– All right. Let’s do this. You ready? You ready to drop some truth? (chomping) – Hi guys, it’s Candice, The Edgy Veg. And today I wanted to do a quick Q&A with you guys to catch you up on my life the last three months
I’ve been off YouTube? I think it’s been three. Damn that’s a long time. Well, welcome back. All right so I wanna start doing more of these Q&A type
videos, like in a series. So if you guys have any fun names, like I don’t know, Ask Candice. See this is where I am
creatively right now. Leave them in the comments section below and maybe we can came up
with a fun name together. All right so you guys might have noticed that I’ve been gone for a while. A few things have happened. I went to Italy for a month
to shoot a series there, which I am still frantically working on, so stay tuned for that. I’ve moved, so– (dog barking) If you could be less vocal. Just like cheer me on in a quiet way. New space, just getting used to it now. I’m more or less moved in and
some things have happened, which we’re gonna talk about today. So let’s hop right into it. Brace yourself. I’m bracing myself. So I posted on my Instagram in the feed and then I also posted on my story, so I’m going to be pulling
my questions from there. So if you have any questions
that you want answered after today’s video you can leave them in the comment section
below and I will do my best to answer them for you. Let’s do the questions from stories first. I love that new little feature
where you can ask a question. It makes my job so much easier. I’m gonna start with one
that’s come up a lot, like every third question. Where is James? You both looked so happy. I hope you’re okay. Sorry, not trying to be nosy. There was a lot of nosy people. Some people were polite about it. Other people, not so much, kind of took it as like their chance to gossip in the comment section. I have some feelings about that. First of all, I am a person. Yes, I am here for your entertainment. I am here to give you
guys recipe, inspiration, but influencers, people like me, we are people and it kind of sucks to watch you guys gossip
in the comment section about something that
could be really painful. Just FYI. I’m a human being, I have feelings. Where is James? Where is James? There’s a lot of where is James? Are you and James donezo? Are you and James okay? Just curious, haven’t seen him in a while. Are you still with your boyfriend? He was my husband. So I’m just gonna rip
this off like a Band-Aid. James and I are no longer together. It sucks and it’s sad. I’m not gonna cry. (laughing) wow, didn’t think I was
gonna have this reaction. Not doing this, this
is not why I did this. It’s sad. I have had time to process it. Somethings just don’t work
no matter how hard you try, and just because you love someone doesn’t mean it’s going to work out. So that’s all I’m going to say about that. I do like to keep my private life private. So I moved out, I have a new space. I’ve been creating lots of
awesome videos for you guys here with new creativity, but sadly James just
won’t be in them anymore. So that’s all I’m going to say about that. I won’t be answering
your questions about it. I just need a little bit of my life for me and not on the internet. Something that personal,
some people choose to share, I’m choosing not to. So please respect me,
please respect James. Just let it go, we’re not together. All right now that we
got that out of the way, let’s go to something less depressing. What is your favorite makeup brands? Ew, I like this one. I’m still figuring this
out, believe it or not. So I really only wear makeup
if I have an event to go to or I’m filming a video for you guys. I have really, really, really tricky skin. I have acne prone skin. It just gets clogged super easily. So when I’m a home I don’t wear makeup, and I try not to wear
makeup during the week unless I have somewhere to go. But the makeup that I do use, I love the Deciem Ordinary Foundation. I love Tarte. Tarte is one of my favorite,
favorite makeup companies. Urban Decay has a lot of
vegan options as well. If you want like a really
great drugstore brand, NYX is one of my favorites. It’s more or less easy to get. When I travel it’s one
that I can definitely find almost anywhere in
like a major drugstore. What else do I have? Oh yeah, I like Milk. Smashbox is another one that I like. I have some old Arbonne. I don’t really buy Arbonne. I had a girlfriend that was doing Arbonne, so I bought this foundation a while ago. Maybe a year ago. Are you supposed to use
foundation if it’s been a year? Whatever, doesn’t matter. But I started using it because
I ran out of my other one. So I have that. I don’t wear a lot of
makeup and I don’t like spending money on makeup
because I just find it to be, it’s expensive for what it is. Oh, I have some E.L.F. as well. I think that’s about it. Sorry, if that’s like
really boring for you guys. I’m the wrong person to ask for makeup because I just don’t
really wear very much. Life update video. Maybe I’ll splice that in a
