Why You Can’t Try New Things with Old Beliefs: 1 Thing To Do Now

Why You Can’t Try New Things with Old Beliefs: 1 Thing To Do Now Hello this is Adriana James from NLPCoaching.com Have you ever been conflicted about the
tradition that you don’t think it’s modern or up to date anymore maybe part of you
wanted to try new things to develop new stuff or to really be a new person in
another part of or maybe it’s it’s still worthy to preserve that all stuff that
you know I’ve been learned I learned when I when I when I was a small child
and I’ve been taught that this is how it is first of all i want to share with you
that in the first six seven years of life you don’t have a critical faculty
you’re like a little unconscious sponge absorbing everything from your
environment from your parents from your relatives from the TV from everywhere
else not allow this is not to say your parents were wrong with this is not to
blame or criticize your parents they always the best they could with the
resources they had, right? so but maybe old things are not necessary anymore so
here are some things I want to ask you to do first of all get clear on what do
you want what is your outcome what do you want to
do what are the new things you want to try make a very very clear note in your
head about those or you can even write them down if you wish then ask yourself
who needs it? Is it for whom is it just for me? who do you want it for? it’s not easy to
one things for other people you know because maybe they have a different
opinion so make sure it’s just for you and then the next question is what do i
need to do differently now from how I’ve done it before so as an outcome what will happen you will review your
thoughts from the past and you will realize where the old is not useful
anymore now that’s the first step but then what
do you do with that they’re ok I got it old beliefs and old stuff coming from my
past and is not useful anymore that’s why I developed the Time Line Therapy®
Made Easy book this is a book that’s very by the way that’s why it’s called
easy because it’s easy to read and I share with you a lot of techniques that will
allow you to let go of that old stuff that you don’t want anymore in your life
like all beliefs all this visions all stuff that you just carry
with you and you don’t like it you don’t want it anymore so use it for your
success be well

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