Why Pawn Stars Is Totally Fake

Pawn Stars is one of the biggest successes
in reality television. The daily events at the family-owned Gold & Silver Pawn in Las
Vegas combine the best aspects of reality TV: the gruff family dynamics of Duck Dynasty
and the treasure-hunting thrill of Antiques Roadshow. But behind the scenes, things are
not exactly as they appear on camera. Here’s how Pawn Stars stretches the definition of
“reality show.” Tourist Trapped Gold & Silver Pawn is a real pawn shop in
Las Vegas. It’s open every day from 9 AM to 9 PM, and it even has a 24-hour window
open to trade in stuff so you can fund your regrettable Sin City adventures at any point
in your downward spiral. “I don’t care what you say, I don’t
care what you tell me, but I know you are full of shit.” But since the show has taken off, the shop
has become more of a tourist attraction than a place to hock old family heirlooms. Official
Pawn Stars souvenirs line the walls, which the TV show carefully avoids filming. If you
visit, you’re far more likely to run into tourists taking pictures than you are to catch
a glimpse of Chumlee in his natural environment. So, it’s more like a visit to a TV set than
it is a pawn shop. Which is good… because real pawn shops are pretty seedy. Script Off When someone comes in off the street to pawn
their vintage Stretch Armstrong, it’s anything but spontaneous. Each customer that appears
on TV has signed a release form consenting to the use of their image and voice. Their
item has already been carefully inspected, cleaned up, and priced. Obviously, only the
valuable or ridiculous stuff is going to make it onto the air. Before filming even starts,
the negotiations between the Stars and the customer have all been planned, too. As though
Rick’s amazing acting skills weren’t a dead giveaway anyhow. No stars in sight Unless they’re taping their carefully planned
sales, the stars of the show don’t work the counters. Tourists are so eager to get a picture
of them that they can’t risk it. If another customer is accidentally photographed in the
process, it’s a violation of Nevada’s privacy laws. Instead, the store’s 50 employees
do all of the regular pawn shop work. The stars of Pawn Stars, if they’re on the premises
at all, are generally somewhere in a back room signing pictures and trading cards. You
can buy autographed photos out front for only $25 each. Just in case you want to be forever
in Rick’s disapproving glare. Imperfect strangers Not every sale comes from a regular Joe. In
one episode, a woman brought in a 1950s Gibson electric guitar, which she claimed had been
sitting under a bed for five decades. Rick called in a guitar expert, who said it was
the real deal. But the expert didn’t actually inspect it the way a legitimate guitar appraiser
would, forgetting important steps like removing the pickups. This is because the guitar was
already on sale in that expert’s own guitar store. The woman was the mother of an employee. Five dollar footlong The show’s production company earns a lot
of money through blatant product placement. One of the biggest Pawn Stars sponsors is
Subway. That explains why the staff are always eating Subway, or perfectly crafted sandwiches
in Subway wrappers are sitting around. “Big Hoss, that’s my sandwich, put it
down.” Or why Subway sandwiches are discussed by
their full menu name. You know, just like in real life. “Alright, I got a 12 inch meatball sub here
loaded with meatballs and melted american cheese, can I get 10 dollars.” Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to watch more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let
us know other fake things you’ve spotted in Pawn Stars…

100 Replies to “Why Pawn Stars Is Totally Fake”

  1. SHOWS COOL BUT I been there several times and its more of a jewelry store now .. and you will not see any of the people on the show working .. when they go to tape a show the kick everyone out as they did us and bring in all the characters that they pre screen for the show.. if you want to see the people actually at work at there job that are on there show go over to Ricks Restorations a few block away .. also Counts Kustoms You might see a couple guys there from show too

  2. LOL privacy laws on private property? Is the state of Nevada stupid?
    There is NO privacy when you're on someone else's property, if you're in your own home, sure, but on someone else's property or out in public, no, there is NO expectation of privacy.
    America, a silly place.

  3. Hardcore Pawn is similar, people just wandering around gawking and looking for the 'stars' of the show. We did see the huge bouncer, and the son came out of the back for a second and took a pic with someone.

  4. It's a reality show. What do you expect. You are more fake than this show.
    Your channel is a joke. You seek to make a living off of others. I'll never watch another one of your videos. ?

  5. While visiting Las Vegas my sister tried to get in the pawn shop but wasn’t allowed in because they were filming. While filming they only let a handful of people in the shop at a time, then they lock the doors. I’m sure the “stars” get paid enough that they don’t need to worry so much about actually making a profit from pawned / sold items. ?

  6. How about the time it takes to film a 30min show. This can take 2/4 hrs. And not to mention the people in the store are staged and asked to stay while they film the clips. Still a good show I enjoy watching.