little bit throughout here. So life update, I got
back from Italy in June. I spent six weeks there. It was incredible. I took a girlfriend of
mine who I work with. We traveled all over the place. It was so much fun. I ate my way through Italy. It was like a very strict busy schedule which was great. So there wasn’t a lot of downtime. Probably would have liked
a little bit more of that. Spent a week in Milan by myself, so I guess that was a bit more relaxing. Like I said before, I’m
creating a series on it so you can stay tuned for that. I moved, I love my home. I love my booby pillow. I also have a bum shower curtain with a bunch of butts on it. So I’m in a spot where I’m
trying to re-find myself. James and I were together
for almost five years. That’s a really long time. So I’ve changed a lot since we first met. I’ve changed a lot in the last year. I’ve changed a lot in the last six months. I’ve changed a lot in
the last three months. So I have my new space. I love being in my own space. I love the inspiration that
comes with a blank canvas, and the dogs are here. Say hello. The dogs are here and
they’re majorly supportive. Harley’s too far to reach. We’re just like living
our happy, happy lives. I’m just keeping myself busy. New blog post coming up. New video. Oh that was gross. (laughing) I am filming a bunch
of videos for you guys. As of now they’re going out weekly, creating blog posts and
recipes for you guys. And if you guys want
to stay more up to date on what I’m doing I have
two Instagram accounts. So I have @Candice_Hutchings,
which is more personal. I think it’s the more fun
Instagram account, but whatever. And then I have the
@EdgyVeg account as well. And I post on both. The Edgy Veg account is more for food and food related content. And then the Candice Hutchings
one is like the real Candice. It’s a lot of me without makeup. It’s a lot of swearing. It’s a lot of fails, me out
with my friends, a lot of dogs. The dogs even have their
own Instagram account, if you’re interested in that. It’s @VedgyDogs, spelt like
Edgy Dogs but with a v. I think that’s enough of
a life update for now. Let’s get to another question. Will you be at the Vegan
Fest in Montreal in October? I wasn’t, but maybe now I will. (laughing) Not a question but I love your channel. Aww, thank you. Why did you move? Love the new place. I moved because James and I separated. So that’s why I moved. And I’m so glad that
you love the new place. I don’t know if you’re
noticing a theme here? I like plants. When are you coming to London? I was in London in May. There was some sort of
strike when I flew to Italy. Well on my way to flying to Italy. So I had to stop in London. I was there for three days. And you people are incredible. I think it was three days? No, barely three days because
I spent one day sleeping because I was, I was gonna say hungover. I was jet lagged, I
swear, I was jet lagged. Yeah two days, 48 hours. I’ve never eaten so much
food in my life in 48 hours. Any new videos coming soon? You betcha. I want to be as cool as you. How can I make that happen? First of all, not cool. Like, so not cool. I am awkward and messy and I talk in a baby voice
to my dogs all day long. Not cool. If you could travel anywhere
in the world where and, what? Oh, I’m just terrible
at reading apparently. If you can travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why? Three months ago my answer
would have been Italy. But I’ve been there now. Morocco. It was either between
Thailand and Morocco. I still have not been to Thailand. I know that this is a recurring
thing in these videos. Morocco for sure. Why, I love Middle Eastern food. It’s easy to veganize. And I just love the aesthetic of Morocco. I just think the culture is
just beautiful and vibrant and I would like to really
immerse myself in it. What is your favorite pineapple recipe? If I can be honest, I don’t do a lot of cooking
or baking with pineapple. I don’t even think I have a, I have a pineapple ice cream,
black ice cream recipe. If you don’t want it to be black you could just not add the black charcoal. I’ll leave it in the
description box for you to try out if you’re
into pineapple ice cream. Do you have a good skincare that you like? I feel like that’s supposed
to say skincare product? So I use medical grade skincare because I have a lot of acne problems. So I get that from my aesthetician. So those products are
DermaQuest and Alyria. And I think they’re
both Canadian companies and they don’t test on animals, which is really the only
criteria for me in skincare. But they’re medical grade products. And then I also use a lot of
the ordinary Deciem products as well from the Abnormal Beauty Company because they’re inexpensive
but they’re super high quality. And I love them and they work. What’s been your favorite burger brand? All right, this is a
two-part answer for me. If I’m going to a restaurant in America, the Impossible Burger. If I’m going to the grocery
