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(Exciting Music) (Swishing) – Menstruation can be gross. Period. – At least nowadays we have a few options to battle our periods. – But what if we didn’t? – It’s Ladylike and today we’re trying out vintage sanitary belts. (Fanfare) (Upbeat Music) – We have a box of
unopened pads from 1975, vintage ’70s sanitary
belts, printouts from the 1969 copy of “How
Shall I Tell My Daughter?” Ingrid, will you do the honors? – Oh, I will. – And open that? – Oh, it has deodorant protection! – There’s perforation. – It’s like a giant tissue box! Oh, hello. (Sniffing) – How do they smell? – I wanted to see if they smelled funky. – Take a pad, everyone, take a pad. – Oh, they’re very squishy.
They’re like little pillows. – They’re a little
yellowed, but it’s okay. – Oh, is this like the wrapper? – I think it stays there. – You don’t unwrap it? – I don’t think so.
– [Ingrid] Wait, what’s this? – This is for the belt to hook onto. – Oh yeah, the belt. – Oh, wait! – You don’t just stick this in your underwear, like we do nowadays. – A belt or a panty that
fits properly will keep the napkin from twisting and slipping. Insure against telltale bulges and help guard against accidents. Bulges and accidents! Two things you will
avoid with this product. – To clarify, they didn’t
wear them over their clothes but we will be doing that. – I have the wedding one, it’s very lacy. – Mine is everyday. – You’re the grandma. (Laughter) – Alright, let’s do this!
– [Ingrid] Alright. – I’m sweating a little bit.
I’m sweating a lot, actually. – Don’t sweat, Shaunti. Okay,
hold on, I’m sweating, too. – Well, we can’t even figure out which way is supposed to be the front. I’m thinking this V
shape goes in the front. – Don’t need that! – We both have a V in the front, so we’re also gonna
put the V in the front. – When I did wear pads the butt part was always the one that would get me. ‘Cause you know when you’re
sleeping or lying down or sitting, the stains end up back here? – But then you also have to be
sure that you don’t slide it too far back because then you
miss stuff from the front. – Look at your clips,
they look like little, oh my god, that’s scary. – They look like bottle openers. – I know! Oh my god! – Yours are dainty, though,
’cause you’re getting married. – (Laughs) Yeah. – Wait, are you? You’re
so far ahead of me. What are you doing? How did you do that? – I just stuck it in! – It says to just pull it through this and then it’s supposed
to hold it. Like that. – What? Where are you? – I kinda slid mine to the middle. I shook it out along with all the dust. – How would you do this on your period? This is a lot of work. – Imagine being on the toilet,
unfastening from the back, pulling it out, and just being like, “Hmm, let me grab another one of those!” – What is this? – Should point out, on the package, they describe these as
similar to lingerie. We can confirm this is the
sexiest we’ve ever looked. (Laughter) It looks like a third butt cheek. – It’s a little erotic, in a weird way. It has a hand on my vagina,
you know what I mean? – It’s very firmly in place,
but it’s just uncomfortable because it’s just with
you wherever you go. – I mean, if you think about it, this is kind of like a
thong, like a G-string. – Mine is fully a jock strap
with a little tuft at the end. – This part could be cute, if you just eliminated its actual purpose. – There’s no way you can just walk out and feel comfortable on your period. – I would suspect that there
would be lots of leaks. – Let me just strap in! – I am really enjoying my little tail. – So we were talking earlier
about the tell-tale bulge. Now I know what they mean. – Yes! – I know, imagine if you
had to carry this around, in your bag, just in
case your period came. – I don’t like this, but I respect anyone who had to wear this. – Thank god for modern period products. That was new. – I still don’t quite know
what to say about this. – After wearing it for about 15 minutes, it’s sort of made itself a
cylinder in between my legs. I can’t say how effective
this would have been. To be fair, the pads are 40 years old. – I wonder what they would be like if they needed to absorb anything. – Actually, though, I’d
feel very comfortable peeing my pants right now. – Really, props to all the
women who have worn these, because it’s tough. – It’s crazy to think
how period technology has improved literally
in the last few years versus all of female history. – Should point out I do love
the phrase “period technology.” – Lady tested. (Together) Lady confused. – What is this? – It’s warm. – It definitely does scrunch up. (Upbeat Music) (Swishing)

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  1. Why are u making fun of this?I use it. Its actually quite comfortable and I almost never leak. Its definitely better than tampons which has potential to take lives.

