100 Replies to “Will It Protein Bar? Taste Test”

  1. why would anybody eat a protein bar with 35 grams of sugar? The AHA only recommends up to 20 grams a day. Also, The point of protein bars is to be healthy. Sugar is one of the main contributors to obesity. Please explain why anyone would eat a pop tart bar.

  2. Look, Josh, all you did with the spleen protein bar was turn Rhett and Link into crazy lunatics making blip bloop noises

  3. You guys should make a ‘Is it stale- or gluten free?’ contest. I was just sitting here eating some GF mac n’ cheese tacos and thinking about GMM when I realized that the food I was consuming was easily contest worthy. As a celiac myself- it would be cool to see what you guys come up with!

  4. I'm so delighted that Rhett has reached a point in his back health that he's not just doing damage control, he's actually building strength and wellness. Keep on Brother!

  5. LOL. "Smørrebrød" is usually on rye bread. Nobody in Scandinavia would call anything involving crisp bread "Smørrebrød".

  6. Looks on GMM story: “will it protein bar? Click the icon…CLICK IT!”
    Me:…clicks icon

    have i just been bamboozled?!

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