store to buy a burger, the Beyond Meat Burger is my favorite because it is the most meaty. I mean, I don’t miss meat, I’ll eat whatever veggie
burger really, if I’m honest. But I do love, love, love the flavor of the Beyond Meat Burger. A close second to the Beyond Meat Burger is the Field Roast Burger, the hand-formed ones? Yeah, that’s my favorite. What’s your five? What? I swear I graduated multiple
things and can read. What’s your five fave vegan snacks? Oh, like brands or types of snacks? Hmm, I really like popcorn. Popcorn’s a good one but
not like plain popcorn. I mean like popcorn with
like the flavor shakers from my cookbook or just
a lot of Earth Balance and Cajun seasoning or
really anything with popcorn. What else? I’m just, you know what, I’m equally a chip salty type of person and like a cookies sweet type of person. So probably popcorn, cookies, chips. A good vegan jerky, could eat
a whole (bleep) bag of that. I don’t feel like it was necessary to swear there but I did it anyway. You know what I really like? Ice cream, yeah, like all the ice cream. Like the Tofurky ice cream sandwiches. Could eat an entire box in one sitting. You’re welcome, go try them. I’m also Canadian and starting to look into vegan clothing/footwear options. Any suggestions? This one was super hard for
me when I first went vegan. It still is sometimes with the footwear. I’m very lucky to live in a city where we have a vegan store
called The Vegan Imperative. They have clothing and makeup
and housewares and shoes. It’s a little bit more expensive, so if you’re on a budget that might not be a great option for you, but a lot of it I buy online. And also, with footwear,
a lot of those companies that are a little bit less expensive, so things like Aldo or Le Chateau, like quick fashion companies, a lot of their shoes will
be made of manmade materials and not leather because it’s cheaper. So there’s a store in
Toronto on Queens Street called Duhamel and Co and
they only have vegan shoes. They just bring in shoes without leather. So it’s a good place for me to just go and get an inexpensive shoe
for like $50, $100, $150. And they’re cute and yeah,
it’s easy that way for me because I live in a big city. But a lot of those inexpensive stores will have shoes that are made
out of manmade materials. So that’s kind of a fun hack. For clothing, I just don’t
really buy new clothes. Every once in a while. There’s two stores in Toronto that I will shop at and that’s it. The rest is all thrifted. I love secondhand clothes. I love antique stores and
vintage clothing stores. I love doing clothing
swaps with my friends. It’s less expensive and it’s
better on the environment, so that’s how I choose to go shopping. You kind of have to just
figure out what works for you. Plus, if you thrift or like vintage shop or swap clothing with other
people most of the time you have different clothes
than everybody else. There’s nothing worse
than showing up to a party in the same H&M dress
that somebody else has on. Favorite store to shop for groceries? Like chains? Like I don’t really
understand the question. But I’ll answer as best as I can. So I shop at big box grocery stores or like produce and then that sort of thing. And then I shop at health food stores or healthy grocery stores for
like vegan-specific things. The German heritage thing, pleeeeeeeeease. I’m assuming you want me to
talk about why I’m German. Well, not why I’m German but like I grew up in Germany. I was born there. My mother is German,
my father is Canadian. He was in the military and
he was stationed in Laar. So my parents met at a discotheque and then they got married and then like a year later bing, I popped out. And then I moved to Canada and
I go back every couple years and visit my grandparents
and my aunts and uncles and friends that I have in Germany. I was just there in
December and it was amazing to see my grandparents. It had actually been five years
since I had seen them last. My mom’s there right now visiting them. Yeah, that’s the German heritage thing. (foreign language) That’s for all you Germans out there. Where are your glasses in
your last few stories from? Love them. If you haven’t seen me in my glasses, I don’t wear them all the time. They are from EyeBuyDirect. And I don’t remember what they’re called. I think it was something with a d. I don’t know, good luck to you. That is a scavenger hunt
that I will not help you with ’cause I don’t remember. But they’re amazing and I love them and I lost them actually. I don’t know where they are. So I’m gonna have to figure it out myself to reorder a new pair. Are you settled in your new place? More or less. Yeah, kind of. It’s a lot smaller than my old place and I do not have a storage unit, so my place is more or less a studio with some comfy nooks to sit in. But yeah, I’m happy here. If you could live anywhere
else in the world where… Apparently I just went through puberty. If you could live
anywhere else in the world where would it be and why? I would live in Italy, hands down, my favorite
