Why do we Forget things as we get Old? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why do we Forget things as we get Old? Coz we stop watching It’s AumSum Time. Noo. There are various reasons behind this. Firstly, a region in the brain called hippocampus. Is involved in the formation and recollection
of memories. However, as years pass by, its volume decreases. Decreasing the capabilities of hippocampus,
and thus making us forgetful. Secondly, our brain cells or neurons have
hair-like projections called dendrites. Dendrites help neurons receive signals from
other neurons. However, with age, these dendrites retract
or shrink. Many connections between neurons or synapses
are lost. As a result, communication within the brain
gets reduced. Thus we struggle to recall names, events,
etc. Thirdly, studies suggest that with age. Our brain generates fewer chemical messengers
called neurotransmitters. So, this might also pay a role in declining
memory. Lastly, it is also observed that with increasing
age. Blood flow to our brain is reduced. As a result, the working of our neurons gets affected. Thus, we forget things more frequently.

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  2. Thank you so much, aumsum time! I really love your channel content, and i really learn stuff about your videos. D Keep up the good work, once again, thank you so much for teaching us!

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  4. We forget something and we remember something
    Old people almost forget things or works but almost always remember their childhood days

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