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Where I Live
Sara Anderson Hi I’m Sara Anderson and if I have an antique shop in Sonoma
California and I was very drawn to this home it’s my favorite home in all of Sonoma. It’s one of
oldest homes in Sonoma, I think one of the first five that
was ever built here from eighteen seventy five we knew we wanted to maintain the integrity
of the house and not make too many the changes because it’s an old victorian home and I wanted to keep it as it was originally.
Well the overall focus in setting up the home was to make it very warm and inviting
like a farm house and just creating an environment that that
people felt comfortable that they walked in and sort of felt like they were getting a bear
hug when they walked into the house, just cozy. So the entertaining space that I find very interesting is the dining
room because we have a long trestle table in there
and it’s very narrow and when I used to come and visit my friend who was the previous owner she would have all of her neighbors sitting around the table
and it was just a very fun gathering and I tried to replicate that here in this house but of course the kitchen everybody’s always
in the kitchen so I try to find other areas in the house where I can you know,
have cocktails and appetizers and things but everybody always
wants to follow me back into the kitchen and it’s a nice space because it’s pretty large
and there’s a big island in the middle also I I don’t mind well everybody who walks through this house says you need
to change everything now that you have a child and I keep thinking well I, that’s going to be very complicated because
I like the space that I live in right now where my husband and I spend our time now
in the television room has a nice cushy carpet there really isn’t anything that needs to be baby-proofed in that
room and I feel that we’ll spend a lot of our time in there. I had lunch with a friend
and she had a dream about the baby’s room, and it included black and white photographs
the famous baseball players and great thinkers of the day so my husband’s just so happy to have
a collection of black and white photographs of famous
ballplayers and a few great thinkers of the day like
winston churchill and JFK my husband thought it would be a great idea
to put it chalk boards above each of the photographs
and put different words that were inspirational for
a child like courage and strength so that was very fun When Pottery Barn was here they would just recreate spaces
and after seeing the photos behind the camera it was just amazing the transformation
that they could put this house through and it was an enjoyable experience all the way around the one thing that really sticks out in
my mind when they were working upstairs and one of the bedrooms that I had finished but when they took all the furniture out and put it into another bedroom and put the pottery barn furniture
in they had a wonderful bed and a desk and I looked at way the room was situated
and I thought that’s how this room should be situated so I was just about to leave town and I talked
to one of the stylists and I said when you put the room back together because
they always put it exactly as you had it before I said when you put the room back together will you just be creative and put it back however you think
that it should be and so I came back home from my vacation and I was so pleasantly surprised because the room was
perfect I just love the way they would layer all these interesting objects from a throw to plants and
things on the table that sort of brought all of the whole scene of the interior together and it was very interesting to me because
that’s the way I like to approach my own home and have layers of interesting things that mean something
to me and just make feel like it’s been lived in forever Pottery Barn

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