place in the entire world. I’ve always been drawn to
Italy even as a small child. We used to vacation in
Italy, on the ocean. We would like drive our trailer and like park in the sand and stay there for like a week with my aunt and uncle. I loved it and I was
always drawn to go back. I love the culture. I love the food. It’s a lot more slow paced, which for me is a good thing. Because I have a lot of
anxiety and depression I find that the North
American way of living just can get me down a lot of the time, and also Canadian winters. But this like North American rat race of if you are not burning out
and having a mental breakdown you are not working hard enough kills me. It’s the reason why I take
really long breaks from YouTube because the pressure is a lot and trying to keep up
with everybody is a lot, and I’m such a perfectionist
and I’m so hard on myself that if I’m not keeping up with
everybody I beat myself up. And it’s not as simple as
just being like don’t do that. I do, and as much as I
try not to it happens and then I have a breakdown. And I know I’m not the only person out there that feels that way. It’s a lot of pressure
because I don’t want to let you guys down and I
don’t want to let myself down and those around me down. And it’s a constant hustle. Like, it looks like a
super glamorous life, but I don’t ever know how
I’m going to pay my rent at the end of the month. And when I was in Italy for six weeks I remembered what it was
like to grow up in Europe in a place where you taking care of yourself is the most important thing. So that’s definitely where I would live. I plan on moving there like
for sure in the next two years, even just for a year or two. It’s just, it’s good for the soul. I ate, let’s put it this way, I
ate like five meals a day, pizza, pasta, ice cream,
and other carbs in between and I lost 15 pounds. If that doesn’t say something about like food that’s good for your soul, I don’t know what does. Okay, here’s a fun story. When I got back from Italy I
had to take the dogs for a walk and it was noon and I
wanted a glass of Prosecco. So I poured myself a glass of Prosecco and said I will treat myself
while I walk the dogs. And I left the house
with a glass of Prosecco and got down the street and
went you live in Canada. A, it’s noon on a Monday, and
you are drinking a Prosecco, and two, you’re drinking it
while you’re walking your dog. You are going to get a fine. And that’s just not the type
of country I wanna live in. (laughing) Did that answer your question? So let’s go to the Instagram
feed and answer some of those. I am really excited about this because I saw some
really, really fun ones. Let’s start at the bottom,
the early commenters. What supplements do you take? Okay, well I think I’ve
answered this before in a video, but things change all the time. So I have always been low in iron. So I use an iron supplement. I get B12 shots either weekly or biweekly depending on my schedule. It gives me life. I take a bioflora type of supplement. I take spirulina in my
smoothies every day. I take GABA for my anxiety. I take 5-HTP for my insomnia. And I take magnesium and calcium, it’s like an effervescent powder drink to help me sleep with my insomnia as well. It also helps with my anxiety. What’s your go-to vegan recipe? Like if I’m super lazy
and I want just delicious easy vegan comfort food for
like dinner, for example, my favorite recipe is to
do a spaghetti al olio with parmesan cheese
and some peperoncinis. So delicious. So pretty much it’s just
oil, garlic, spaghetti, fry it up in a pan and
served with vegan parm. It’s incredible, it’s so delicious. It’s my favorite. If I could eat that every day I would. What’s something embarrassing
that’s happened to you that you haven’t forgotten since? I haven’t had that many
embarrassing things happen. I think my anxiety kind
of keeps me from that. I peed my pants once on
stage in like grade five. I was in a choir and I guess I suffered from anxiety then, too, because I got stage
fright and pissed myself. Do you want kids? No, I have two fur babies. My random question is what
kind of music do you like? Favorite band. I like almost all music except for country music and like EDM. Like I don’t like like trap music or like really heavy, I guess you would call it like drum and bass? Okay, let’s see, like top three. Oh I can’t even answer that. That’s five also. I’m just gonna like pull
out bands that I like. So like Radiohead, The National, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Dire
Straits, Michael Jackson. It’s just so all over
the place, Sophie Tucker, it’s just, it’s everywhere. What’s your form of birth control? Always use condoms. No. I mean, not no, but yes do that
because safety is important. But I use an IUD. I have a non-hormonal IUD. I had a hormonal IUD and I took it out because it was, the four years were out. Would you eat the
genetically created meat? I wouldn’t eat it because I’m past that. I don’t need to eat
