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Where I Live
martha Angus Hi I’m Martha Angus I’m an interior designer and an artist. I live in San francisco and I spent my weekends
in napa. Which I love beyond belief. I built the house, designed and built it
about five years ago And we’re thrilled with the result. I bought it because I love the property It’s one square acre and I was very just crazy about the big old oak trees in the front
and the vineyards in the front and the back As an interior designer I like to do spaces with good bones and fairly neutral uh fairly neutral colors
and then and like to sort of go in and put like sort of splashes of colors sort of like the bright green sofas or the bright artwork, but I basically like a very
neutral very simplistic space. It’s classic but it’s clean and i’d like to sort of throw in bits of sort of quirky objects and powerful
contemporary art this house has just good energy and wonderful
light fantastic light I love the fact that it faces two vineyards,
I had the luxury of having vineyards but not having to maintain them and I love to just walk down the lane buy
a bottle of wine, bring it back for dinner knowing that the grapes came from my backyard. I have a lot of are and passionate about art, it’s
probably the most important thing to me other than design. I also love to shop in France, a lot of the things
I bought, I bought in the flea markets in France, I bring them back for my clients and a few for myself These two wood panels I bought in new York city
in an antique shop and the dealer didn’t know where they came
from so I’m not sure how she happened upon them but I think they’re antique Wall panels. The dog is Pluto. Pluto I bought in the south of
France. He used to be an a merry-go-round, he was outside so much he lost his paint, but to me he’s sort of the Jeff Koons poor man’s sculpture. My favorite space is in here it’s in the living room I like to sit on that chair, I like to just sort of take in the light
coming in read a book I think pottery barn likes to use my house
as a backdrop to their furniture in catalogs because it’s
very neutral it’s a large space it has good bones. When I open the catalogs I love racing through them and I find, I find my house as a background in quite a few
of the pictures and I’m always like oh my gosh look at this it’s my living room
but they made it into a bedroom, how clever is that? so I love discovering them this house is my own personal expression I
do things for clients and I do things their way, but it’s kind of of real luxury to
be able to do things as I envision them Pottery Barn

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