspaper from January the 4th, 1800.” It was the Ulster County Gazette…and featured a famous name. SOUND 2 “The thing that caught my eye: it has right here: George Washington was entombed on this date.” The newspaper was appraised at about 500 dollars, but like so many things brought to Fort Conde today, it had great sentimental value. SOUND 3 “I think she is probably 80 to 90 years old.” Take the stuffed doll Yolanda Lynch and her mother brought in. SOUND 4 “She’s about 100 dollars, but its more important for us to keep her in the family, but we wanted to know more about her, and we’re so glad we came down and found out about her. It was awesome.” Brenda Wilkerson brought in a carousel horse. SOUND 5 “They said it was decorative piece, and it’s going to stay my decorative piece.” But some items did have monetary value, like these arrowheads. SOUND 6 “In that condition, I’d say 2 to 400.” And, especially these gold coins and bracelet. SOUND 7 “I have a bag at home with some other pieces, some other gold pieces.” SOUND 8 “Bracelet: somewhere been 8 and 10,000. It was great grandmothers.” But in all cases, you don’t just define value by money. SOUND 9 “A lot of things are not real valuable that people bring in, but they’re valuable to them.” SOUND 10 “She looks great for an old girl, doesn’t she?” Reporting from Fort Conde, Steve Alexander, Fox Ten News. “WHAT’S ITS WORTH” CONTINUES TOMORROW FROM 8 AM UNTIL 4 PM AT FORT CONDE. THE CHARGE IS THREE DOLLARS PER ITEM APPRAISED. ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT

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