meat, I don’t crave meat, I don’t need the flavor of it. I’m all for genetically created meat. I think that giving people
that want to eat meat a more sustainable and
ethical option is amazing. I just personally wouldn’t
eat it because I just don’t, I don’t need to eat meat. I don’t really care. Have you ever made vegan clam chowder? I have. If you’d like a recipe leave me comment in the comments section and I will put something together for you. How do you make sure you get
all your vitamins and minerals without freaking out/tracking everything? I’m awful at this. I mean, I am and I’m not. I don’t track. I don’t like freak out. I just eat and hope that it’s fine. I just try to eat like a
little bit of everything, as long as it’s plant-based vegan. The only thing that I’ve ever been like red flagged with
my doctor is low iron. And I had low iron even
before I went vegan. Like I’ve always had low
iron and low blood pressure, so that’s why I supplement it. But yeah, I don’t know, I just, I don’t. It’s a bit of a crap shoot. My mouth I mean, it’s just whatever I feel
like eating goes in there. Another book in progress? My money is waiting. Oh, you’ll just have to wait and see. How can you be vegan on a budget? I’m a grad student living away from home and although I have rice and beans I want to learn how to have
more variety on a budget. So when I was starting The Edgy Veg I was on a super tight budget. I didn’t have a lot of money at all, and I more or less just
made a lot of pastas. I would buy tomatoes and pasta and learn how to make different
types of pasta sauces. I made a lot of soups and stews. I had a Crock-Pot and I would
make like a big batch of chili or a big batch of soup
or a big batch of stew and it would last me a long time. And I would just try to get vegetables in like the discounted rack
thing if it was about to turn because I knew that I would
cook with them right away so I knew that they wouldn’t go bad. So I would do that and just kind of create different soups
and stews and curries. Curries are really great and cheap, too, if you stick with like
lentils and potatoes. Potatoes, of course. Potatoes, regular and sweet potatoes, cheap, so filling and delicious. I hope that answered your question. Oh you know what else is inexpensive? I mean, at least where I am, those Yves Veggie Ground Round packages. I buy those in bulk and
they’re really inexpensive, and you can make all kinds
of things out of that. And they’re high in
protein so you can make like a bolognese out of it
or you can put it in a chili or quesadillas with some carrot
and potato like queso sauce with some ground bake Yves beef, so tasty. Yeah, you can do a lot with that as well. Best ways to deal with anxiety? Oohh, get a therapist. No I’m kidding. I do have a therapist for
many different reasons. In regards to my anxiety, like I have gone through
periods of my life where I really don’t deal
with it and nothing works. And then I’ve gone
through periods of my life where I’ve learned to deal with it. So I’m on the learning to deal with it and trying to manage it
phase of my life now. Not everything works for everybody. Some people can meditate. I can’t, it makes me anxiety worse. Focusing on my breathing, meditating, just makes everything worse. It can actually throw
me into a panic attack. My anxiety is stress and panic based. So I do what’s called the dive method. So I will have to either
take an ice cold shower, like kind of like turtle in the shower with ice cold water or stick
my head in ice cold water. And that’s called the dive method because what happens is when you do that it’s like if you fall into
ice cold water in the winter your body shuts down to conserve energy so that you can try and save yourself. And because anxiety takes
up all of your energy, it can help pull you out
of the anxiety attack. So I do that. That’s for extreme,
extreme anxiety attacks or if I really can’t get it
under control and I’m pacing. Other things I do is I just try to keep myself from being vulnerable. I stopped drinking a lot of coffee. I was doing like two to
three cups of coffee a day. I try not to have a coffee anymore unless I really, really need it. Some weeks and months are
different than others. Sometimes I’d have coffee
and sometimes I don’t. So yeah, if you suffer from anxiety it’s good to stay away from stimulants. So I try to do that. Other things I do, I have
a lot of room sprays. So I have lavender and I also have sage. Aroma is a big thing for me. Like I have a morning ritual where I sage my entire apartment in the morning. If I start my day on a really calm note it just sets the tone
for the rest of the day. So I just I use scents for that. For me a big one is sleeping. So I suffer from insomnia from my anxiety. I can’t turn off my mind ever. Like my mind is always
racing with everything that I have to do and all these worries both real and imagined. So I fall asleep with podcasts. Get yourself some podcasts. For me I just can’t sit in a quiet room because my thoughts take over. My mind is constantly racing. And then yoga and working out. So I don’t enjoy working out so I do a really fun dance Pilates class. I go to a place in Toronto
