Wow! DIY Thrift Flip Decor/POTTERY BARN KNOCK OFF Ottoman

Coming up on this episode of Designed to
the Nines I have teamed up with Yami from the Latina next door for her look
for less challenge and I am excited about it because I’m going to be
knocking off this pottery barn slipcovered bench we’re going to be
doing it for a tiny fraction of the cost so if that sounds good to you stay tuned welcome to Designed to the Nines, I’m NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
channel I am on my way to the goodwill I’ve driven 45 minutes to go to this goodwill
because I just have not had the best luck thrifting in my area I’m hoping to
find a bench today because we are knocking off a Pottery Barn bench
and I’m going to teach you how to do a slipcover
wish me luck I’ve been struggling to find a good thrift store here if not
I’ve got a good backup and we will go with it on Facebook marketplace, but I just wanted to see what I could find I think I might have hit the motherload! because it says goodwill outlet and I’m hoping that that means like some really
deeply discounted stuff I hope all of my thrifting dreams are about to come true!
no dice… that’s kind of the most different goodwill I have ever been to everything
was just in this giant bin I mean I guess that’s why they call it outlet I
have another idea so I’m gonna give that a try and hopefully have some luck… no dice! so
now we’re gonna try the Habitat for Humanity ReStore okay no luck at Habitat
ReStore so I think it’s time to go with the facebook find I should have just
done that to begin with but I’m really trying to find some good thrift stores
and I am just Not! so we are back from our thrifting adventures and I still haven’t
found a good thrift store so if you know good thrifting for furniture and home
decor items in the greater Orlando area hook a girl up and I love thrifting but
we succeeded in the end and we found this off of the Facebook marketplace and
I learned from that experience that if you find something that works just go
get it in my case I was just hoping to find some good thrifting along the way
which I didn’t but I did end up with a good bench and this floral fabric is so
pretty when I was looking for a piece I really wanted something that was about
the same dimensions as the original and this is that it’s a little bit narrower
not much but other than that the width and the height and all of that is good
for what we’re looking for what we’re gonna be doing is a slipcover doing a
slipcover especially on a bench like this this is straight stitching you can
handle it I promise and I’m gonna show you how to do it the
first thing we’re gonna do is this was tufted with just a couple of buttons and
we’re going to remove those in our inspiration piece it was smooth and I’m
also gonna go ahead and try to remove this piping because I don’t want it to
be a bump in our slipcovers and now this part is completely optional you don’t
have to do this this is just my own personal preference because I think that
there might be a a little bit of indentations from where the
buttons were I am just gonna add a layer of batting that I already had on hand
that’s left over from my dining room chair makeover if you haven’t seen that
episode I’ll put the link in this description box below watch it
afterwards I totally transformed my dining room chairs that’s another one if
you’re interested in reupholstery or slipcovering I wanted to show you the fabric
that I got to match this one I went in to Joann’s
and I found this which is pretty much spot-on honestly it’s a really good
match this is by Nate Berkus it was regularly $19.99 a yard and of course
they have sales on their home decor fabric pretty much most the time and
this is 50% off so it was $9.99 a yard which is really good for home decor
fabric which can really run you a lot of money so let’s flip this over and see if
we did a good job this is the moment of truth and I think we did it so then what
we’re gonna do is you’re gonna want to measure the top and I kind of already
know that we’re about 48 inches by and I think this is about 18 inches nope 16 so
I’m gonna cut out it to be a little bit bigger because you want to allow for
kind of like a seam allowance so I’m gonna cut it out to 49 by 17 which is
not a ton, but I don’t want it to be like uber big so I kind of want it sitting on
top we want to measure the top to the ground so after you have all of your
measurements I suggest adding about 3/4 inch to each side for seam allowances
and since we are basically cutting out a bunch of rectangles all you really need
to do is add an inch and a half to all of your dimensions when you’re cutting
out your fabric since there’s no curving pieces it’s pretty simple but anytime I
make a slipcover I typically add about 3/4 inch extra for all seam allowances
since this is a striped fabric I try to Center all of my stripes on the middle
so that it balances out and is not off centered and then when you’re doing a
hem I a lot for about an inch for the hem on the bottom and 3/4 for the seam
allowance up top this is really simple you don’t have to do any
weird cuts and then we’ll do some end pieces to put underneath for the
corner so you don’t see this floral fabric poking through because that wouldn’t
be very pretty for those of you who are beginning to sewing or have never sewn
before this is actually a pretty easy project and I believe that you can do
this now I wanted to tell you that I do have a video it’s one of my few videos
over on IGTV where I show you how to thread a machine how to thread a
bobbin and also how to do a straight stitch and then I’ll put the link to
that in the description box below so if you’ve never done that before you can go
over and refer to that video to get some basic sewing skills we’re going to start
by doing a finished edge on all of the side pieces leaving four and a half
inches not sewn at the top where they will be attached to each other now the
proper way to do this is finish all the edges with a ZIG ZAG or a serger I don’t do
it a lot of times and I find it’s okay the problem is is when you go to wash it
that’s when you really have the issues so I will tell you you probably ought to
do your finish edges with a zigzag but I’m probably not going to don’t judge
because our piece is striped and isn’t it like looking so beautiful with my
other stripes it’s not clashing at all anyways because it’s stripe I want to be
very careful about how I go about the piping so that’s what we’re gonna do
right now is work on the piping and make sure that it all lines up so I cut my
fabric to one and a half inch and then I’ll put my piping inside and we’ll sew