  2. As usual, things that help woman take Forever to get made available. Seriously, it took until the 70's to get adhesive on feminine products.

  3. I had those pads for the first few years when I got my period. How awkward was it putting them on in the bathroom. Thank goodness I do not have it anymore. I went through the change when I was 49 (I never had my period again) after several awful years of perimenopause. I am so happy not having to deal with it.

  4. I was thinking like "think of all the women and teenage girls who had to wear this every month" and for some reason the first specific one that came to mind was Marcia Brady.

  5. Confession: I'm 1995 born and I've used these belt-pads! I discontinued it because they were way too bulky, but they sit so tight in your underwear there's absolutely no leaks. They're still available in India if I'm not wrong.

  6. My mom used to use these. And I used to ask her, how why when what? She told me: awww it's easier than these pads.

  7. Okay I know it's wired I wear this only in my period cause my normal pad can't hold it…these sanitary belts help soo much I never get stains when I wear these;-);-);-);-)

  8. Ahh memories of Jr High school circa 1977. They also had panties with the clips in them that you could fasten the pads in. The other thing about those awful pads were they were not absorbent they would scrunch up on the sides. Thankfully about 1979 ish Stayfree was invented with the tape, Not a whole lot better by the way because the tape was bad and it would un stick and the pad could FALL OUT OF YOUR PANTS! The frightening thing about these things is, this was the IMPROVEMENT on what our grandmothers had to use in the 40's as in washing out rags

  9. These pads with belts worked better than the modern adhesives because you could tighten them and they stayed put, unlike underwear which tends to be loose and move around. Also, the pads were longer.

  10. My grandma used to wear those and the day i showed her a tampon she was like wow why is the belt so small i was like umm that doesnt go round u. She was like what do u do with that is u vag that small i was like GRANDMA . So i showed her a tampon and how to use it . And she was like lucky i am through menopause.
    Luv u nan

  11. That is what I had for my first period. Not that particular brand. They leaked, the strap was very foreign against my 13 yo skin. Strongly hated it.

  12. They should have invited an expert (ie a woman who has gone through this horrible time) to give a first hand account of what it was really like.

  13. I started mine with these and mind you it was the 90s!! We didn't have a lot in terms of variety back then. Thankfully the ones I used were very thin elastics and no metal fastenings were involved.. phew…

  14. HAHAHA!! You girls are hilarious!! ??? I had to wear one of those hideous things when my period first started and lemmie tell ya…they were a royal pain in the ho ho…I hated them! Was so glad when I switched to tampons. ??? Thanks for the laugh!!

  15. Used these when I first started menstruating. They actually stay in place great! And actually had less issues with leaks than the adhesive ones cause they didn't move. Up until when wings and powelock strips on super things became a thing I would've preferred to keep using them.

  16. That box of pads, more like a box of house bricks! I really for my Grandmother who had to go through this every month 🙁

  17. Do u think in the future people will be trying on our period products and be like how did they wear this it’s so uncomfortable LMAO

  18. Thanks, ladies. for bringing back the nightmares of my first few years on my period. Yes, indeed, I grew up on these. :-/

  19. so when I read ‘are you there god? it’s me margaret’ and I had already gotten my period, I was so confused about the belt and stuff ?

  20. Knowing Ingrid’s gay now I wanna know the tea on this video…. JEN DID YOU GUYS?! Omg plz say yes ??‍♀️

  21. Where did they get this stuff from, I've been searching for this stuff forever! They were leaky, very leaky, so when you had your period, you tried to remember to change every 2 hours (more if you had a heavy flow), and yes you had to carry those bulky pads with you although some ladies rooms had those little machines you could buy, yes buy, a new pad from. Then you couldn't flush them down the toilet, you had to wrap them up and put them in the used feminine hygiene receptacles or lacking that, in the towel paper bin, or lacking that, carry it with your until you got to a waste basket. The girl with the tail, you pulled the back end of your pad too far, the belt should sort of ride your waist on the sides so your hip bones could keep it in place–those pads when they got full got heavy. Now, as a retiree, I could use one of those belts and easy access to those pads just to use at home so if I laugh or cough, I didn't spritz on the furniture and so I wouldn't need to wear a pair of underwear (cut down on the washing and having to buy new ones).

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