called Misfitstudio, and I leave that class after
flailing my limbs for an hour, I just feel clear in my
head even for an hour and that hour of peace is incredible. So that’s kind of what I do. Some people use essential oils. I have a couple but because of the dogs I don’t like to use them a lot. Sage is safe and so is
lavender so I prefer them. How did you decide to
start the YouTube channel? I had a blog first and it was like 2010, and YouTube… (sneezing) I have this super white
building right next to me, and it just makes everything so bright when the sun comes out, and the sun just came out, so I’m gonna turn you. In 2010 the natural
progression after a blog was to create videos so
I just decided to try it. And here I am today. Would you ever make vegan
Krispy Kreme donuts? Do you want me to? If you want me to make
vegan Krispy Kreme donuts give this video a thumbs
up and then I will know. How do you deal with feeling
weak while being vegan? I haven’t really had this problem. I have felt tired but that’s
probably more my lifestyle. (laughing) oh and then there’s a followup. Before someone says go see a doctor, I can’t see a doctor, I
don’t have good insurance. Come to Canada. No that’s terrible advice, I’m so sorry. I don’t want to tell you
to take certain types of supplements because I don’t know you and I don’t know your situation
and I’m not your doctor. But I found that once I
started getting B12 shots, you could also buy them in sublingual form that you hold under your tongue, I found that my energy went up a lot. So maybe try that. Maybe try some iron supplements. But I really caution you
on the iron supplements unless you know you’re low in iron. And drink more water. And eat more that like
converts into energy. So like good healthy fats and carbs. I’m not a nutritionist. I just cook food. I’m sorry if that’s not the answer that you were looking for, but I really caution
giving nutrition advice because I am not a nutritionist. How come you’re not posting regular recipe videos at the moment? Are you planning on going back to them? Yes I am. I did not post regular recipe videos because I burnt out and I needed a break, and also I moved out of
my condo and I separated so I needed to take a break. So that’s why. But we are back to weekly videos now, which is very exciting. Do you count calories? (bleep) no. What recipe have you tried to veganize that didn’t work out do you really miss? What recipe have your tried to veganize that didn’t work out do you really miss? Your autocorrect needs help. I think what she’s trying to say is what recipe have you tried to veganize that didn’t work out and
do you really miss it? Or what recipe that you really
miss, haha, I’ve cracked it. What recipe do you really miss
that I’ve tried to veganize but it didn’t work out. I tried to make my own cheese once. That was a disaster. That was about five years ago. Now that I’m a bit wiser I could
probably tackle that again. I don’t think there’s been anything. I can’t be that good. Oh, I tried to make Doritos once. That was a nightmare. I tried to make Cool Ranch Doritos. I couldn’t get that same
Cool Ranch flavor, sadly. I would definitely be willing
to give that a try again. And then the last question
for today is how old are you? How are you liking your new place? So I adore my new place. It’s a little bit smaller than my old one, but I love that it’s my own space, my own design and decor
and it’s nice and white. And in the move I got
rid of a lot of things, I sold a lot of stuff, gave things away, threw things in the trash. So I love how minimalist
it can feel in here despite being a working studio. And also I turned 30 in May. So I’m in my 30s now, woo hoo! Loving my 30s, will say. I’ve never felt more confident, more wise, and just like happy in my own skin. I just feel comfortable in this body. Like I know who I am, I know what I like, and I know what I’m willing to put up with and what I’m not willing to put up with. So that’s a really good feeling. I feel like I went through
my 20s just like a chameleon like changing week after week depending on who I was hanging out with
and I like who I am now. I’m happy with my decisions. I’m confident in the
decisions that I make, and I’m confident enough to fail. I’m okay with failing. Not often, but once in a while. All right guys, there you have it, that is a life update/Q&A video for today. If you guys want to see more
of these types of videos let me know in the comment section below. Also let me know if there
are any questions that you would like answered in the next Q&A video. And again, if you guys have
any fun ideas for names for this series or segment or
whatever you wanna call this leave that in the
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100 Replies to “WHERE IS JAMES? | LIFE UPDATE AND Q&A | The Edgy Veg”