  7. I just got ripped off in this shop, I’m still in shock. People who are going to shop there please beaware the employee there can sell you fake items and claim it as real. Be careful

  8. so your telling me tv has lied to me … ow my !! really !!! im shocked , what ever next politicians lie like whores for votes ?? surely not ?

  9. That show is stupid – Chumley seems like he's so high on dope – and the son could not get laid so he had to grow a trendy beard and get tattoos thinking that will make him look cooler.

  10. went in the store many years before they were on tv saw a pair of dentures in the showcase was the highlite of my trip to vegas. Somewhere there is a toothless loser wandering around.

  11. Ive been here before I saw them filming and they don't give good offers. I brought a grand guitar and they said 50 bucks, then I went to three other pawns in Vegas they offered 300 bucks

  12. DUHHHHHHH!!! I love celebrity gossip and you do it well. However, I think your time could be better spent then telling us that reality shows are not real. Do you think you are really exposing something we did not already know??
    Anyone who thinks "reality " is authentic needs a dose of reality. Reality is a lose term for TV– when in actuality you have tons of writers, producers and production staff creating situations and plot lines so "reality" is interesting enough to watch. Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars, MTVs Real World, American Pickers, Intervention, Hoarders, Or any one of the dozens of other reality shows ARE NOT REAL. Real life is boring, Otherwise we would all be eligble for prime time. The magic of television stages the scenes, situations and witty banter that keep us watching these pseudo reality shows.
    We love you Nicki, but you don't need to state the obvious.

  13. I agree he purchased a old map in London and later some one brought the same map into to be apprised. Total fake.

  14. One way or another I really don't care for the show either is fake or real. rest in peace to the old man in the show he seems to be a real nice cool down-to-earth man. May God bless his soul.

  15. So reality TV is not 100% as is in real life? Wow you've really blown the lid off this one. Also you said yourself that it's a real pawn shop that does business, so it's not totally fake is it, just altered to make it more (supposedly) entertaining.

  16. Hey Rick can I borrow a dollar. Let me call in an expert he’ll know everything there is to know about this stuff. I’ll tell you what I’ll borrow you 50cents. I can’t make any money giving you a dollar.

  17. Dude down on his luck and needs cash to get his landlord off his back:
    “Hey man, i have the actual ark of the covenant here in solid gold with the ten commandments tablets and jesus’ bones and a bunch of unopened scrolls. Need some quick cash so my landlord and ex-wife will finally stop breaking my balls.”
    Rick: “let me call in my good buddy who’s an expert in these things.”. Bro Best i can do is $30 bucks i gotta make a profit.”

  18. Wait, is WWE fake too? Wait, what? Dude. I actually thought this show was real. It showed zero signs of being fake. It TOTALLY doesn’t show ANY signs of being fake! Wait, who else didn’t know it was fake? I had no idea. This was eye opening.

  19. Since they hit it big back when the show became popular they stopped working the counters and are rarely there at all I just visited the shop back in 2017.

  20. That's not fake that's TV. That's how it works, and if it was "real" it wouldn't be reality it would be documentary. Raw footage on the floor, with quirks, flaws and all. But this is a more scripted program and network, so people presume it to be "fake."

  21. overweight guy promotes SUBWAY to overweight friend just after his overweight grandfather dies
    sign me up

  22. Ah, I'd say about 80 – 90% fake, not 100% cuz they would have gotten called out early in the game/show start like in 2010. Have got to put in & take out things at certain times to keep the show bi$ going. Comon people, lowballing $ items is Everything in a pawnshop! … PS – Then some type of "lawmakers" slid in the now legal term "defrauding a pawnbroker" to make the pawn business look good & as if the pawnshop guy doesn't know what he's doing. Just my 2 cents.

  23. Can people just stop digging for real or fake and just enjoy the show? If it's fake, like almost any tv show, just use your imagination and pretend it's real

  24. I called in a buddy of mine to check out the store and he confirmed that they film on a set that is……………………….
    Pause for effect

    A replica of the store. Hollywood lights and all.

  25. The thing with Pawn Stars is you really only watch it to hear the history behind the items. Everything else is just a bit.

  26. This may have been mentioned, but there's an early episode with a seller named "Ron." Ron's item, bought by the pawn shop, gets fixed up by Rick's Restorations. There's just one small problem.

    The guy who sold the item is none other than Ron Dale, Rick Dale's brother! This is very obvious if you've watched American Restoration.

  27. I think it's a good educational show.
    But if you consider it a reality show, then it's as fake as the bachelor.

  28. Pond Scum is not totally Fake , I called in a buddy of mine and he said that they were worth millions , but since I got to frame it and get it fixed , they are only worth $5 bucks , and that's as high as I can go

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