a seam but before I do that I want to make sure that all of our stripes line
up and that when we go around back that they will all be lined up so we’ll cut
this on the edges to match up with the stripes we’ll also make sure that the
stripes line up with the side pieces as well so we want all of the piping to
line up stripe wise with each of our pieces so in order to do that we just
need to take a little bit more time than normally normally I say the piping
doesn’t matter all that much but when you’re doing stripes like this it kind
of matters this will take a little bit extra time but it will
be totally worth it in the end and it will make our knockoff
all the more convincing because I was so concerned about making sure that the
stripes matched up I’m doing my piping a little bit different so I wanted to tell
you and show you kind of what I’ve got going on first of all I really like to
use 5/32 piping I buy it in bulk off of Amazon because it’s the cheapest that
way it ends up being like I don’t know 25 cents a yard so it’s like
ridiculously cheap and we’re going to end up needing maybe three yards at the
most so that ends up being like 75 cents for our project super cheap so what I’ve
done is I’ve gone ahead and lined up all of the stripes and you can see and then
I’ve already sewn the seams together on the corners and I’m gonna just when I
make my piping I’m gonna do it as I go and that way I know that my stripes are
gonna match up a lot of times I’ll just pre make a whole bunch of piping and
just go to town because it doesn’t really matter because there’s a busy
pattern or something like that because of the stripes I’m just gonna do it as I
go and what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my piping and we are going to
place it inside about right in the center right there and we are going to
wrap our fabric around it and make sure that it’s tucked right back in and then
as we go we’re gonna just stitch it to the fabric stitch it right in place and
then we will know our stripes will match up that’s not normally how I do it but I
think for this situation it’s the best option I leave the first couple of
inches of my piping unsewn until we get to the end and you’ll see why also when
I do the piping I use my zipper foot and we will pretty much you’d be using this
for the remainder of the project this helps you get right up next to the
piping without it pushing it out of the way when you get to the corner leave the
needle in the fabric lift up the presser foot and turn the fabric and then
replace the presser foot and sew again when you get to the end you are going to
make sure that the piping is cut to where the corner is but leave about an
inch of extra fabric which we will then fold back and wrap around the beginning
piece I did this on the corner this time but normally do not do that I like to do
it on the straight edge because it makes it a little bit easier but doing this
process gives it a much more finished feel instead of Criss crossing and
cutting them off it just looks better this way so really funny I had exactly
the amount of thread in my bobbin to finish this it ran out literally as we
were finishing our piping this is the hardest part so now it’s going to be
smooth sailing from here and we’re going to attach the skirt okay so now we’re
gonna stitch each corner of the skirt together then after that we’re going to
put the corner flaps on to hide anything from the corners so the way I go about pinning the top to
the sides as I always start at the corners I always stick pins in my mouth
I know it’s not the safest but it’s how I do it don’t do this at home if my
mom’s watching sorry I know you taught me better so I find the corner and I
match it up to the seam and I put a pin there and then I moved to the center in
our case we have perfect places to put pins we’re just going to put them on at
every stripe corner just to make sure that all of the stripes line up so we’ll
just go ahead and get this all pinned up and then we’re going to sew on and then
the last thing that we all need to do is just hem it and we’ll be done and we’ll
see how good of a knockoff I did okay so I want to show you one booboo that
happened it’s bound to happen I’ve been sewing for 30 years 30 plus years even
with all of that experience under my belt things happen when you’re working
with a lot of different layers of fabric so I’m going to show you that there’s a
boo-boo right here in the corner and then there’s one thing that I want to
tweak that I want to get a little closer to the original and that is just to
tighten it up in the corner so it slightly pulls in the original you’ll
notice that up on the corners it kind of pulls in and is a little bit snug I
almost think it looks kind of like a mistake you know like it’s pulling like
a little too tight tighter than it should but for the sake of the dupe
we’re going to imitate it and go for that look as well okay so you can kind
of see right here that I puckered up and all what we’ll do is we’ll just kind of
unpick this and we’ll just redo this tiny section here we don’t need to redo
the whole thing we’ll just rip open the seam here smooth
that out and fix that error and here to get it to pull we’ll just tighten up
this seam a little bit more so that it kind of pulls a little bit like the
original instead of doing a traditional hem I decide to use peel-and-stick
fusing tape so you can’t see stitching this seems to match the
original the best my hem ended up being one and a quarter inch and it’s as easy
as peeling and sticking the fuse tape to the fabric and pressing it on so the
advertised price on the website was nine hundred and fifty dollars but I wanted
to see the actual price once you included shipping so I went through the
checkout process and discovered that by the time you add shipping and tax and
all of that you’re into it one thousand one hundred and seventy dollars and
you’re gonna have to wait six weeks to get it as far as knockoffs are concerned
I feel like this is about as close as you can come I ended up spending around
forty eight dollars which is less than five percent of the original cost and so
for a ninety-five percent savings that’s pretty good I I don’t know that I could
stomach forking over all of that extra cash now that you’ve watched my episode I
invite you to pop on over to the Latina next doors channel and watch her episode
I provided the link in the description box below and while you’re over there
buzz through the entire playlist and I know you’ll get all kinds of inspiration
on how to get the look for less and if you want to see more of my knock-offs
you can check out this playlist right here and until next time bye

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