  1. A group tour of Italy hitting up all of the places you went to for vegan foods- cooking classes , yoga . Just sayin .. if you plan on going back to Italy ………. why not make it a group experience 🙂

  2. Candice, you're the bomb. Love your recipes and your channel. Hang tough!! (P.S. love all your plants and your plant phone :] )

  3. Just found out I have a severe dairy allergy and the HARDEST things to let go of have been Domino's pizza and Duncan doughnuts. 😖😖😖 Plz help!!

  4. Great to see you back and wishing for all the best for you and all your endeavours but then… You make stuff happen and are awesome so just,look after yourself and do your thing, hope folks down here in comments keep it respectful 🙂

  5. How do I become as (un)cool as you?

    Jk seriously though I love your channel but how do you find something many vegan alternatives I can't find those here (I live in London don't be fooled by my Irish flag don't live there anymore)?

  6. Thanks for sharing love. You didn’t even have to address the comments with folks asking about James. It’s really no one else’s business. But that’s the problem with today’s society. Every wants to more so “sweep in front of someone else’s doorstep” instead “sweeping their own”. With or without James you are your terrific fantastic amazing entertaining self! I absolutely love your energy! You’ll be awesome, you’ll put out even greater content and be the amazing Candice that’s been with you this far in life. Peace love and life to you in your new journey! Blessings!

  7. Oh no!!! So sorry about the break up😔 BUT soooooo happy your back, I just love your videos and recipes so welcome back❤❤❤❤❤

  8. sending u so much love right now and always from another toronto gal <3 you were one of the first veg channels i got obsessed with – thank u for motivating me to go and stay plant based and cruelty free all those years ago!!!!!! also speaking of dive method – have you ever read into DBT or watched therapy/recovery vlogs explaining it? they also have some great online workbooks and physical books with mindfulness-based treatment theories and coping strategies. it's not a therapy modality that's gonna work for everyone (it does however have proven success among variety of disorders, even in short-term and group sessions) but it honestly saved me and helped sooo much with learning to accept the shitstorm of chronic mental illness. you obvi have an incredibly strong foundation and i feeeeel u when it comes to not being able to meditate so i approached the DBT treatment scared for it but i found ways of grounding during panic attacks that don't involve focusing on my horrible thoughts lmao, hope any of this helps if you didn't know it already!! hope you're getting the support u need and that you're taking good care of urself u beautiful angel xoxoxo

  9. Sorry to hear about your breakup.
    Sending you big warm hugs from Israel.
    Hold on and keep strong. Your wonderful!!!

  10. Love your phone case and the vibe of your new place. You are strong enough to make it through anything. We are here for YOU 💗 Let's move to Italy!

  11. Laalaalaaloved this video! So raw and honest! 😘 love more sit down chat vids 😘😘💓💓💓💓💓Thank you for sharing your journey 💓💓😍😘😘

  12. Good for you. It's not easy making the right decisions and then acting on them. It takes a strong and special person. I speak from experience. Greater things are around the corner ! x

  13. Dang didn’t yall just get married? Awwwww sad. He was so funny. Miss y’all as the tag team of veganism. But you go girl!!!!!!! Get this 💴.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear this. I really, legitimately wish the best for you and hope you're doing well now despite all of it. Good luck to you. Love your recipes, your quirky demeanor and your videos overall.

  15. Even when it's necessary divorce still sucks. Hopefully everyone can be respectful of your privacy. i'm looking forward to seeing your videos again!

  16. Wait! Firstly I'm not getting notifications!!! Also omfg I'm so sorry about the break up. Massive veggy cuddles ♥♥♥ I hope your time off helped you. Sending you love and strength

  17. You are so talented. I like your videos; being a new subscriber and a recent convert to the plant-based lifestyle, it's only a matter of time until I try some of your recipes.

  18. Hey Candice u are the face and energy of The Edgy Veg i dont get why ppl are asking where James is. I only see him like 2 mins in vids tryin the food. Its a cooking channel n ur private life is private but yeah ppl are sooo nosey. Im happy u got the dogs 🙂 they just know where theyre best off. I love ur energy and u have helped me so much to transition from veggy to vegan. I subscribe to so much vegan channels but urs is still one of my favs (missed u) n ur book was the first useful vegan book i bought. I bought a few before urs n found they were no good. If u can do the frankie n bennys beet burger so i dont have to drive an hour to get one that would b ace hahaha things happen for a reason n u have an amazing future ahead of u and ur furrybabies (theyre the most important, men need to accept they always come second to dogs hahaha) anyhoo love ur channel, love ur energy n i just love that u veganize n make such yummy recipes. When u comin to uk cos we need more amazing vegans? In UK Vgan is a shoe store online also MnM sports have Blowfish Malibu boots n theyre Vegan if anyone wants to get some. Vgan is more expensive, BFM are cheaper but great quality. Sorry for the rant ❤️ love from Scotland xxx

  19. Not sure why I stopped watching your videos but I am glad I fell upon this again, love how your personality has not changed at all! Sending the love!

