Woodworking, The Samurai Workbench

A workbench is the starting point for
countless dreams just waiting to be made a reality My hope in building this workbench is
that one day, years from now, when I’m long gone, my children will see this old dusty
workbench, and hear their dad’s voice reminding them to always persist. Te he he he he, Dad Got you Got you! thank you so much for watching this
video guys. thank you so much for watching this
video guys I would love to hear what you I would love to hear what you thought of it, so please leave me a
comment down below Also for those of you who are new to my channel, I want you to
know that I do everything from fine furniture and joinery and woodworking to
metalworking and forging tools as well as complete home renovations and new
constructions, so please make sure you’re subbed to my channel so you don’t miss any
of the great action. and also for those of you are really captivated by this
workbench, I want you to know that there is a full set of plans available on my
website. And if you’re kind of on the fence as to whether you think you might
have the skills to build something like this, there is also a full three hour long
tutorial video that will walk you through the whole process of building
this bench available with the plans, so click the link up in the corner or the
link in the description below, and until next time, Samurai out Thanks to Peter Stainforth for subtitling this video.

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  1. Excellence.

    Btw, I’m sure fellow craftspersons watch your channel all the time. Another one of the best working video channels on YouTube doesn’t play any music at all. Your music is nice, ethereal, and good for background. But, the times when you don’t have any music, I appreciate more because: any living experience can be enjoyed by humans with all 5 of our biological senses (and a 6th of when they combine with history/past etc. giving intuition). We can’t touch, smell or taste the work like you obviously can. So, the sounds in your workshop mean more to me a lot, being the 2nd and only other sense we can receive from your video. (In the 80’s, I remember seeing a 5-min news clip about a successful blind 70 y.o. carpenter. He must’ve gone on sound a lot). Seeing your strokes, judgments, cuts, etc. is great. Hearing them, in their different speeds of cuts, is as precious, when this video allows.

    If you really like adding music, at your whim. Maybe you could do one where you treat us to the sights…and all the sounds too? I’d like to hear how the very thinly shaved wood sounds as it floats off your microplaner…and all the other cuts & sands too. They cd be very instructive to newbies like me.

    I kept thinking as I watched this, only the 2nd vid of yours, “No music can be as perfect an addition to this craftsman’s video as the sounds of the person, tools, and chamber of the shop”.

    The pace of breath, the frequency of the saw’s teeth, the change of timbre of the manual planer due to the strength of push, the echo off concrete or wood or stucco…you get it.

    Maybe some of your other vids have this “less is more” approach. I’ll look…

    Thanks for sharing your excellence. I aim to be close to your talent one day. It’s so impressive. Thanks for encouraging us to think it’s within all of our reaches – very humble of you. All the best!

  2. Old doors laid across sawhorses make great temporary workbenches, but they take up a lot of space when you’re not using them. Instead of full-size doors, I use bifold doors with hinges so I can fold them up when I’m done working. They’re also easier to haul around in the pickup for on-the-road jobs.

  3. Beautiful video, you must be proud! Do you sell the workbench? Or make a new one to sell? I want to get started in wood work, I am a novice.

  4. My dad was a finish carpenter and cabinet maker, and my grandfather before him. They built a wood shop over 2 generations that was sold after his death, 40 years ago. I loved that shop and what I remember most were the tables. Great investment, sir.

  5. Problem with having a beautiful workbench like this is that I'd never want to use it. I would be so pissed off at myself if I scratched or dented it.

  6. Was für eine schöne Arbeit, danke das du sie mir gezeigt hast.
    Liebe und Frieden für dich und deine Familie
    Werner und Silvia aus Italien

  7. Sir, I was held rapt for the duration of this build. This workbench is a piece of heirloom quality fine furniture. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Just subscribed.
    That was amazing I've seen loads of videos on bench build's but the attention to detail is out of this world on this video it's a brilliant piece of kit that will outlive the best of us!!!

  9. Dicen q hay 7 artes, pero el oficio que elegimos es el 8 , lloré, cuando ví terminado tu trabajo. table of work , gracias por compartir tu magia !!??

  10. I am japanease starting wood work 2years
    I really surprise your Japanease style work and skill
    It was amazing

  11. That's some incredible workmanship you put forward. I wish I had the knowledge skill and ability to put something like that out. And I consider myself to be a top-notch carpenter too. But you're a few steps above my skills. Always learning.

  12. You sentences about dream and reality, passing a way… it’s make me cry. But you 4 sure right. Great job !

  13. General question: are the power tools for precision or for practicality? Your skills seem such that you could do it all by hand, but you use power tools a fair amount

  14. Put this bench in a museum and build another one out of crappy 2x4s. ?
    I wouldn’t be able to do actual work on this beauty.
    I built a deck on Bainbridge Island many years ago . the client wanted old growth clear red cedar for the deck boards . When the lumber arrived , my partner and i just stared at it and then i said , “ i don’t think i can cut it, it’s too nice”. so we sat for about thirty minutes contemplating the impending destruction of those boards.

  15. The words Of St, Francis Of Assisi truly pertains to you, you will never grow bored with hands hearts and mind which you have, Peace to you and Family / Graywolf

  16. This whole Samurai thing is a bit putting off, but at the end of the day, this is the best bench build I have ever seen by a comfortable margin. That full length, almost transparent, shaving you planed at the end was a nice touch as well. Rob Cosman himself could not have done better.

  17. 9:24… the darker piece. Left side. You missed a spot (could have used a bit more sanding). Ruined the entire video for me.

    LOL. Kidding dude. You are my personal idol & hero. If i had as much talent as you probably have in your little finger, I'd be awesome (which makes you MASTERFUL). I'm in awe of you, your skills as an artisan, a craftsman, and artist. Simply amazing.

  18. I don’t usually comment, but I have to say that this is one of the most inspiring and moving things I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing. Where did you get the music for this video?

  19. I would be afraid to use it. It would end up in my dining room. Beautiful!
    Can't believe that 622 jealous people gave it a thumbs down. Geish!

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  21. Hi Samurai, i have a question.. im looking into buying or building my first work bench, and one idea i have to reduce the required space for the workshop the idea of having a table saw built into the workbench.. as far i can see, nobody has done this. is there a reason why?

    i was thinking of installing it underneath the table and having a slit cut out for the blade to pop up out of.. maybe even have a nice press fit metal edge around the slit to help reduce any damage/splintering to the workbench surface

  22. Calling yourself a carpenter is like calling Rembrandt a house painter. I also deem thee to be quite humble. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler so I can only dream. I do pray your children will grow up to be appreciative of your skills and what you'll leave behind. As others have pointed out, the best I've seen. Kudos. You are a true artisan. Thank you for sharing.

  23. I've spent the last couple hours searching YouTube on how to build a bench and to get some ideas, I have to say, your bench by far kills any other bench being made on YouTube. Amazing craftsmanship brother. I would love to make one of these for my house, and also make one and donate it to my old high school shop class.

  24. You have made visible the invisible quality. Love for your work. Your children will always remember you by your works. There is no greater blessing when they imitate a father that teaches them to have that Love.

  25. Beautiful bench is an understatement, You created an exquisite hand made masterpiece for your children to appreciate later on. So many details Good job!

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