  20. Love your channel! New chapter of your life starting-embrace it & enjoy the ride. Wishing you all the best. Big hugs to you 🤗

  21. I am jelly I want to see Germany so bad someday . I like to learn German sometimes on apps or listen to lessons in my car .

  22. I have a million questions about your time in Italy! We go every year and love it for the food alone… plus all the other great things… the truth I want dropped is what you think of the fresh markets everywhere, the food culture/lifestyle, did you get sick of pasta and pizza? Did you find yourself craving Mexican? Oh man… I can’t wait for the Italy vids… also, I can’t wait to go back.

  23. HEY! I just found your channel and you are so fun, I love your valuable information! I know you mentioned you don't care much about makeup but some awesome CLEAN beauty brands that I love (if someone hasn't already mentioned in the comments already) are Vapour Organics, 100% pure, you can even find Pacifica at Target and then Mineral Fusion at wholefoods. Those are some safe and clean beauty brands that shouldn't affect your skin!! Thanks for being so vulnerable in this video! You are so beautiful inside and out! 🙂

  24. I used to get bad anxiety attacks for a period in my life and water was the only thing to help when things were really really bad. Drinking water when I was trapped somewhere out but if home I would take a bath every time.

  25. I mean, let's be real, I came here for the vegan recipes and your awesome personality ^_^
    I feel that setting boundaries with your viewers is completely reasonable.

  26. "We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us".
    Love the new pad and videos. Welcome back. Here's to everything amazing waiting for you in 2019 💕💕 I have so many new spots to check out in Toronto when I visit there. My town has zero vegan spots but soon there will be one 🙊🙊😁 you are my favorite vegan youtuber to watch.always so much info and amazing foods to make. Keep smiling and pushing threw the ups and downs love.

  27. Hey love very late on the train. Thinkig of you! I just ended an engagement about 6 months ago and it was the hardest thing ive ever done. It is really hard. I hope youre ok, know that it will make both of you stronger in the end! Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, and know you made the kindest choice even if it doent feel like it right now.

  28. Love ur channel. I'm vegan and also in T.O., I'm always tired, I swear it's not normal. I take b12 liquid and pills and still tired. Where do u get ur b12 shots?

  29. I remember shocking myself with cold showers 😥 I didn't know it was a thing. Btw, I like getting to know you better! And divorce is very tough thing. Glad to see you are still making videos.

  30. Wow. I'm sorry to see James and you are not together. I'm a bit behind on your videos so I had no idea. The last I saw you had just got married. Sorry…

  31. You said you can’t turn off your mind….girl you need to meditate!!! I promise if you stick with it, it will help your anxiety so,so much! There is so much research on meditation and I have yet to find any that says it makes anxiety worse….so stop being resistant and do it! There’s a really good App called Insight timer that has tons of guided meditations. I highly recommend!
    P.s. I am new here and I think I’ll stick around. I love your sassy personality!

  32. Have you tried THC or CBD oil for your insomnia? I have the same issue and I find THC helps a lot, knocks me out and let's me sleep very deeply. I'm not 100% sure if that would be good for your anxiety though?

  33. It’s really non of our business. Shame for you guys to have to go through this. So sorry honey. Big hugs 🤗 xxxx fuck him lol 😂💖

  34. Married for less than a year, then claim it didn't work.. The honeymoon phase isn't even over at that point.
    I blame your shitty Holier than thou attitude.

  35. I wish I didn't work out and had that body. You are beautiful inside and out. Thanks for everything you do Candice

  36. Very impressive how much you’ve accomplished despite your challenges. You’re an inspiration 👍🏻

  37. comment 398 >;-)
    Enjoying your videos.
    Luv new food n recipes.
    Fluff, you have fluff on your head. FLUFFFFFFFFFF >;-P

  38. I'm so sorry things didn't work out with James. Sometimes things feel like the right fit and then you realize that the thing that really fits is a bunch of random Italian sausage on a month long soul search. For a vegan you sure do eat a lot of meat.

  39. Great to come back to these videos now -though you're still fun here, it's incredible just how relaxed and happier you seem these days. So happy for you!

  40. shut the fuck up with you being triggered because people were curious… cant fucking handle it don't put your life online. moron.

  41. Sorry to hear that.
    But when will your book be on Kindle? I want it so much but I'm zero waste and cannot buy the hardcover version.

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